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Tempus Fugit Absimilis

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: PVerse 07 - Time flows, and its once more into the breech dear friends

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Tempus Fugit Absimilis

I've changed the formatting on this chapter, nothing else.

TITLE: Tempus Fugit Absimilis
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E. Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me. Big Sigh.
DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry’s vision come true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.
SUMMARY: Time flows, and its once more into the breech dear friends, Part 7 of Prometheus-Verse
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen
KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9
CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU
DATE: Begun (01/02/2004), Ended (12/04/2004)
WORD COUNT: 38,759
BETA READ: Merlin The Enchanter + Lilli.

Welcome to Track II, all aboard for a new type of ride and an
entirely different ball game, (To mix my metaphors)


I've created a group for the Prometheus-Verse. Why, I'll tell you
all later on. Please join, as there are many stories that will only
be posted there. I've also updated the Prometheus-Verse site today
as well.

ANOTHER NOTE: 22/05/2004

I've just found out that To Infinity And To Hell has won Best TV
Crossover award from the SunnyDAwards. I'd like to thank everyone
who voted for me and to celebrate I'm posting this early.


Tempus Fugit Absimilis


Xander continued to fall, and fall and fall. The ground was rushing up to meet him and certain was death waiting for him on the rocky bottom of the valley. Then there was blissful darkness.

Xander’s eyes slowly flickered open to be assaulted by a brilliant white light. His brain immediately went into overdrive and span round in circles for a short while as a torrent of thoughts hit him. Among them was ‘is this it; finally?’ ‘Not now; now that I’ve finally found Seven’ and never forgetting, ‘What the Fuck is it this time!’

“You humans, have such messy thoughts” an all too familiar voice said.

Xander groaned and sat bolt upright, ignoring the pain from his eyes as they got used to the light. “Q”

“Well, that’s a fine howdoyoudo” Q said with a chuckle.

“What happened this time?”

Q smirked at him, “I thought I would invite you to join me for a very important event in your life”

“Huh?” Xander said, his mind still not fully operational, he had been expecting to be mush at the bottom of a very long drop.

“Some information has come to light that is very important to current events” Q tried again.

“Sorry Q, I’m still kinda fuzzy, what?”

“Just get off of your backside and come with me,” Q said indicating a dark rectangle that showed no light whatsoever.

“Alright, alright” Xander said getting to his feet.

He stood beside Q for a moment, “What happened, I thought…”

“That the sun would be bright?” Q cut him off with a warning glance.

Xander frowned slightly but cleared his mind of any questions, Q was up to something, and wanted Xander to trust him, so he did.

They walked on in silence until they were at the very threshold of the dark rectangle.

“What’s beyond the door?” Xander asked before stepping through.

“Now what would have happened if Alice had only asked that?” Q wondered aloud pushing Xander firmly into the darkness.

The Powers Council Chambers

Xander was assaulted by noise, and then a soft light and finally a slightly weird smell hit his nostrils.

“This” Q said regally, “Is the Council Chambers and meeting place of The Powers That Be”

“It looks like one of those knight road shows” Xander commented. He was hit by the surreal-ness of it all as he spied several hundred different races and that was just within his sight.

Q chuckled slightly, “That my dear Xander is just a representation that your pitiful human brain can cope with. Much like the continuum itself, the chamber will show its self in a way that you can cope with. What you see and I perceive are two vastly different things”

Xander smirked, “No one likes a smarty pants” he quipped remembering the last time he’d been swiped from deaths jaws.

“Very amusing I’m sure” Q said with a mock icy tone.

“So what’s the what?”

Q cocked an eyebrow at him, “A trial” he said simply.

“For who?”

In answer Q just directed Xander towards the center of the ring, “His”

Standing there in irons was none other than Lucifer himself.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this aren’t I?” Xander said with glee.

Q became serious for a moment, “I very much doubt that” he muttered but Xander was fully able to hear him. Reserving comment, for now, Xander turned to watch.

A fanfare was struck up and the strangest sight yet walked into the room. A human looking male wearing what looked to be snake skin trousers with long black hair and dark eyeliner walked into the ring.

Xander turned to Q with a very confused expression, “What’s Alice Cooper doing here?”

Q frowned, “The Witch?”

“The Rock Star” Xander said pointing to exhibit A.

Q laughed slightly, “Again your perceptions twist the sight to your will. That is the arbiter”

“Yeah, who’s that?”

Q bowed as did the rest of the chamber, the sound of millions of rustling clothes invaded his senses for a moment and Xander found himself being pulled down into a bow, “The Creator” Q said in a stage whisper.

Xander glanced back up to the strange figure in shock, “No Shit?”

The Creator held up a heavily bangled arm and the room went back to their original positions. Only they were now silent, where as before there had been a roar of sound. “My fellow deities, Lucifer was brought before us to answer the charge of breaking the treaty”

The room, if possible became even more silent, it was now deafening.

The Creator hadn’t finished, “He is accused of tampering with a spell and rendering magic unusable to your worshipers and followers. He has already been proven guilty of this crime and now all that remains is for me to punish him” The Creator fell silent his dark eyes seeming to meet with each and every set in the huge room.

When those dark orbs met with Xander’s the Creator smiled, “Well, Well” he said, “If it isn’t Q’s champion”

The room swivelled and turned on some sort of 4th dimension and Xander found that he was standing right in front of the man/deity where before he had been stood thirty foot away. At his side Q took the change of scenery almost as well as he did, in other words with shock.

“Q, you’ve been a very naughty boy,” the Alice Cooper-alike admonished with a teasing smile, “This human was about to die when you brought him here. That is not following the spirit of the treaty now is it?”

“My Lord, I only did as I was asked”

“I said bring him here, not save him in the process, you could have just brought his essence here”

“My Lord, I apologise, I misunderstood” Q said bowing deeply.

The Creator looked at him with a frank and disbelieving glare. “There will be repercussions for this” he said dangerously.

“Urm, Creator guy” Xander said causing Q to hiss in surprise, “Don’t take it out on him, I was the one that fell”

The room hung and sat on their collective edges of their seats.

The Creator looked at Xander with no expression on his face for a long moment before splitting into a wide smile, “That’s not strictly speaking true” he whipped around to face Lucifer, “Is it Lucifer?”

“I’m not sure what you mean?” Lucifer said looking slightly nervous.

“I mean the fact that you gave him a little helping hand by crumbling the rock from under his feet. Another Treaty Violation”

The Creator smiled a sharks smile, “You’ll have to get up a lot earlier to get one over on me little creature”

Xander gulped, even though it was his worst enemy on the receiving end. The Creator was a seriously scary guy. If what he had learned from Q was any indication he was also the only true Omnipotent being in existence, truly Omnipresent to boot.

The Creator turned back to him, the danger gone from his eyes and a sad look, “I can’t undo what he has done” he stated, “We can only change the playing field”

Xander frowned, “huh?”

The Creator turned to Q and studied him for a long moment, “It appears that it was your one and only transgression, and because of Lucifer’s meddling it was more of a bending than a breaking. So what to do with you all”

Q smiled nervously, “You could let us go with a slapped wrist, well myself and Xander anyway, him” he said indicating Lucifer, “You should strip him of his powers and send him to the Borg”

The Creator cocked an eyebrow at the super being who lapsed into immediate silence.

The Alice cooper look alike then started to pace up and down tapping his chin thoughtfully, the creak of snake skin as he walked a strange counter beat to the heel of his cowboy boot.

“If only Buffy could see me now” Xander muttered.

Q chortled slightly and the Creator turned and glared at them. “Quite the double act aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

Xander had a dry mouth all of a sudden, he’d always known that his mouth would be the end of him, but this wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

Lucifer caught his eye and sneered at him, his face contorted into a hateful grimace.

Xander glared right back at him, “Don’t make me come over there!” he warned.

“You just don’t know when to shut up do you” the Creator said with a slightly warmed smile, “You remind me of a friend I had a very long time ago, oh about three universe’s ago I think. Look a bit like him too. Mind you, he was swallowed by a ampotentian devil plant because he couldn’t keep quiet but there you go” The Creator said wistfully. Then he clicked his fingers, the sound ringing out and echoing around the huge hall. “I’ve got it”

He paused for a second, “We do a do-over, but this time Lucy here” he jabbed a thumb at Lucifer, “Won’t be able to dabble with Magic, or change any spells. He’ll have to make do with his normal methods of foiling your plans. Now; what to do with you two? Normally I would wipe your mind” he said to Xander, “But I think that would be too easy”

“Mr Lord, do not punish the human for my…”

“SILENCE” the Creator, roared shutting Q up in a blink of an eye.

“I hadn’t finished, I am forced to punish this human because of your actions. I won’t wipe his memories because Lucifer would take advantage of that to kill him straight away. However, because of that we can’t just do over, we’ll have to get inventive.” The Creator smiled as he plucked something as it passed through Xander’s Mind, “That’s a good idea Xander, thank you”

Q glared at him, “What did you do?” he demanded.

Xander gave him a helpless look and shrugged, “I don’t know!”

“An astronaught, frozen in ice for 500 years. I like it but that won’t quite work either. Something more natural then or, Alien abduction yes, then stranded in space, cryogenically frozen. I’ll even put you right in the Enterprise’s flight path.”

Xander’s eyes flew open, “Huh?” he said desperately.

The Creator smiled at him and it wasn’t an as unfriendly expression as Xander had been expecting, “They’ll be much less suspicious that way. There is even an alien race I can use. For the cover story” The Creator smiled widely, “The Briori were always up to that sort of thing”

Q winced, “That’s harsh”

“You think that’s bad. You’re really attached to this human; aren’t you?” The Creator smiled, “So be it, I seem to remember that a universe ago there was a type of weapon”

The super being known as Q blanched, “What? No, please, not those, some of them are still around! I have a wife, a son anything but that!”

The Creator held up his hand silencing the distraught super being, “Moderated as it is by Lucifer’s actions I cannot in good conscious turn you into that sort of weapon for an indefinite time frame. You’ll be bonded to that sword,” he said pointing to Xander’s Katana, “and that man for the next 300 years”

Q breathed a sigh of relief.

Xander held up his hand; a confused expression on his face. The Creator smiled at him, “Yes? Do you need the lavatory?” he said with an amused voice.

“No, it’s just a coupla questions” Xander said nervously.


Xander held up his hand and ticked off one finger, “A universe ago?”

“A universe is not just a measurement of space, it is also a measurement of time. It is the life span of a universe from big bang to small whimper”

“Whoa!” Xander said, “Okay, I kinda get that, what are you talking about in regards to my friend here?” he said pointing to Q. and ticking off another finger.

“He will be bound to you and your weapon, your constant companion. The usual rules will apply, communication, some minor protection but his powers will be heavily bound for the duration”

“300 years seems a bit steep?” Xander commented, “He didn’t really do anything wrong!” with yet another finger ticked off.

The Creator smiled at him with a secretive look behind his dark eyes before turning to Q, “A friend Q? I’m surprised, normally you alienate any race you come across” he turned back to Xander, “300 years is a very short time for a being such as Q, I realise you don’t understand or rather cannot truly conceive of his lifespan, which is measured in universe’s if you get what I mean”

Xander nodded slightly and glanced at Q, “Is that true?”

Q nodded with a strangely fond smile, “What of my child, my wife?”

“They can visit” The Creator allowed with a smile.

“Freedom of choice?” Xander said ticking of his forth finger.

The Creator gave him a secret smile, “The alternative is that I allow this to play out as it stands, and I have to warn you that the hellmouth is already open on Earth. It is however your choice?”

Xander nodded his head, “I get it now, whilst I have a choice, I really don’t have a choice”

“As I thought. Was there anything else?” The Creator asked.

Xander shook his head, “Not at the moment”

The creator nodded and then his face-hardened as he turned to Lucifer, “Ah Lucy, Lucy, Lucy why did you do it? We were once such good friends” He sighed; “Now I have to punish you; unless…” The creator smiled, “Come back Lucifer, go back to the continuum and take up the work you had always been so very good at?”

Lucifer just glared at him.

“Very Well” The Creator said and snapped his fingers.


Lucifer waited for a long time for this moment, the small Briori escape capsule was nearly at his position now. From his vantage point he could just make out the face of the human that had been the thorn in his side. He also knew that invisible as he was Q in his sword bound form was also in that container. This would ensure that he could kill two birds with one stone.

The handsome human looking being pulled back his foot and took careful aim. As the escape pod approached his position he unleashed his kick. Using the Briori pod as a soccer ball he launched it off into the depths of space, hopefully to end up in a sun.

Task complete Lucifer smiled to himself and with a flash of red light went back to hell and his preparations.

The Creator faded into sight with a sad smile on his face, with eyes that see things that none other could he tracked the escape pod and redirected the Briori device’s trajectory, just slightly. It wouldn’t meet the Enterprise, but then it wouldn’t end up in a star either.

After all, he couldn’t be ‘SEEN’ to be taking sides.


An Open Invitation

To: My Fellow Authors

I invite you to join me in the wonderful world of the Prometheus-Verse. It has come to my attention that there is a wealth of stories to be told in this universe that I find myself woefully inadequate to tell. I am but one man with finite time and even less talent. I know that there is a multitude of talented and inventive authors out there who may be interested in working with me in trying to transcribe the details and goings-on that occur in this universe. I'll share my telescope if you'll share your talent and help me to spread the word.

Even if you have yet to put pen to paper in the realm of fan fiction, but are interested in trying your hand at it and would enjoy writing in the challenging and exciting Prometheus-Verse, I want to hear from YOU.

There are so many characters that are already in place that may interest you. Just for instance, there are the crews of both the Draconian and Prometheus. There is Gabriel, Kae'Farl and even Lucy himself. I can only briefly touch upon their emotional depth and scratch the surface of their lives. YOU, could delves into their very souls, (Apart from Lucy of course, because we're not sure he's got one) and extract their desires and deepest fears. I know that YOU are more than up to the task of telling the story of their lives.

Even discounting the characters that we have met so far in the Prometheus-Verse there is a Hellmouth on millions of planets. For every Hellmouth there is a slayer and a master, for every slayer a story and for every story there is YOU to tell it. Not only that, but there are two tracks within which you can play right up to the Track Change, there is a whole universe that was still spinning and doing it's thing. Think you know what was going on, come on in and join me.

Join me, e-mail me at my usual address, (Below), and register your interest today. I ask only that you enjoy what you do and try to extract the pleasure that I do from writing here and that I am sure I will from reading your work.

There are but a few simple rules that you may wish to know a head of time.

1) I want any story started to be finished.

There is no time or size limitations, but I do want them finished, otherwise this can and will detract from the readers pleasure

2) All work MUST be Beta Read

I know! I know To Infinity And To Hell wasn't but the rest are! If you haven’t got a beta reader I'm sure we can find you one.

3) For the reasons of clarity, my word is law in the Prometheus-Verse.

However, please do not take it to mean that the 'Verse' is a dictatorship; I am open to any and all suggestions and would appreciate any input. I quote this rule to ensure that none can bring the Prometheus-Verse to ruin with in fighting.

4) I retain the right to refuse any story.

This is not something that I see happening, it's a just in case rule. For one of those situations that turn up during the growth of a new venture. I can foresee no reason why I would turn down a story at this time.

5) When it comes to Timeline and Major Plot Lines, Run it by me before making any major changes.

You can guess why here, but I'll spell it out anyway. This is my baby and some of the characters are like my own children, I don't want anything to happen to them that I may adversely effect them.

That's it for the boring stuff, I hope I didn't sound like too much of a dictator I'm really not, but I've seen what happens when too much rope is given, people tend to be hung by themselves. It's not pretty and it's not good for the community, and that's what I'm trying to build a community of like-minded people who like the Prometheus-Verse and want to help it grow. I personally hope that none of these rules will ever have to be enforced.

Now that all that's over, I am begging you if you're interested contact me, talk to me and at least try one story, even if it's only a thousand words long, come on in the water's lovely.

You can contact me at :-

To ensure that my mail program doesn't call you Spam and junk you; place :-


In the subject of your mail if you don't fair enough, but this will ensure I catch your mail before my computer tries to digest it. It would also help to reply to me directly rather than just replying to a message I've posted on a group but not 100% necessary.


My Internet connection is sporadic at this moment in time, so if I don't contact you back straight away, I'M NOT IGNORING YOU, I promise. I will answer each and every reply to this I get.

In addition, I'm English, but don't let that effect your decision, as I’m open to other language entries, we’ll talk about translations etc :-)

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