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The New Fang Gang [A Multiverse Adventure] Book 1

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Summary: A new evil rises. The First, fresh off its victory on Earth 371, plans to destroy life on all of the Earths in the Multiverse. Ascended beings Daniel Jackson and Cordelia with the help of Jonathan use the Stargate to assemble a new fighting force.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsLawrencePayneFR13420,657032,85831 May 0418 Jun 04Yes

The Slayer and the Blonde Bombshell

Chapter 4:

The Slayer and the Blonde Bombshell

Earth 128. June 6, 2006. 11:32 PM PCT. USA. California. The Suburbs of San Diego. The former home of Riley and Samantha Finn.

Riley smelled blood. Human blood. The fact that he could tell the difference sickened him. Someone close by was bleeding. A lot.

Riley decided to investigate. Part or him did not want to go, but curiosity and hunger got the better of him. He searched for over an hour before he found the source, a warehouse several blocks away from his former home.

Riley heard the sounds of combat coming from within the warehouse. He used his enhanced sense of hearing to learn more.

“It’s not a firefight,” Riley pondered. “No. That’s a fistfight. Those are definitely the sounds of hand-to-hand combat.”

The smell of blood was much stronger now. Riley realized both the combat and the smell were coming from the same place.

Riley entered the warehouse through an open window. He found a good hiding spot between two crates that let him see everything and still stay downwind.

Three vampires and a Kaliff demon were fighting with a beautiful woman in an unusual outfit. She looked to be about 22-years-old with wavy jet-black hair that came down to her shoulders, and an athletic build. She wore a one-piece, black, vinyl outfit with matching long black boots. The outfit covered her entire body except for her hands and head. Also odd about the outfit was the fact that it showed a good deal of her cleavage. It had a plunging V-shaped neckline that came down to the middle of her chest.

As Riley watched at her fight, an anxious sensation came over him. Something about this girl screamed danger to him. The fact that she was holding her own against three vampires and a demon was the clincher. This girl was a Vampire Slayer.

Riley never saw a one up close before, but Spike told him and the others all about them. Slayers, young girls born with the power to kill vampires. They have the strength, skill, and speed of a vampire but none of the limitations. Spike said he killed one during the Boxer Rebellion in China. Riley never doubted that story until now.

The Slayer was impressive. It was like watching a violent ballerina. Her movements were fast and fluid. She didn’t waste a single motion; every punch, kick and block flowed right into the next. The few times one of the vampires or the demon did manage to land a blow, she would quickly shake it off and continue fighting. Even though she was outnumbered four to one, Riley knew the Slayer was going to win this fight.

Then he saw it.

Riley watched as the Kaliff Demon retreated to the far corner of the warehouse. It used its incredible strength to lift one of the large wooden crates. It held the crate over its head as it moved behind a crane. Riley knew what the demon had in mind. While the vampires kept the Slayer busy, the demon was going to circle around, get behind her, and hit her with the crate. It was a solid plan, but the Slayer was knocking those vampires around pretty hard. For the plan to work, the demon would have to move fast.

“What do I do?” Riley contemplated. “Do I help distract the Slayer or do I stop the S.T.H? If I help, maybe they would share some of the blood? Spike did say Slayer’s blood was the best he had ever tasted. And if she is already dead when I drink her, I might not get her memories. What do I do?”

Riley lost sight of the Kaliff demon. It went behind some crates that were out of his line of sight.

“Moment of truth,” Riley thought. “Help the vampires or help the Slayer.”

He only had a few seconds to decide. If Riley was going to act, it would have to be now.

Faith was ‘in the zone’ as she put it. Her mind and body were completely connected. Every move was exactly as she had envisioned. Every punch landed; every kick was right on the money.

She had dusted one of the four vampires she had tracked to this warehouse earlier, but she had to use her stake like a throwing knife to do it. Dusting the rest of them would require some ingenuity. The odd thing was, she lost track of the Kaliff Demon.

“Took off?!” she thought. “Can’t handle the skills! But why is a Kaliff Demon helping vampires? Demons see vampires as the red-headed stepchildren of underworld.”

That quandary would have to wait.

One of the male vamps launched itself into the air and dove at her with a flying front kick. Faith blocked the aerial attack easily by grabbing the male vampire’s ankle and pulling it past her body, sending the vampire diving, chest first, to the floor. She flipped over the fallen male vampire’s prone body, and used her momentum as added power to kick the one female vampire in the head. The other male vampire tried to rush her. It threw a right cross at Faith’s head, but Faith blocked the punch and landed two of her own, one to its jaw and another to its right eye. Then she spun around and nailed the male vampire in the head with a perfectly executed tornado kick. The blow knocked the male vampire off its feet, sending it flying backward into one of the crates. Its body shattered the wooden crate. Among the debris was a large piece of wood with a sharp point on it that was sticking straight up from the ground.

‘Greg Louganis’, the male vampire that tried the flying dive attack earlier, had recovered from its fall and was up off the floor. Faith liked to give the vampires and demons she fought little nicknames. It was her way of keeping things straight when she reported the kills to her Watcher. It drove Wesley nuts, but that was the point. Watching him cringe during debriefings was half the fun.

‘Greg’ was looking for a little payback in the form of a high round kick. After Faith ducked under the kick, she kicked ‘Greg’ in the stomach then landing an upper cut on his jaw. The other male vamp wanted in. It tried a back kick to Faith’s chest at the same moment ‘Greg’ tried to land a roundhouse right to her jaw. Faith dodged the kick and blocked ‘Greg’s’ punch in the same move.

The female vampire joined the action a second later. It too tried to land a roundhouse kick on Faith’s chest. It did not fair any better. Faith easily deflected the female’s kick, but the other male vampire used the distraction to kick her in the lower back. It was a hard blow, but Faith was ready for it. She used the momentum from the kick to roll herself forward. This gave her some extra fighting room and it moved her closer to the upturned piece of wood.

The three vamps came running. It was just what Faith wanted them to do. She threw a straight jab at the nearest one knowing it would easily dodge the attack. It did. The male vamp tried to hit her with a right cross, but failed. After Faith dodged the punch, she grabbed the bloodsucker by the wrist and pulled it into the path of the other two charging vampires. The male and the female vampires crashed into one another, causing both of them to fall to the floor. ‘Greg’ stopped just in time to avoid the collision.

“It’s just you and me baby,” Faith told ‘Greg’. “Come to mama!”

'Greg' charged at Faith. The vampire landed a straight kick to Faith's stomach that knocked her back a few feet. Then 'Greg' went for a short jab. Faith was ready for the attack. She easily deflected the punch.

Faith decided it was time to end this fight.

She grabbed the male vampire by its shirt; pulled it close to her; put her right arm around the center of its chest; threw 'Greg's' left arm behind her back; kicked its feet out from under it while, at the same time, she picked the vampire up off the ground; then she slammed both of their bodies down using her and 'Greg's' body weight as force, impaling ‘Greg’ on the makeshift stake. The vampire instantly turned to dust.

“A perfect Rock Bottom,” Faith quipped. “Who says there’s nothing educational on TV anymore?”

When the remaining two vampires saw their friend die, ‘Jesse Owens’ and ‘Jackie Joyner-Kersee’ decided to dine elsewhere as both vampires ran for the exit. Faith kicked the unturned piece of wood she just dusted ‘Greg’ with free, and threw the sharp hunk of wood like a javelin. The makeshift stake hit ‘Jesse Owens’ in the back and went all the way through to the vampire’s heart. Faith watched as the last male vamp turned to dust.

She was about to go after ‘Jackie’ when she heard a noise behind her. Faith turned as fast as she could, but it was too late. A wooden crate almost twice her size hit her square in the chest. If she were not the Slayer, the blow would have killed her instantly. Instead, she was only knocked unconscious.

Riley realized he was too late when he saw the Slayer go down.

“Time for Plan B,” he thought.

“Hey there!” he said in a pleasant voice as he approached. He surprised the Kaliff Demon. It quickly turned to face him.

“Care to share?” He gestured at the fallen Slayer.

The demon gave Riley the once over. He was not impressed.

“Get out!” the demon demanded. “This is my kill.”

“OK,” Riley said. He made a gesture like he was begging off, but he still continued to approach. “I just want the blood.”

“Feed somewhere else, Vampire Scum!”

The demon turned its back to Riley as it continued to walk toward the downed Slayer.

Riley leaped onto the demon’s back and grabbed it by its neck. After a short struggle, Riley broke the demon’s neck. He made sure the demon was dead before he turned his attention to the fallen Slayer. He moved the partially shattered crate off of her unconscious body before he knelt next her. He checked her vitals. She was alive. Hurt and banged up, but definitely alive. The Slayer was bleeding. The blow from the crate created a large open wound on her chest.

That was the moment it hit him. The smell of blood that lured him here was not coming from her.

Harmony Kendall hated waiting. She hated it even more when she was alone. When Faith tracked three vampires to this warehouse, she gave Harmony a spare stake and told her to wait here until she got back. That was 20 minutes ago.

Harmony paced back and forth by the front door of the warehouse. Her high-heeled, sandal-toed, Gucci shoes made a seemingly endless string of clicking noises as they hit the pavement. Faith told her not to wear those shoes, but they matched the black, spaghetti strap, cocktail dress she wore perfectly.

Fashion above functionality. That was Harmony’s motto. If Faith was going to wear that jet-black, curve-hugging, look-at-me-I-dress-like-a-hooker number of hers, then she was not going to be upstaged. Boys could be anywhere. A girl has got to look good at all times. That was Harmony’s other motto.

“ ’Wait outside’ she said,” Harmony said out loud to no one. “ ’You’ll be safe here’ she said. All alone. In the dark. With bats, and snakes, and spiders, and rats, and who knows what other bloodsucking things around.”

Faith gave her a stake, but she knew Harmony did not know how to use it. She did it just to shut her up.

“That is it!” Harmony said to the warehouse door. She talked to it like it was Faith, “I will not be treated like this. I will not stand around in some dark and spooky place with wild animals, and creepy insects, and monsters running around. This is the last time I will wait around for you. Ever! I am your partner damn it! And I demand some respect!”

Just then, an owl hooted in the distance. Harmony panicked. She shrieked as she dropped the stake. She quickly reached down to picked it up, but she was too scared and too clumsy. She tripped on her shoes and fell to the ground. The stake started to roll away from her, but she was quick enough to reach forward and grab it. Once Harmony got a good grip on the stake, she stood up straight, put her back against the wall of the warehouse, and held the stake tightly with both hands in the middle of her chest. It took her a minute to realize that the sharp end was pointed at her chest. She twirled it around so that the pointy end was away from her.

“No!” she declared as she fought back her fear. “I will not be afraid anymore! Faith is my partner! She needs me! I am going to go in there and help her! Whether she likes it or not!”

Harmony adjusted her dress and checked her stake before opening the door.

“Pointy end out.”

At that second, the surviving female vampire came running out the door. The vampire ran right into her. As they both fell to the ground, Harmony kept her grip on the stake. It was at the perfect height and angle. That and the vampire’s own momentum caused the stake to accidentally plunge into the female vampire’s heart. Harmony just staked her first vampire without even trying.

Harmony coughed up the vampire dust that flew into her lungs while she lay on the ground. She stood on shaky legs as she checked herself out.

“Awww!! My Dior!” Harmony brushed the dust off of her dress with her hands. When she looked up, she saw a handsome man in the middle of the warehouse knelling next to someone. Because of the angle she could not see who it was. She hurriedly tried to fix herself up.

“A girl’s always got to look good my behind,” Harmony was talking to her dead mother this time. “You try looking fabulous with dead vampire all over you.”

Riley heard the commotion by the front door. He turned and saw a young blonde woman standing by the front door of the warehouse. She looked very... dirty.

“Are you alright Miss?” Riley asked.

The young woman quickly struck an S curve pose as she flashed a sexy smile.

“I’m fine. How are you?” she said in a sweet girly voice. She noticed the Slayer lying next to him.

“Faith!” she called out. Apparently, the Slayer has a name. And a friend.

The woman rushed over as fast as she could, but her high-heeled shoes were slowing her down. When she reached the Slayer, she knelt beside her and cradled her head.

“What happened?”

“Kaliff Demon hit her with a crate. It won’t be a problem.” Riley pointed his thumb at the demon’s body a few feet away.

“What’s a Kiefer demon?”

“This girl is obviously a non-combatant,” he thought. “She doesn’t even know basic demonology.”

“Never mind,” he dismissed. “You have a name?”

Harmony gently released Faith’s head. She pulled her hair back behind her ears to expose her smile. Mom always said it was her best feature.

“I’m Harmony,” she replied as she held out her hand. “And you are?”

“Riley,” he replied as he shook her hand. “Riley Finn.”

“Well Riley Finn, you are a true angel of mercy.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END Chapter 4.

Get It. An **Angel** of mercy. :)


A/N: AHHDU ADU ADU THUY THAT'S ALL FOLKS!! That is as far as I got. All of the characters have been introduced and there histories have been laid out. Don’t fear gently reader, there’s a lot more to come. Book 2 will be the gathering of our heroes. Book 3 will be the battle for the Multiverse. And Book 4 will be the exciting conclusion. So stay tuned.

The End

You have reached the end of "The New Fang Gang [A Multiverse Adventure] Book 1". This story is complete.

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