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New Employee Orientation

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Cosmic Network". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: For the 20 minutes with Fred challenge. Maybe Fred isn't as gone as we thought...

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > A Wrinkle in Time(Past Donor)TraceyCFR71411062,21827 May 0427 May 04Yes
Title: New Employee Orientation (20 min. with Fred)

Author: Tracey Claybon

Disclaimer: The characters you recognize here belong to either Madeleine L'Engle or Mutant Enemy/Joss Whedon. They're not mine...

Rating: G

Pairings(s) implied Fred/Wesley, Fred/Gunn

Spoilers: S7

Summary: Maybe Fred isn't as gone as we thought...

Blindingly white.... Fred returned to consciousness, aware that she was no longer in pain... Then the brightness dimmed, to show a pair of ... strangely dressed women. One wore huge round glasses, and reminded Fred vaguely of an owl; the other looked like a bag lady, but with kind eyes.

The owl-like woman spoke, in a hoot-like voice. "Hello, Fred. I'm Mrs. Who, and this is Mrs. Whatsit. We've come to help you make the next transition.

"...Where am I? "

You are in an in-between state; Mrs. Whatsit and I came to help you make the transition. You'll be working with another you're already acquainted with as your regular partner - I believe his name is Wesley Wyndham-Price?

"Wesley is here? How?"

The "bag lady" spoke next, in a more normal voice than her owllike companion. "He was slain, like you, in the service of the Eternal Light, and his reward was to spend eternity with you, helping others. As soon as our ... supervisor... Mrs Which collects him, you will go to your first assignment. Right now, however, we're going to show you how to Kythe."

Fred felt herself fade, to melt into the body and life of a young man. She knew somehow that she was in Los Angeles again, and got the sense that it was about 6 months after her death at Wolfram and Hart. From the young man, she understood that there had been a huge battle here; he was similar to the Scoobies and Fang Gang in that he knew that there were many creatures of all allegiances in the world - and she also knew that this young man was ALL of the Light - it permeated everything about him. His name was Charles Wallace Murry. He was walking to the old Hyperion Hotel - he knocked on the door, and the person beyond let him in...

As Fred bonded closer with Charles Wallace, she noticed that the person she was now speaking to was a badly hurt Angel, and she noted who the surviving members of the Fang Gang were... She didn't know why Charles Wallace was here, now - but it was obvious that the Fang Gang needed him, now that Wes, Fred and Gunn were not able to fight on along with Angel and the others. Now, in a small way, she'd be able to help them finish the big fight.


written from 9.20p to 09:39 PM, Thursday, May 27, 2004.

The End

You have reached the end of "New Employee Orientation". This story is complete.

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