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Tempus Fugit Absimilis

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: PVerse 07 - Time flows, and its once more into the breech dear friends

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Chapter 12

TITLE: Tempus Fugit Absimilis
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know `K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.
Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me.
Big Sigh.
DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry's vision come
true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.
SUMMARY: Time flows, and its once more into the breech dear friends,
Part 7 of Prometheus-Verse
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen
KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9
CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU
DATE: Begun (01/02/2004), Ended (12/04/2004)
WORD COUNT: 38,759
BETA READ: Merlin The Enchanter Lilli.

Welcome to Track II, all aboard for a new type of ride and an
entirely different ball game, (To mix my metaphors)



Chapter Twelve

USS Voyager

Tuvok looked at his scanners intently, watching for any sign of the Briori command ship. From his brief scans of the saucer like space ship he had found that their shielding technology was second to none, and from little he knew about the offensive capabilities he did not want to engage them in direct combat. That didn't, however, stop him from trying to find a way to succeed if they were drawn into combat and he was pouring over his scans to try to find a chink in their armor.

"Any luck Tuvok?" Janeway asked moving over to walk around the console and be at his side.

Tuvok looked at one of the few humans he allowed this close and said, "Nothing so far Captain, however I believe that the answer lies in their shield harmonics"

"How so?" Janeway asked looking at the sensor scans.

Knowing that his captain had started life as an exemplary scientist Tuvok was not offended by her question and didn't fob her off, instead he laid it out for her knowing that her sharp mind may pick up something that even his Vulcan logic may have over looked, "There is a fluctuation in the cycle of their shields that suggests the shield harmonics are being affected by the nebula. I believe that given study I will be able to ascertain what it is that is effecting their shield from the nebula and use that to breach their security"

Janeway nodded, "Good thinking Lieutenant Commander"

Tuvok didn't react to the praise other than a slight inclination of his head, instead turning his attention back to the scans and his analysis of them.

"Ops?" Janeway called out from her position.

"One moment Captain" the officer said staring at her board. That was an unusual response for a fleet trained officer and it got Janeway's interest. She left Tuvok's side and walked over to the Ops Panel.

"I think…" the officer broke off again then suddenly smiled, hitting her board with a finger. The distinctive sound of a communications channel being opened was music to Janeway's ears. Since that first call from the commander, they had been unable to breach the field; she strongly suspected that it had a lot to do with solar spots from the sun, weakening the field for that short time. A million to one chance that had not worked in their favor leaving her team stranded on the planet for now nearly four days.

"Commander Chakotay, do you read me Commander"


Chakotay walked into the small clearing to find Seven hovering over Xander's prone form, her kit out and tricorder in hand as she scanned him for injuries.

"Seven, report" he said curtly, quashing the jealous reaction he had at her intimate placement over Xander's body. He knew that it was just Seven checking him over, but he was still a man and with the weaknesses inherent of his gender.

"Xander sustained a wound from the Hero Gem rifle" Seven blinked and corrected herself, "Hirogen"

Chakotay would have smirked if it had not been for the pale pallor of the man in question. Xander was laying back his eyes closed and expression clear, his skin was pale and glistening slightly. Seven also looked damp so he was hopeful that it wasn't fever and was in fact from the cool blue lake sized pool they were beside.

Harry walked carefully over to the dead Hirogen, his tricorder leading the way, but his phaser just behind it.

"What happened" Chakotay asked watching Seven work.

"I am unsure of that myself. We had just found our way out from the cave system that lays beyond that rock face" she said pointing to exhibit A, when that Hirogen" she said carefully, " attacked from the bushes over there. Xander protected me with his own body and took the shot meant for me. He saved my life, twice in fact."

"Twice?" Chakotay asked, making a mental note to thank Xander later.

"The Hirogen then leveled his weapon at me once again, hoping to kill us both I believe when Xander pulled me down and…"

"Did his Dagger trick" Harry interjected tossing the silver dagger to the floor at Seven's side.

Seven nodded slightly, "That he did, I believe he will be happy that we've retrieved this weapon."

"I bet you're right there seven" Chakotay said eyeing the dark haired man, "A warrior never likes to loose his weapon"

It was as well Xander was unconscious after a comment like that, but the Star Fleeters missed the double meaning. "Will he be okay?" Harry asked moving over to them once his check on the Hirogen was complete.

"Normally I would say that he would be, but without the doctors expertise…" Seven trailed off unwilling or unable to finish the thought.

"Can we move him?"

Seven nodded, "I believe it will make very little difference"

"Then lets take him to Tom, he's got the full kit, perhaps we can…"

"Commander Chakotay, do you read me Commander" crackled from his commbadge startling him slightly.

He slapped his chest, almost too hard, "Captain! I read you loud and clear, and we're happy to hear from you"

"As I am you Chakotay" Janeway said, her voice backing up her words, "Report"

"We've found the pod, and have its occupant with us now. Unfortunately he's taken damage from a Hirogen hunter. Can you beam him up?"

"I'm sorry, we're having some problems with the Briori and have our shield up at the moment Commander"

Chakotay frowned, "The Briori?"

"I know, it's a long story…"

Chakotay broke in, "Captain, we've met the Briori down here and the Prima is friendly towards us. I'm surprised you're having any problems"

"You have" Janeway said, "I'll contact you shortly Commander, I have to make a call"

Chakotay heard his line go dead and nodded to Harry and Seven, "Come on, lets get Xander some help"

USS Voyager

Janeway cut the communication with her commander and glared into space, "Hail the Briori Vessel"

A few seconds passed until finally the Secondis appeared on the main viewer, "Captain Janeway, I hope you have decided to surrender"

"No, I just have a question for you Secondis Jazta" Janeway said with a sly smile.

"This bores me, prepare for your extermination"

Before he was able to cut off his communication Janeway leapt in, "Your Prima sends his regards"

"The Prima is dead," The Secondis said, unfortunately not shielding his treacherous thoughts from his crew.

"I have it on good authority that you're lying Secondis" Janeway said smiling like a shark.

"You lie, and you'll die for it" the Secondis said and cut the communication.

"The Briori vessel is approaching, they used our signal to triangulate our position" Tuvok said his fingers dancing across his board. "They are charging weapons"

"Red Alert, All hands brace for impact," Janeway said, her voice piped out to the entire ship.

"Captain" The Ops Officer said, her voice laced with shock, "We're being hailed"

"On screen"

The screen came alive and an alien that was almost identical to the Secondis except had a slightly smaller head came into focus, "Captain, We come in peace"

"Like I've never heard THAT before," Janeway said.

"They have charged down their weapons captain and their shield has dropped to navigational capacity only," Tuvok reported from behind her and to her right.

Janeway's eyebrows hitched up together; "Indeed" she said a slight smile curling her lips.

"There has been a most grave occurrence of events, we were deceived captain, and beg your forgiveness" the alien said, "We have relieved Secondis Jazta from his position and have placed him under arrest for treason and are attempting even now to reach our Prima"

Janeway pursed her lips in thought for a moment, "We may be able to help you there"

The Planet

"Seven did a great job of patching him up, there's really not a lot more I can do. He needs to see the Doc" Paris said with a frown, "He's lost a lot of blood, that wound has ruptured a major artery, I'm surprised he's not already dead" Tom continued his voice grave.

Prima Thang walked over to them, "Is there anything we can do?" he asked.

"This man needs medical attention, immediately" Chakotay said.

The Prima pulled out a small pooch from his belt and held what looked to be a medical tricorder. It whirred for a few moments until the Prima nodded, "Yes, it is a most grave condition. However, I am unable to contact…"

{Prima Thang}

The prima cut himself off mid sentence when he received a mental communications cast form his ship.

{Report Principle Omal, what has come of Secondis Jazta?}

{The Secondis has been arrested; he committed treason against your command}

{I see, is there another vessel with you, they have wounded here}

{There is Prima; it is they, who helped us to contact you,}

"Commander" Janeway called out across space to Chakotay's chest held communicator.

Chakotay smiled and tapped his commbadge, "Captain"

"Prepare for beam out"

Chakotay glanced at the silent Prima, "We'll talk more later I hope Prima Thang"

The Prima nodded as the sparkle effect of the transporter system came online and retrieved the Away team.

{Prepare to teleport us back Principle Omal} Thang broadcast.

{It will be done Prima} the principle said as the Briori's own transporter device retrieved them and left the tomb empty and as silent as the proverbial.

USS Voyager

The senior staff were assembled in the conference room, with Seven and the doctor present, and one other, their newest guest Xander.

Janeway opened her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by the now familiar flash of white light that heralded the arrival of the member of the Q continuum. Xander felt a rush of emotion flow through his mind at the sight of the regal auburn haired woman that was deposited in place of the light and knew that it didn't originate with he.

"Q, welcome aboard again" Janeway said wryly.

"Thank you Captain" the female Q said looking around the room. Her gaze halted on Xander for a moment and he smiled at her in a friendly fashion, trying not to give anything away by his expression.

So far since his treatment from the slightly grouchy EMH he'd been scanned, propped and in all other ways inspected to make sure he was who he said he was and what he said he was. Tuvok himself had undertaken the security scan and had found Xander's stash of weapons, bar one, and Xander suspected his findings would be a part of this conference.

He wasn’t personally surprised to see Q's wife here, but he could see that Janeway and the other officers were. He knew better than any the way a Q's mind worked, or in this case their heart.

"What can we do for you today?" Janeway asked her gaze resting on the female superbeing.

"I just came to see what all the fuss was about" Q replied moving over to sit next to Xander, "Hello"

"Hi" Xander said once again smiling. He could see the ghost of a smile on the female Qs lips and in her eyes as well. Which, was good, he knew he would more than likely be seeing a lot of her and her currently AWOL son.

Janeway sighed, knowing that Q wasn't going anywhere and deciding just to get on with it. "I've called this meting today to talk with you Mr. Harris"

"Xander, he likes to be called Xander" the female Q said, "I can read it from his simplistic mind that calling him Mr. Harris is…Painful"

Janeway just sort of blinked at that, "Xander then, we have a proposition for you and a decision for you to make. As well as several questions if you feel up to it?"

"The Doc. cleared me A…Captain" Xander said inwardly wincing at his slip, "So I'm good to go"

Janeway nodded, "First things first then, I'm told by Chakotay that you do not remember being taken by the Briori, has any memory surfaced since you spoke?"

"No Captain, I'm afraid not I don't remember going in that pod" Xander replied honestly. The truth was the last thing he remembered was a flash of light, then waking up in the pod.

"I see, and you're from the year 2001?"

"That I am" Xander said then added belatedly, "Captain"

Janeway nodded, "May I ask..." she said reaching into her pocket and retrieving a wooden stake, "…What this is?"

"Prop, for the costume party I was going to." Xander chuckled, "Guess I'm a little late for it hey"

Janeway smiled slightly.

Seven broke in with a question, "You said you were going on a 'Date'"

Xander nodded, "I was, at the party. Damn shame too, I think we'd have been good together" his eyes glittering slightly.

Seven just nodded, her problem solved.

"I also wanted to thank you" Janeway interjected smoothly.

"What for?" Xander asked with a frown.

"For saving Seven's life, as well as Lieutenant Andrews's"

Xander shrugged, "Think nothing of it Captain, all part of the service"

Janeway did smile at that, "Now for the offer and decision"

"No more questions?"

"Not yet" Janeway said with a chuckle then she became serious, "The Briori have offered you a place with them. You would be well treated; I am assured that you are in fact very important to them. A symbol of how far they have come. I am told by the Chancellor that you would be their most honored guest"

Xander frowned slightly, but Janeway hadn't finished, "Or, you could join us. I can't guarantee when we'll get to Earth, but I'll do my best to get us there" Janeway smirked slightly, "You wouldn't however be quite as revered, you would be expected to pull your own weight"

Xander smirked, "Not a problem Captain" he paused acting thoughtful, "I think if anyone could get us home, it'd be you Captain, I think I'd like to hitch my wagon to you" he said looking her directly in the eye, "I'll come with you, if you'll have me"

Janeway nodded, "Of course, if you're sure?"

Xander nodded, "I am"

Briori Homeworld

"We thank you for your hospitality Chancellor Gomm" Janeway said with her best diplomatic smile.

The chancellor almost replied telepathically, before remembering himself and his guest, "It is the least we can do after the actions of Secondis Jazta. For which I once again apologize"

Janeway held up a hand, "We hold no grudges over that Chancellor Gomm, I can assure you. We're just happy to make a friend in this quadrant of space"

The Chancellor inclined his head, "That you have done Captain, if there is anything else you require, please let us know and it will be done"

"You've already done so much Chancellor, I'm sure we have everything that we need. We must now continue our journey to our home"

"We understand only too well the wish to travel home" the Chancellor replied, "and wish you luck in your quest."

Chancellor Gomm turned to the other occupant in the room, who had yet to speak and was watching the proceedings with a wryly- amused look in his dark eyes, "Will you reconsider Xander, you would be held in high regard here" the Chancellor said.

Xander shook his head, "Sorry Chancellor Gomm, I want to go home as well, even if it's not really my home anymore"

Chancellor Gomm inclined his head again, "Very well, then I also wish you good journey and I hope that you find YOUR home"

"Thank You Chancellor Gomm" Xander said formally bowing slightly at the waist.

Janeway looked at the Voyagers newest addition, "Shall We?"

"Yes Captain, let's go"

USS Voyager

Xander flopped down on the bed with a groan. He’d been shown to some guest quarters in the ship after a long examination and told that he was welcome to stay there for the time being. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but figured that it just meant he would be reassigned when he was placed in the crew in some fashion.

There was a flash of light and Xander smirked up at the ceiling ignoring the female Q’s presence for a second before finally sitting up and smiling at her warmly. That seemed to take her aback a bit but she nodded her greeting to him all the same.

Xander’s Katana and now the home of Q appeared from his jacket in a flurry of motion, “Here” he said passing the Katana to her.

She smiled her thanks and took the weapon in her hand lovingly stroking the blade and handle.

“You two need some privacy,” Xander said without humor and walked into the sonic shower.

:::: The End ::::

The End

You have reached the end of "Tempus Fugit Absimilis". This story is complete.

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