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the Lady-Physicist

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Summary: What if it wasn't Angel who rescued Fred from Pylea? What if instead, she met a traveling swordsman and his giant companion?

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Movies > Princess Bride, TheLucindaFR131959052,01525 May 0425 May 04Yes
author: Lucinda

harmless fun for all

main character: Fred

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Fred, the creation of Joss Whedon for ‘Angel: the series’. I hold no legal rights to Inigo and Fessik, characters from the book/movie ‘the Princess Bride’.

distribution: Jinni, Paula - anyone else just ask.

notes: this takes place before the pair meet up with Wesley and Buttercup, and instead of Angel & Co rescuing her.


She stretched, her shoulder still aching from sleeping on the few furs placed over the uneven stone. It wasn't a very good bed, although she could hardly remember beds most of the time. Everything from before was fading away, replaced by memories of this place, of her cave, of all the reasons why she remained hiding here.

Carefully, she picked up a charred stick from her fire, and moved towards a clean section of wall. Tucking her hair back, she began to review the theory of particle movement, and of the calculations for light speed. It was almost interesting enough to make her forget about everything else, to forget that she was hiding for her life and freedom in this cave, to forget the demons out there.

"Pardon, but do you happen to know where this place is?" A man's voice called, distracting her. He had a bit of an accent, one that she couldn't quite place, but it made her think of home, of earth, not Texas.

She looked over, her eyes focusing on the strange man. He had dark hair and a mustache, and was dressed in slightly worn clothing, far better than anything that humans were permitted in this place. He had a gleaming sword at his waist, and smiled at her.

He was impossible. Maybe he was nothing more than another figment of her imagination, another waking dream of not being alone. Glancing away, she spoke softly, still unconvinced that he was real. "You're in another world, another dimension. I call it hell, they call it Pylea."

"Pylea? That wasn’t on the map." He muttered, glancing back and down the slope. "Did that wizard say anything about a place called Pylea?"

"No." This voice was deeper. "He only said that we would go somewhere far away."

Cautiously, she edged closer, peering down to see who or what had spoken. Behind the man with the sword was someone else, a huge man with a cheerful smile. He almost looked too big to be human. "oh."

Seeing her, the giant waved. "Hellow lady."

"Fessik, don't startle her." The first man spoke, his eyes twinkling. "My name is Inigo Montoya. And... we appear to be lost."

"Lost? What are you looking for?" She couldn't help but ask the question.

"A left handed man with six fingers. And when I find him, I shall say 'My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Father. Prepare to die.' Then, I shall kill him, with this sword." He lifted the sword, a gleaming thing with a golden hilt.

"I haven't seen any of those around here. Sorry." She was feeling self conscious, wondering how her mind could have created these figures. But is they weren't figments of her imagination... "Are you real?"

"I think so. Inigo, aren't we real?" Fessik's question was slow, and she wasn't certain if it was because he thought slowly, or if he thought a great deal before speaking.

"Certainly we're real." Inigo stood up very straight, and smiled ayt her. "Perhaps you would like to go with us on our journey? You don't appear to be... This doesn't seem like a good place for you."

She glanced at the cave, hidden, tucked far away from everywhere important. It was safe, it was uncomfortable, and she was certain that she was slowly going mad. On the other hand, she would be walking into the unknown with two people that might or might not have even been real. "I think that might be interesting."

"What should we call you?" He was smiling at her again.

"Fred." She whispered the words, glancing at the scorched stick that was still in her hand. "I used to be someone else, someone more, but I've been losing myself here. Loosing who I used to be, the things that I knew. I'm just Fred now."

"Hmmm.... It must be a foreign name." He shook his head, as if dismissing his concern, and offered his arm to her. "Shall we go? We're on a bit of a quest."

"Where are you going next?" She draped her arm over his, deciding that if this was another delusion, she didn't quite care anymore. It was better than being alone.

"I'm still seeking the six fingered man. But perhaps we should find a way out of this place first. I am a swordsman, Fessik is a giant, and you're... what are you, lady Fred?"

"I used to be a Physicist. Well, a graduate student of Physics, anyhow, but I had almost finished my dissertation." She glanced at him, curious what his reaction would be.

"Physics? Is that a type of magic?" He had a small frown, as if he was thinking.

"Close enough, I suppose. It opened a portal to take me here. I'm trying to figure out how it worked so that I can leave. If I manage to open one, we should all be able to fit through." She shrugged, glancing at the smiling giant. "I just don't know where it would open to."

"It will be more adventure." Fessik's deep voice sounded unworried. Maybe that was because few things, even here, would try to attack something so big.

"As long as the demons don't find us. They'll try to put us in collars, and make us work in the fields. They call humans cows here. I don't want to be a cow."

"I should hope not." Inigo looked offended and worried. "Don't worry, we shall make certain that you are safe."

Fred was smiling at they traipsed off deeper into the woods. She wasn't alone, or at least, she didn't feel alone now. She was with Inigo and Fessik, and they had a quest.


end the Lady-Physicist.

The End

You have reached the end of "the Lady-Physicist". This story is complete.

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