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Because You're Mine

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Summary: Devyn Summers and Delaney Longbottom take a plan to 'help' their parents one step farther.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Neville LongbottomnsahdmdtoFR1344,064074,00727 May 0412 Jul 04No


Devyn stopped in the hall and turned to look at her double. "Um, do you have any idea where we can go?"

"I have a room down the hall."

Devyn shrugged. "Good enough. Lead the way." Delaney looked at her a moment longer before turning and heading for a door near the top of the stairs. "So, where exactly are we? I mean, I know Scotland, Aunt Willow told me that much. And did you know the pictures are moving?"

Delaney stopped and turned around, staring wide-eyed at Devyn. "Well of course they move. What do you expect them to do, stay frozen forever?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, that's what pictures do. They capture an image and hold it forever."

"You mean they capture a moment."

"Uh, sure. So, what's your name?"

Delaney flushed a bit. "Oh! Oh dear, you must think me terribly rude." Her right hand reached out, closing around Devyn's hand for a firm shake. "Delaney Alice Longbottom, pleased to meet you."

"Yeah. I'm Devyn. Devyn Joyce Summers, or, well, Devyn Joyce Longbottom, I guess. So," Devyn continued, slinging one arm around Delaney's shoulders, "You never did tell me what this place was."

"It's called the Three Broomsticks. It's a pub in Hogsmeade. I didn't know they had rooms here, actually, until Auntie Luna brought me here earlier." Delaney dug a key from the pocket of her robes, unlocking the door with a slight click and ushering Devyn inside.

Devyn flopped down on the bed with a sigh. "So, what do you think of all this? The secrets and being a twin and all?"

"Well, we do look alike, but are you certain we're really twins? I mean, Dad's never said anything, and I never thought he would keep something like this from me."

Devyn rolled onto her stomach, propping her chin on her hands. "It's the only thing that makes sense. I mean, they all knew each other, and we were brought here to meet each other. Besides, I can just sort of feel it, ya know? Like, when we shook hands I got all tingly like when your foot falls asleep and then starts to wake up, only it went up my arm and then down my back."

Delaney stared. "Do you realize you never even took a breath?"

"Oh, that. Aunt Will's bad to babble sometimes, like especially if she's nervous. It's a habit I picked up on I guess. Um, what are you doing?" Delaney had turned away, walking over to a trunk in the corner of the room. She rifled through the contents, muttering under her breath. She turned back around, holding a book of some kind.

"I was looking for this. It's a scrapbook. At least I think that's what muggles call it. If all this is really true and no one is using some sort of trick to make you look like me and we are twins, you'll recognize some of the pictures."

"Why exactly would someone go to the trouble just to make us look alike?"

"Oh come now, don't pretend you don't know. My dad's a hero. He fought with Harry Potter against Voldemort and he's rather high up in the Ministry now."

"OK, you so totally lost me. Who's Harry Potter? And what kind of a name is that Volde-whatsit? And for that matter, what Ministry?"

Delaney stared at Devyn, shocked by the other girl's response. Was it possible she had truly never heard of Harry Potter? "You really don't know, do you?" Devyn crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes, finally suspicious of all this new information confronting her. Her hands clenched into fists before opening back up. She REALLY wanted a weapon right about now. "I'm going to show you something, and if all this is really true, we'll know from that." Devyn gasped as Delaney turned the scrapbook around, revealing a good-sized photograph of her mother-a MOVING photograph. Before she even realized what she was doing, Devyn had reached out to touch the picture. It was black and white and obviously several years old but it was definitely Buffy Summers. "Dad doesn't know I have this. It's a picture of my Mum.

Still brushing her fingers lightly across the surface of the picture, Devyn reached with her left hand for the golden chain around her neck, pulling a simple gold locket from under her shirt. She undid the clasp and looked at Delaney. "This is a picture of my father. Mom gave it to me when I was little, so he'd always be close to my heart. Aunt Willow charmed it to stay shut. They don't know I got it to open." Delaney reached out, holding the locket gently as a tiny little full color picture of her father stared back offering a shy smile.

"It's not moving."

"Well, duh."

"You know, Devyn, I think someone owes us quite the explanation."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Because You're Mine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 04.

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