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Inheritance: A Halloween Story

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Inheritance". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Durring the Second World War heros walked the world with powers of gods. As time went by they died or faded away, now that the world needs them again its time for their children to come into their inheritance. First in the Inheritance series.

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DC Universe > SupermanDragonhulkFR1588,63941947,82831 May 0411 Nov 04Yes

Final Part


Superman was just about to use his heat vision when the ghost screamed again, and this time the door was blown completely open.

*The pressure was already becoming too great to bear. It doesn't matter, I have to get to the epicenter before the gravity becomes too high. Ignore the pain of bones shattering and muscles turning to pulp.

*Trigger the bomb now. The explosive force should be enough to counter act the implosive forces that are forming into a black hole, save the world one last time.

*"Lois, Joel, I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. Don't worry, we will be together soon."

*"Not just yet," said a young boy with warm brown eyes. "I think we should talk before you wake up, don't you?"*

"I died," said Superman as he regained his senses. Shaking off any discomfort reliving his own death caused him, Superman was about to rejoin the battle when he was suddenly tackled by Drusilla.

"Look at him Spike!" shrieked Drusilla as she raked her claws across Superman's face, drawing blood. "The mean sun is in his blood, and burns just like day! They told the children not to go to the Sun City so he wouldn't know the secrets the dark keeps, but now he is back and will burn us and scatter our ashes across the world if we don't leave!"

Spike's enhanced eyesight caught the wisps of smoke coming from Drusilla where the boy's blood touched her skin, and he suddenly understood. This was the bloke the Germans were afraid of during the War, the reason vampires were still afraid to go to Metropolis even after his death. As he watched the boy toss Drusilla like a doll Spike felt a twinge of true fear. That twinge grew into full panic as the boys eyes filled with a red fire that could ignite a sun.


Ethan's Costume Shop

Ethan was in more pain than he had experience in years, and he couldn't be happier about it. His old friend Ripper had come out to play again, all was right with the world.

"Tell me how to stop the spell Ethan," said Giles as he dropped a lit mach into the other Englishman's lap, bringing another scream to the otherwise silent room.

After he finished screaming, Ethan forced his face into a grin before speaking. "Still thinking like a Watcher mate, letting the books and prophecies do your thinking for you. Honestly, back in the day you would have already figured it out."

Giles simple lit another mach and held it in front of Ethan's face for a couple of seconds before repeating his demand, "Tell me how to stop the spell Ethan."

Deciding that the game had been taken as far as it could be Ethan relented. "Break the statue in the other room."


The Warehouse

Spike was vaguely aware that he was screaming for Drusilla to run even as he sprinted towards Lady Elizabeth. Maybe he could use the twit as leverage to escape; at the very least he would be able to bag his third Slayer if things went sour. Grabbing a fistful of hair, Spike was surprised when it all came off with one good yank.

"Hi Honey, miss me?" quipped Buffy as she hit Spike with a right cross.

Seeing Drusilla had already made her escape, and that the boy was confused for the moment Spike decided to save this fight for a time he could win.

Buffy was about to follow when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Turning around she was Xander's hand and not Angel's.

"Let him go Buffy, you will have the chance to stake him later. Right now we need to make sure the kids get home safe; there's no telling how many real demons and vamps are still out there," said Xander.

Nodding in agreement, Buffy helped Angel and Xander gather the children. Seeing that Willow wasn't with them anymore, Buffy decided to take her group around the last place she remembered Willow being.


The next day

Xander was unusually quiet as he walked through the library the next day. This fact wasn't lost on Buffy, Willow or Cordelia, the latter of whom couldn't look him in the eyes without blushing. Oh no, this isn't complicated at all.

"I have called you here to help me ascertain any lasting side effects from last night's events," said Giles as he polished his glasses so hard Xander was surprised the lenses didn't melt.

"Well I seem to have some leftover resentment of the English," commented Willow. Buffy had the decency to look guilty at Willow's quiet reminder about Lady Elizabeth's attitude last night.

"I can now speak French and sew, does that count?" asked Buffy.

"I was looking for something a bit more substantial actually."

"Does this count?" asked Cordelia as she started to spring around the room, showing more agility than any human had a right to possess.

"Before you get all freaked, Bast just gave me a boost in agility, not her, other assets," said Cordelia with a blush.

"Well considering that you were possessed by an Egyptian Goddess, I suppose that we can consider ourselves lucky," said Giles after he found his voice again. "What about you Xander, were you given any special abilities from your possession?"

Xander sighed as he thought back to the conversation he had last night with the last son of Krypton. He knew that this question would be asked, he had just hoped that he would have more time.

"G-man I can honestly say that other than some new memories I don't have any powers that I didn't inherit from my parents."

Giles sighed in relief at this news. Closing his eyes, he gave a silent prayer of thanks to whatever power had let Xander retain the right to choose. His eyes were still closed when Willow told him to open his eyes in a meek whisper.

Giles didn't want to open his eyes, because if he knew if he did nothing would be the same. He knew something had happened by the tone in Willow's voice, but as long as he kept his eyes closed he could protect those he loved from ever changing.

Berating himself for having the foolish desires of the elderly, Giles opened his eyes, and saw Xander hovering six feet in the air with his legs crossed.

"The thing is, the memories filled in some gaps of just who my parents really were," said Xander with a lopsided smirk that didn't quite reach his eyes.

The overwhelming silence that followed was only broken by the sound of
Giles' glasses breaking as they hit the floor.


The End

You have reached the end of "Inheritance: A Halloween Story". This story is complete.

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