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Cold Rain

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Summary: QPC 124, songfic. After her trip to the dark side and the rejection of her friends, Willow has nobody to turn to. Then, David finds her.

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Movies > Lost Boys > Willow-CenteredLucindaFR1523,023222,5603 Feb 034 Feb 03Yes

David's Perspective

Cold Rain 2: David's Side

Author: Lucinda
pairing: Willow/David(from Lost Boys) (QPC 124)
note: companion/sequel to Cold Rain, this one from David's point of view.
the Quickie Challenge site:
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any character or storyline from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost Boys.
distribution: WLS, NHA, Twisting the Hellmouth, Quickie Challenge, Bite Me please?

Things hadn't been the same since they'd gone along with Max's plan to try to bring in Michael and his brother Sam, in an effort for Max to get their Mother for his mate. Really, they should have known better than to try some big, complicated plot. But they'd followed Max's plan and for it, they had died. Marco and Paul and Dwayne... and Max, the head of their family, all perished. Michael had assumed that he was dead as well, but really, antelope horns to kill a vampire?

For a long while, he'd almost wished that he had died. The physical pain had ben horrible, and once he'd added in the pain of loosing his whole family, the bonds of blood and friendship shattered by the Final Death... It had nearly killed him.

He'd had to be a bit more discrete in his hunting. No more depending on killing people who pissed him off, he'd stuck to the tourists, and actually used some of that moderation that Max had spoke so highly of. He'd regained his strength, and the passing of the last decade had helped his emotions to heal. In fact, since he was now the only real vampire in Santa Carla, the place was his. He'd decided that it was time to make a new family, a carefully chosen family that would last.

David had been lurking in the boardwalk and the amusement park, partly hunting for a good meal, and partly on the lookout for someone that might make it as family, someone that could make the adjustment. He caught a glimpse of red hair by the ferris wheel, a partial view of a slender redhead with a partly eaten bag of cotton candy moving through the crow. He saw her again later, during the fireworks. Instead of watching the sky, she was watching the people, a sad smile on her face. He found himself wondering why she was sad, and thinking that she was actually quite pretty.

He saw her leave, walking along one of the hiking paths, one that lead to a cliff. He remembered it well, once upon a time, he and his boys had raced their motorcycles along it, laughing at anyone unlucky enough to be in their way. He would be able to find her.

He gave her some time, wanting her to have a bit of a chance for those deep thoughts that her bearing hinted at. Then, he followed her, wondering who she was, and how she would feel about forever. She was standing near the edge, her eyes directed at the waves crashing on the rocks, but he wasn't certain if she was actually seeing them.

"Isn't it a bit cold out for watching the ocean?"

She turned slightly, her voice soft and sorrowful, reminding him of a lost pet. "Did you follow me? I don't even know your name."

"I'm David. And why shouldn't I have a little interest in a pretty woman?" He grinned at her, feeling like playing just a bit.

She gave a small smile, her eyes filled with secrets and sorrows and loss, far more than a mortal should carry. "I know what you are."

"What I am? You know what I am... what do you think I am?" He was intrigued now. If she knew, how? If she was just guessing, what did she think he was?

She turned her attention back to the ocean, watching the waves. "You're a vampire, of course."

"For someone who thinks that I'm a vampire, you seem to be awfully calm." He felt somewhere between amused and confused. She had known, but... she didn't look in the least bit afraid. It was baffling. And she looked beautiful, the almost mist like rain glistening on her hair like liquid diamonds.

She gave a small shrug. "I know about vampires. At least, I know enough. You're probably out hunting, or maybe thinking of expanding your family... This has to be about the perfect city to hide vampires in. All the tourists."

"Yeah... it's great. So, why aren't you afraid?"

"Being afraid would mean that I didn't want you to do something. It would mean that I felt I had something to live for. Right now, I'm rather without reasons to care." Her voice sounded almost tired, filled with the pain of betrayal and abandonment.

David was filled with shock. Why would she feel like she'd been abandoned? As if she had nobody to turn to? "Are you trying to tell me that nobody would miss you? Nobody's waiting for such a sexy redhead to come home to them, no loving family and friends?"

"My lover was killed, my parents didn't even know I'd moved out of the house, and my friends think I came back to town and left a couple skinned corpses. There's nobody waiting to welcome me home with open arms."

"Then let me take away that problem." He could hear the faint predatory purr of anticipation in his voice. She was pretty, and she would be wonderful to have with him forever. As an added bonus, she smelled delicious.

When she turned, he was standing there with yellow eyes and sharp fangs. She smiled, opening her arms as if in welcome.

David wrapped his arms around her, sinking his fangs into her tender throat, tasting her blood, discovering that she held far more power within her than he'd ever imagined any single being could hold. She was like the nectar of the heavens. He knew in that moment that he couldn't let her be gone forever.

He felt her go limp in his arms, her heartbeat slow, almost faltering. He bit into his wrist, wincing a bit at the sharp pain, and let his blood flow past her lips, seeing that she was in fact swallowing, even as her pulse grew less steady. She wasn't aware, wasn't even really awake anymore, but that didn't matter.

Come sunset tomorrow, she would wake up. She would be his glorious Red, the first of his true Childer, and maybe, if he was a very lucky man, she might become his mate. But one thing was certain. Red would be with him, and he would make sure that she never felt so alone again.

end Cold Rain 2, David's Perspective.

The End

You have reached the end of "Cold Rain". This story is complete.

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