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Xander Meets the Endless

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Summary: Xander gets a chance to bring back Buffy after she dies. My tribute to the comic series by Neil Gaiman.

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DC Universe > SandmanDragonhulkFR151121,56483220,87131 May 0418 May 05Yes

Death is only the Begining

I own nothing.

Set after Buffy’s death in season five.

Summery: Xander gets to meet all of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Neil Gaiman’s Sandman/ The Books of Magic/ Hellblazer/ what ever else I decide to throw in after I write this.

AN: I know I won’t be able to do justice to Neil Gaiman’s characters but it is my hope that another, better, author will read this and decide to use the Endless in one of there stories because I believe they deserve more attention then they have been getting.

Seven figures gathered around the body of the fallen Slayer Buffy. Each figure had been her friend in life and now they were her silent mourners in death, that silence was soon broken however by the words of one Xander Harris.

“Please don’t take her the world still needs her.” When he spoke these words he received looks of pity from the rest of the group but his next words made them worried for his sanity. “I know that isn’t how it works but you can make an exception this time I know you can. I know in my heart that it isn’t her time to go.”

“Xander Buffy is dead, I’m sorry but there isn’t anything we can do about that” said Giles.

“I know there isn’t anything you guys can do but SHE can do it Giles so please let me go back to my conversation with her.”

“And just who is it that you are talking to that can bring back Buffy” asked Spike a small glint of hope in his eyes.

“Would you like to show your self, if I just tell them they will put me in a nuthouse.”

Suddenly standing by Buffy’s body was a pail young woman with black hair dressed all in black with a silver ankh hung around her neck. “Giles, everyone I would like you to meet Death of the Endless” said Xander.

The reactions to meeting Death varied, but the most vocal was Aynas. “Xander what are you doing talking to Death!”

“I was wondering that my self,” replied Death. “There are only certain types of people that are supposed to see me, the dead, people with certain spells cast on them, and living people who I allow to see me, Xander doesn’t fit into any of those categories. Would you like to explain how you saw me?”

“I don’t know how but I’ve seen you after I staked Jesse. At first I didn’t know who or what you were, I just thought I was slowly going nuts. It wasn’t until we cleared all the books out of the library before we blew up the school. What got me interested was a book titled ‘The Endless’ that had a picture of a guy I’ve seen in kind of a shadow form fallowing Buffy, after reading the book I found out it was your brother Destiny. After that I was able to put a name to some things I had been seeing. Back to the point though is there anything I can do to bring Buffy back, like a trade maybe?”

Death smiled in complete contrast to the stoic figure that we often associate with death and said, “Normally I don’t make deals but you’re in luck just before I came here Destiny said that I should give the person that saw me a chance to accomplish what they want. Here is the deal, you get five of my brothers and sisters to agree that Buffy should come back and I’ll bring her back until she either dies a violent death again or she dies of old age. This is a one time deal so if you succeed and she dies a year later don’t ask me for a repeat offer. So what do you say, deal?”

“Deal,” responded Xander.

“Cool,” said Death.


Xander sat in his room waiting for the visits he knew would come. The blanket explanation he had given everyone after Death had left wouldn’t satisfy anyone for long. Sooner or later, in groups or alone they would come to him demanding more details, details that he had just given himself time to sort out.

‘Let’s see,’ thought Xander ‘Unless I’ve completely lost touch with her over the years Willow should be knocking on my door about now.’ Then as if on some hidden queue there was a knock on the door followed shortly after by Willows voice asking to come in. After doing just that Willow settled down and got straight to what was on her mind.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” There was no reason to ask what she was referring to after all there was only one of his secrets that he had let slip recently and this was exactly the reaction he had needed time to prepare for.

Shrugging his shoulders Xander responded, “What good would it have done? If I was going to see them I was going to see them. They weren’t hurting anyone, not really. For a time I thought I was just going insane because of what happened to Jesse and I thought that if I told you guys you would take me out of the fight. I couldn’t let that happen, I had to help Buffy and get back at the things that hurt Jesse. I know this wasn’t the best way for you to find out but it’s the way it worked out.”

Willow simply stared at Xander unable to form the words to describe what she was feeling pain, anger, remorse, sympathy, and guilt tore through her like a hurricane changing so quickly that not even she could tell what it was she was feeling from one moment to the next.

After a while Willow simply got up and left, not trusting herself to speak until she had more time to think things through. Xander let her go knowing what she had to do and knowing that if he tried to press her now in anyway he could end up loosing her as a friend, and in his opinion he had gone through enough losses for a while. Besides others would be coming and he would have to be here to answer their questions.

When they came they all asked the same question ‘why,’ and so Xander gave them all the same speech he gave Willow but altered slightly for each person to make it a bit more personalized. None of them simply walked out like Willow did each one had a different reaction.

Giles: the father figure

“I must say I wish you had decided to confide in me, never mind that you thought I would betray that trust by alienating you from the fighting the fact is when you learned what you were seeing and decided not to tell me it shows that you had little to no faith in me.”

“It isn’t that G-man I swear I trust you. It’s just that everyone has his or her own secret and once I found out I wasn’t insane having a small harmless secret to myself made me feel kind of special. I honestly hadn’t felt very special for a while and being able to see things that others couldn’t gave me a bit of confidence.”

“Very well Xander, I suppose that we all have our own secrets in our lives, heaven knows that I have mine. I do regret that we have seemed to drift apart these last few years though, perhaps we could do something to rectify that after all of this is over.”

“Why wait, listen my car is in the shop so I’ll need a ride to my first destination if you are willing to drive me we could start with that whole male bonding thing that I’ve heard so much about.”

“Very well, I’ll pick you up around ten in the morning and after a brief stop at my place we will go where ever you need to go.” With that being said Giles left to go prepare for the next day.

Spike: the unwanted guest

“I didn’t say you could come in Spike.”

“You said it once Droopy and that’s all it takes. Listen you can save the speeches unlike the Watcher I don’t need to hear them. I just came here to thank you for what you are doing.”

“Figures the only one to thank me tonight would be the one person in the group that I didn’t want to hear it from. Listen Fangless if it was up to me you would have been dust long ago so don’t thank me for anything. Heck if it wasn’t for Dawn I would have I would have dusted you myself after the battle with Glory. The thing is, Dawn has lost her mother and sister in under a year, she doesn’t deserve to loose anyone else she cares for, and for some reason she cares for you. If you hurt her though I will personally make sure you see a sunrise only after being nailed to a cross while feeding you holy water for several hours.”

Looking into Xanders eyes Spike could see he was totally serious so it was with a little bit of fear that he said “Yeah I get ya, just don’t be getting stake happy to soon though.”

Anya: the lover

“That was a very nice speech Xander but I’ve decided you shouldn’t go.”

“Anya I have to go, you know I can’t stand by when a friend needs me.”

“I need you and I’m your fiancé! What that means is we are supposed to grow old together while giving each other lots of orgasms not dieing just because a friend died and that’s what will happen to you if you do this. The truth is that the Endless are too powerful for you to do this. Any one of them could destroy this world without breaking a sweat.”

“I’m sorry but I’ve been given a chance, I can’t just ignore it.”

With tears streaming down her cheeks Anya said “Then I can’t marry you. I’m sorry but I’m going to find someone else to give me orgasms. Here is your ring back.” And with that she not only walked out Xanders home but out of his life, perhaps forever.

After just sitting there stunned for a while Xander decided to go for a walk outside grabbing a stake a cross on reflex before heading out the door. Now taking a walk at night in a town where vampires roamed the streets wasn’t a very good idea and doing it on a night when the person who killed the vampires was now dead is about the worst idea that anyone could have but Xander was to the point where he just didn’t care.

“I’d say that you look like your best fried just died but honestly you look worse” said a familiar voice.

Turning around Xander faced Death for the second time that day. “Well I’ve lost my best friend but have a chance to get her back as you know but I also just lost my fiancé and I don’t think I have a chance of getting her back.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Death, and what surprised Xander was the fact that she genualy looked and sounded sorry for him. “If you don’t mind me asking why did she leave?”

“I think she was afraid not just by the fact that I’m going on this quest but the fact that I can see you guys at all. I told my self that I was going to take this walk to clear my head but all I’ve been doing is making excuses of why I should give up so I can get back with Anya. I’ve come up with some really good ones to but all it takes is a single thought of Buffy in some Hell dimension suffering and the excuse doesn’t seem very reasonable.”

“She isn’t in a Hell dimension, she’s at my place, and while it isn’t the Ritz it isn’t Hell.”

Xander perked up at this information. “You mean Buffy’s alright?”

“For now I decided to just let her stay with me until you finish what you have to do. Its been a while since I had some one over at my place for more then a few minutes and Buffy is a neat person so its kind of fun.”

“She isn’t freaked out or anything is she?”

“No she isn’t, but then she hasn’t figured out who I am or what happened to her, I don’t think she wants to figure it out yet. She has been talking about her life and family, it’s all very interesting.”

Letting his shoulders slump a bit Xander whispered “Thank you, it means so much to know that she is alright.”

Smiling Death simply responded “No problem. Now go home and get some rest Xander you have a big day tomorrow.” And that is exactly what Xander did.
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