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Through the Eyes of...

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Summary: QPC 124. Starts when 12 year old Willow goes to Santa Carla, contemplating what she'd like in a future boyfriend. Crossover with Lost Boys, Willow/David.

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Through the Eyes of A Child

Through the Eyes of a Child

Author: Lucinda
rating: pg
Pairing: sort of Willow/David QPC 124) W/David (Lost Boys)
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Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost Boys.
distribution: WLS, NHA, Twisting the Hellmouth, Quickie Challenge, Bite Me please?

Willow had been amazed and delighted. Her parents had decided to go to Santa Carla for a conference, and had taken her with them. It wasn't the most impressive city, but it had some impressive views and an amusement park. Willow was most impressed by the park, if she were honest.

Part of her mind worried that her parents weren't worried about her safety when they let her go to the park by herself, but most of her mind was caught up in the question of how to have the most fun possible. After all, she was twelve years old now, she knew better than to get into a car with a stranger, or to eat things offered by people. She'd seen a lot of programs about drugs, and several about strangers and kidnappings.

It had been quite a day, and she'd rode all sorts of rides, and watched some shows, and wandered around the boardwalk. She'd ended up bit sunburned, but that hadn't been a big surprise. Now, it was dark out, and there was a fireworks display, with bursts of red and gold and green filling the sky.

She looked over towards the gates, where her parents had said they would be to pick her up, but she didn't see her Mother or Father.

Instead, there was a crowd of people, two of which caught her attention. They looked like they belonged on a rock band, their faces on posters for girls to sigh over. Granted, she wasn't nearly as boy crazy as some of the girls her age, like Harmony or Aura, but she could tell that they were really cute. Both in worn blue jeans and leather jackets, one had long dark hair that fell wildly around his face, and the other had short almost white hair. Wow.

They seemed to be talking to each other, and the dark one gestured towards her, causing the blond to look over. He gave a small chuckle, the sound of it lost in the noise of the crowd and the fireworks, and sauntered over towards her. Willow felt herself go all fluttery inside, nervous and worried and certain that her parents would consider him a 'dangerous stranger'. Maybe he was.

"What are you doing here, little Red?" His voice was amused and flowed through the noisy air like dark honey.

"ummmm..." For a moment, she found herself unable to speak, flustered by the nearness of this amazing looking guy. "Partly I was looking at you and your friend."

He gave a slight smile, amused and mysterious. "What for, little red? Afraid that we might be the big bad wolves?"

For a moment, Willow thought that she probably should be afraid. "Not exactly. I was thinking about the fact that eventually, I'm going to be old enough for a boyfriend. And I was trying to think about what type I'd like to have."

For a moment, his jaw dropped, and he stared at her before chuckling again, a deep rich sound that reminded her of dark chocolate. "What did you come up with?"

She could feel herself blushing. "I thought maybe someone like you or your friend would be... interesting an probably exciting. My life isn't very exciting, and I don't want everything to be boring."

His eyes were this intense blue, and twinkled with amusement. "You're a bit young for us, Red."

She grinned at him, oddly relieved that he hadn't told her she was being crazy. "I know that. But that will change. I'm not asking you to be my boyfriend right now. I was wondering about maybe in a few years, when I'm old enough to date..."

He laughed now, but somehow she didn't think he was laughing at her. "Tell you what, Red. Come back in a few years, and we'll see about it."

Willow had the oddest feeling, as if something had changed. Maybe it had, she'd proven to herself that she could talk to a guy. And he hadn't told her that she was just being a silly child like her parents did. "Right... so, I'll check back in about four years then?"

"I'll be waiting, Red." He smiled at her, his teeth looking almost sharp in the flickering light from the fireworks. "And the name's David."

"David. I'll remember." She smiled at him, ignoring the small voice inside that whispered that this was unwise, unsafe.

"But I think I have to go away now. My parents are here, and if they see me talking to you, the next thing you know, one of them will be talking about unhealthy risks and the other will be quizzing you on why you're talking to an underage girl and questioning your ethics and integrity. It would be ugly... and embarrassing. So, umm... bye David. See you in a few years."

With that, Willow left the park, meeting back up with her parents, who after a token question about her day returned to a discussion of their conference, and their opinions on a presentation on hypnotic regression in therapy.

Yeah, it would be good to someday have a cute, interesting boyfriend. All she had to do now was grow up enough.

end Through the Eyes of A Child.
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