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That's a big bug

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Summary: Btvs/Lexx the series ficlet Willow and Spike see something strange. (minor Buffy Giles bashing.)

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Television > LexxbridgestwoFR151318041,04931 May 0431 May 04Yes
Title-That’s a big bug

Author- bridges2

Email –

Disclaimer-Nope not mine. Just borrowing them a bit.

Pairings- Willow/Spike

Category-Crossover BtVS/Lexx the series

Summary-Btvs/Lexx Drabble

Giles looked up from his tea when the front door burst open. Spike and Willow spilled through it while Spike exclaimed “Watcher we have a problem!”

“What is it now Spike?” asked Giles exasperatedly. “Did you run out of fags and blood again? Or maybe you need some of my scotch? I was planning a nice quiet evening with my books”

“Giles!! We saw a giant month like the size of a minivan! It landed in Breakers Wood while I was out there doing a cleansing spell and” Willow tried to explain as Giles cut her off.

“What have I told you about doing magic without supervision. That is dangerous.” Giles was about to continue berating Willow who was visibly shrinking into herself when Spike had enough of the watcher's attitude.

With slightly yellowed eyes Spike growled “Yes, let’s miss the point of the bloody huge moth and berate Red for practicing her spells. And you pillock she wasn’t unsupervised I was there with her. I know enough about magic to watch her do a bloody cleansing spell and to make sure nothing got her. Now back to the important part about the moth. It landed in a clearing and two people climbed out of it. A skanky looking blond gave the slayer a run for her money on that outfit and a janitor looking fellow in a jumpsuit. They headed into town. You might want to track down which bed your slayer is in and take care of it. I am taking Red home.” With that Spike grabbed Willow’s hand and dragged her out of the watchers apartment leaving a fish eyed man behind mutterings of oh dear could be heard as they walked away.

The End

You have reached the end of "That's a big bug". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking