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Inheritance: A Halloween Story

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Inheritance". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Durring the Second World War heros walked the world with powers of gods. As time went by they died or faded away, now that the world needs them again its time for their children to come into their inheritance. First in the Inheritance series.

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Inheritance: A Halloween Story

Inheritance: A Halloween Story

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing. Not even the idea that belongs to my muse got it in the custody hearing.

Summery: During the Second World War heroes walked the world with the powers of gods. As time went by they died or faded away, now that the world needs them again its time for their children to come into their inheritance. This will be the first story in my Inheritance series.

Crossover: With the entire DC universe and was inspired by reading Generations 1 and 2.

Rating: Let’s go with FRT-13 for now.

Notes: Special thanks go to Paradigm Shifter. I came to him with a general idea for a one shot story and after bouncing ideas around I now have enough for several stories.

Notes 2: Buffyguide is down while I’m writing this so there may be mistakes, if so tell me and I’ll explain/correct them.

Ethan Rayne was not a happy person at the moment. Oh, sure business was going great, but then it would have to be after he had made certain that his would be the only operating costume shop this year, but he wasn’t putting up with a bunch of brats to make money. No what was making Ethan miserable was the fact that it was the day before Halloween and he hadn’t found someone for his special costume, and with out someone wearing it tonight his greatest plans would come to naught.

He briefly considered simply forcing it onto the next person that walked through the door, but quickly dismissed it. If the wrong person wore that costume they wouldn’t be able to keep the memories, memories that needed to be preserved. He gave a slightly mournful sigh before heading towards the area where he last saw the Slayer. Perhaps getting her to where a vampire costume would cheer him up, the chaos that would come from having the Slayer essence and a vampire’s demon inhabiting the same body would be delightful.

As Ethan approached he saw the Slayer fawning over the Lady dress. While not his first choice having the Slayer helpless for the night was better than nothing at all. As he was about to make his sails pitch Ethan stopped when he heard the young man speak.

“I don’t know Buff, I prefer my women in tights.”

At this the young red head rolled her eyes, with the knowledge of someone who has heard the coming argument before and has grown weary of it. “Come on Xander this isn’t the time to go into one of your ‘Super heroes really existed in world war two.’”

“Willow, I’m shocked we still have to go through this. Didn’t your grandma tell us about how she was rescued by The Specter from the Nazi death camp? And why would they have written all those articles and built that statue in Metropolis if Superman wasn’t real.”

“The Specter was probably just some kind of ghost, if he really existed. Really Xander you can’t believe in Superman. Those articles clamed that he was from another planet and everyone knows there aren’t really aliens.”

At this the dark haired youth, Xander simply raised an eyebrow. “Would this be the same everyone that knows that vampires don’t exist?”

Ethan was delighted, a quick scan of this Xanders aura reveled that he had all the qualities for the special costume. He decided to make his entrance when he heard the Slayer complain that it would be too expensive for her.

“Excuse me I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I believe I can help you both out. My name is Ethan and this is my store, I would be willing to rent that costume to you at a remarkably cheaper price if you tell everyone where you got it from. After all a costume shop depends on word of mouth as much as other advertising. Do we have a deal?”

The Slayer, Buffy if he remembered correctly looked taken aback for a moment before agreeing and taking the costume to the cashier. Turning slightly Ethan couldn’t help a slight smile when he began to talk to the young boy.

“Now as to you young man I believe I have the perfect costume for you if you would just follow me for a moment.” Ethan gave a full grin as he heard Xander fallow him. He didn’t think something like this would happen when his father died and pass on his prized possession on to him. Ethan was ecstatic to have it, but to put it to good use seemed impractical until he came across the spell he would use to night. His grin lessened when with the knowledge that he wouldn’t be receiving the memories but reminded himself once again what kind of person he was and what kind of person the item in question had belonged to, they were simply incompatible. Though who knows perhaps this young man will write a book when he gets older and tell the world of the memories he will receive this night.

As they entered the back room Ethan began to speak once again. “This is a very special costume for me I pulled out all the stops creating it. I biased the design on my fathers’ old scrap book collection; he was just as much a fan as you seem to be. Ever since I opened my shop I’ve been looking for just the right person to bring him to life, to make him live again, even if it’s only for one night. You dear child are that person, and you came just in time too. I will take what ever you were going to spend in my store to put in my books but what I truly want for payment is for you to carry yourself in such a way that you will create the same aw that he did.”

Ethan looked on as Xander took in the costume, reverently touching it as if it was the real thing. Ethan smiled when he took an extra long time on the cape, cape was the key, and the cape was once worn by the very being he would dress as. As Xander traced the S on the chest Ethan whispered one last thing to make sure the young man was hooked.

“Tonight I want you to make Superman fly once again.”


Willow was nervous, how she let Buffy talk her into doing this she will never know. All she could think about while Buffy was applying the dark make up to her eyes was that this wasn’t her. Willows weren’t meant to were tight wispy clothes, not even on Halloween. Ghosts were supposed to be cute, like Casper, not sexy.

“Now for the last part. I can’t believe that the store keeper had this necklace to go with the costume. It looks Irish or something, and the best part is you can were it after Halloween.”

Fortunately Willow was saved by a knock at the door that Buffy went to answer. Oh, that’s Xanders voice! One quick look at his costume before he saw hers wouldn’t hurt.

Tights! He’s wearing tights that show off yummy Xander muscles! Can’t let him see this costume, sexy on a Willow leads to laughter. Don’t ever want Xander laughter especially not when he is wearing tights! Thank goodness for a nice old fashioned ghost costume, nope nothing to laugh at there. One moment and all sexiness are gone, plus this costume easily hides tights induced blush.

Buffy is drooling over Xander! Stop that, this is to be a Buffy drool free area. Willow drool expectable because of ghost costume, but NOT Buffy drool! Must use intelligence to make Buffy drool stop. Ooh, brilliant plan, here it goes.

“Um, boo.”


“Um, boo.”

“That’s a great ‘boo’ you got there Will.” Inwardly Xander released a large sigh. It had looked like he might have had a shot with Buffy there for a while before Willow broke the spell. Oh well no use mourning when there was candy to be had, mourning would come after the candy.

Holding out a hand to each friend Xander said in his best hero voice, “My Lady, my Ghost. Let us commence in the grabbing of sweets and warping of impressionable minds.” This got the desired response of giggles from both women and close contact with Buffy as she hooked her arm around his.

As they were walking to the school Xander couldn’t help but enjoy the costume, especially the cape. He had been slightly worried that the cape wouldn’t look right and subtract from the coolness of the costume. Instead in lightly moved with the cool night breeze giving the impression that he could fly at any moment. What was more, the cape felt right, almost as if it was a part of himself that he didn’t know was missing until he put it on.

He smiled at some of the looks he got on the way to school. People who had ignored him or put him down his entire life were looking at him with new eyes. The girls were looking at his body honed from fighting vampires and running from bullies. The men took stock at the pride he had in his steps, giving the illusion that he really was invulnerable to harm. The most surprising reaction he got though was from Mr. Bitterman. The most unfeeling old grouch in Sunnydale had a small tear in his eye when he saw Xander.

Soon enough it was time to split up and find their groups. Be fore he did that Xander decided to look around at the other costume. Jonathan was wearing an old wooden mask and a suit. Larry was wearing a pirate costume, very unoriginal, and Cordy seemed to be a cat goddess of some kind. Interestingly enough most costumes worn both by the students and the children seemed to be something out of Lovecraft's nightmares with few exceptions.

Pulled from his thoughts by a kick to the shins by one of his pack of mons, er, his charges Xander began his prepared speech. “Okay, on sleazing candy tears are key. You can try the old ‘You missed me’ routine, but it risky only go there for chocolate. Now let’s get some candy!” With a cheer Xander let his group outside with a thought that maybe this night wouldn’t be that bad after all.


Ethan’s shop

“I call upon the ancient forces of chaos to grant me power. This night where order demands peace and safety let us bring destruction and danger. Grant me your power so that tonight Chaos will rule!” With that the bust of Janis began to glow and a magical wave spread out and covered Sunnydale.

Walking to a table that held a globe with the same design as Willows necklace running across the bottom Ethan sat down. “Now old hero,” he spoke to the air, “now we will see if you truly as good as the stories my father told me. For the sake of this town let them pray that you are.” With that he let his gaze wander to a magical window so that he could watch what he had done, with a smile on his lips.
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