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The New Fang Gang [A Multiverse Adventure] Book 1

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Summary: A new evil rises. The First, fresh off its victory on Earth 371, plans to destroy life on all of the Earths in the Multiverse. Ascended beings Daniel Jackson and Cordelia with the help of Jonathan use the Stargate to assemble a new fighting force.

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Evil Triumphs

Title:The New Fang Gang (A Multiverse Adventure) Book 1: Chapter 1 of 4
Author: Lawrence Payne
Cast: 1st Evil, Caleb, Jonathan, Tara, Gunn, Riley, Faith, Harmony, Daniel Jackson, & Cordelia Chase.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. A whole slew of other people own these characters and concepts.

Comments: Constructive feedback is always appreciated. :)

Summary: A BtVS/Angel/Stargate/Marvel Comics/Aliens/West Wing crossover with 24 & Tremors the Series elements. A new evil rises. The First Evil, fresh off its victory on Earth 371, plans to destroy life on all of the Earths in the Multiverse. Ascended beings Daniel Jackson and Cordelia Chase with the help of Jonathan use the Stargate to assemble a new fighting force to save Multiverse Earth. The New Fang Gang.

Author’s Notes: This is an updated version of the original. A lot of small touches have been added and various parts have been completely rewritten. Hopefully (he says with both fingers tightly crossed), all of the errors have been found and fixed.

The New Fang Gang

Book 1:

Introductions Are In Order

“The universe. A vast expanse of galaxies, star systems, and planets. Hundreds of thousands of worlds teeming with life. Ever-growing. Ever-multiplying. Ever-expanding. But soon, all of that may change.”

“Hello fellow historians. My name is Uatu.”

“I am a member of a race of cosmic beings known throughout the universe as the Watchers. Our calling is to document the history of the universe. We are sworn to observe and record, but never to interfere. I was chosen to watch this vibrant world known as Earth.”

“I have become a student of this Earth and it has taught me many things. Courage, strength, compassion, love, and most importantly, the power of the human spirit.”

“I study not just this world, but all of its varied realities as well. For every planet in the universe that is, or was, home to sentient life, there are a multitude of parallel worlds.”

“We call these parallel worlds the Multiverse.”

“What I watch today fills me with much trepidation. The forces of light and darkness have used the Earth as their battleground for centuries. After today, all of that will change.”

“Upon one of the Earth’s many planes of existence, an ancient and monstrous evil, banished from this world long ago, has returned. The greatest evil ever known to mankind has been reborn. This ultimate evil has created an army of hell beasts. This Army of The Old Ones will bring death and destruction if they are unleashed upon this hapless world.”

“The forces of light have met the challenge.”

“An army of New Slayers has been created to fight this evil. Both forces are currently engaged in battle, in a place that exists in-between this world’s Hell dimension and the Earth. The few humans who know of its existence call it the Hellmouth.”

“If the forces of light are victorious, a new age of peace will come to this timeline. In time, it will become a world free of demons and their hell spawn.”

“If evil wins, the unthinkable will come to pass. All life on this plane will soon end and life on all of the other timelines will be in great peril.”

“Come. Let us watch the battle.”

Chapter 1:

Evil Triumphs

Earth 371. May 20, 2003. 9:49 AM PCT. USA. California. Sunnydale. The Hellmouth cave 50 feet beneath Sunnydale High School.

Evil was on the rise.

“From beneath you it devours,” was the phrase that haunted dreams and fueled nightmares. Malevolence and insanity enthralled the town of Sunnydale. Everyone felt the pull of the coming darkness. Those who did not succumb to the madness fled the city in fear. Only one woman stood ready to combat this new evil.

Her name was Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

A new breed of vampire, twice as savage and deadlier than any before, was about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting and defenseless world. Kendra knew the only way to stop an army of darkness was with an army of light.

The problem was, the forces of evil knew this too.

The Bringers, the foot soldiers of The First Evil’s army, launched a counteroffensive. They planned to eliminate the Slayer line by systematically killing all of the potential Slayers.

With her Watcher’s aid, Kendra spent the last three months gathering, protecting, and preparing all of the surviving potentials for the coming battle. With the power of the Scythe, 86 New Slayers were created from the ranks of the living potentials. Kendra then led her Army of New Slayers to this site to battle the ultimate evil. That was over an hour ago. The armies of darkness and light have been engaged in a fierce battle ever since.
11:09 AM PCT.

Kendra fought three attacking Turok-Hans. Two were in front of her with swords, and a weaponless one -she had deprived it of its sword earlier in the battle- on her right. This was nothing new. In her six years as the Slayer, Kendra has fought multiple adversaries several times, but never have the stakes been this high.

To lose this battle would be to lose the world to darkness.

Kendra held the Scythe like a staff. She used it to block several incoming sword strikes. Not wanting to be left out, the Turok-Han on her right threw several straight-arm punches and jabs at her. Kendra managed to dodge or block all but one of the incoming blows. She rolled with the punch and continued fighting.

Kendra dodged an overhand sword strike from the vampire on her left before nailing the Turok-Han with a hard kick that knocked it back several feet.

The weaponless Turok-Han positioned itself to punch Kendra in the head, but it was only a feint. Its true intention was to hit her in the stomach with a right cross. The attack failed. Kendra recognized the deception and acted first. She hit the weaponless Turok-Han with an elbow strike to its temple before its attack could even begin.

Kendra did a quick backflip to give herself more room to fight. The change of position was just what she needed to gain the upper hand. She used the Scythe to block a sword strike before using the weapon to bunt the attacking Turok-Han on the chin. She then landed a round kick on its jaw, knocking the Turok-Han onto its back.

The other two vampires were back in action a second later. The weaponless one tried a roundhouse punch, but Kendra ducked. She nailed the attacker with another elbow strike, this time to the chin. She then blasted the second sword-wielding Turok-Han with a straight-leg front kick to the chest that forced it back. The first sword-wielding Turok-Han was on its feet now. It charged at her with an obvious and clumsy attack.

It was just the opening Kendra was waiting for.

Kendra sidestepped the attack with ease. When the Turok-Han went charging pass her, she kicked it in the middle of its back. The force from the blow sent the sword-wielding Turok-Han crashing into the weaponless one, knocking both off-balance.

Kendra changed her grip from staff to axe. She swung the Scythe with maximum force, quickly beheading both Turok-Hans, before changing her grip again and using the stake on the handle to dust the last one. Kendra felt a rush of satisfaction as she watched the three Turok-Hans turn into clouds of dust.

For the moment, the attacks on her had ceased. She used the pause in the action to survey the overall battle.

One of the New Slayers, a Chinese girl named Guan Xi Yin, went down when a Turok-Han overpowered her. It bit deep into her neck, quickly draining her blood. Another New Slayer, an American named Chloe, was stabbed in the stomach with a short sword. Despite these losses, the Slayers were winning. They held back the seemingly endless onslaught of Turok-Han.

“Keep the line together!” Kendra shouted. “Drive them back into the pit! If just one of them escapes...”

Kendra never finished that sentence.

A Turok-Han had snuck up behind her and ran a sword into her back. The blow had enough force to ram the weapon through her body and come out of her front.

The blade sliced Kendra’s heart in two.

Blood soaked her black top as it poured from the open wound. The Leader of the New Slayer Army looked down. She stared in disbelief at the point of sharpened steel that was protruding from her chest.

Kendra took one step forward.

Fell face-first onto the ground.

And died.

A New Slayer named Faith called out to her. Faith disposed of the Turok-Han she was fighting with a powerful punch that sent it falling back into the pit. She ran over to her leader and knelt beside her. A young Asian New Slayer named Choa Ahn joined her a second later. Together, they tried to save Kendra, but it was no use. There was nothing anyone could do.

Panic ensued as the other New Slayers noticed, or in some cases just felt, the death of their leader. Most continued to fight, but some fled in terror. The fleeing New Slayers dropped their weapons as they ran for the entrance. When they reached the schools’ main hallway, they discovered the horrible truth. Their exit was cut off. A large group of Bringers were guarding the entrance. The Bringers, lead by Caleb, slaughtered the surprised and unarmed girls with ease. After the short battle, Caleb led the Bringers into the ongoing battle within the Hellmouth. They attacked the still fighting New Slayers from the rear, forcing the girls to fight on two fronts.

The Army of New Slayers was outnumbered and outflanked; and now, they were fighting without their beloved leader.

11:41 AM PCT.

An ominous quiet fell over the Hellmouth cave.

Vi, Faith, Rona, and Choa Ahn stood back to back. All four young women were bloody and wounded.

Vi had large globs of blood coming out of her forehead. A concussion caused her to wobble slightly as she stood.

Faith had serious internal injuries, she held her stomach as she intermittently coughed up blood. Her denim top was heavily stained with blood. Most of it was Kendra’s, but a lot of it was her own.

Rona had two fully visible compound fractures on her left arm, making the limb almost useless.

And Choa Ahn was barely able to stand. She had fallen hard on her right side earlier in the battle. The fall had broken her right leg, broken her right arm and fractured three of her right side ribs. She held her right arm close to her side to protect her injured ribs as she wielded the Scythe in her left.

These four warriors were all that was left of the New Slayer army.

About sixty Turok-Hans, a dozen or so Bringers, and Caleb encircled the four girls. They were waiting for The First to give the final order to attack.

“I’ve got to admit,” The First, in the form of Kendra, said to the battered girls. “You gals put on one hell of a show. But you just could not get the job done.”

The New Slayers said nothing.

“Too bad about Kendra,” The First taunted. “But it’s OK. You’ll be joining her soon.”

Vi stuck her broad sword into the ground before she put her right hand on Faith’s. Faith held it gently. Faith let go of her stomach and put her right hand on Rona’s left. Rona tucked her oversized stake under her arm and held Choa Ahn’s left hand. Choa Ahn returned the gesture. She released the pressure on her ribs and, keeping the Scythe in her hand, circled around to hold Vi’s hand. The four warriors of light ignored the pain within their bodies as they raised their heads and stood in defiance. In unison, they recited their motto exactly as their leader had taught them.

“Into every generation, there are chosen ones! We alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness! We! Are! The Slayers!”

“Kill them.”

The remaining New Slayers released their comrades’ hands. They quickly grabbed their weapons and returned to a combat stance as the Turok-Hans, the Bringers and Caleb rushed in.

11:59 AM PCT.

The First Evil walked among the piles of dead bodies and mounds of dust that littered the Hellmouth cave. It was all that remained of the Slayer legacy.

“Thank you,” The First said to the corpses. It was still in the form of Kendra.

“It was... my pleasure...” Caleb purred as he basked in the glow of his victory. “My pleasure indeed.”

“Not you,” The First as Kendra said. “Them.”

The look on Caleb’s face was one of puzzled amusement.

“You? Are thanking them?”

“Yes. They have just given me everything I ever wanted.”

The First walked over to Rona’s dead body. She was the last New Slayer to fall. The demon reached down as if it was going to touch the dead girl.

Then, the impossible happened.

The First Evil grabbed Rona by the collar. And picked her up.

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked.

“Savoring my victory,” The First answered. The First Evil pulled Rona’s corpse close. It studied the bruises and wounds on the dead girl’s face.

“Allow me to rephrase my question. *How* are you doing what you are doing?” Caleb was referring to The First Evil’s sudden ability to interact with the physical world.

“I won. No more Slayers. They were the key. With the balance broken, evil reigns. So now, I get to come back. In the flesh as the old saying goes.”

The First Evil licked some of the blood off of Rona’s lifeless face, savoring the taste.

“I am whole again.”

Earth 371. April 12, 2004. 2:29 PM PCT. USA. Washington State. Seattle. 1 year after The Great Hellmouth Battle.

The city of Seattle had become a ghost town.

The sky held a bitter darkness. Hovering several miles above the city, a strange black mist blocked the afternoon sun. Storm clouds and huge billows of smoke added to the ominous darkness, turning day into night. A cold, harsh wind blew through the battered buildings, scattering dust and trash before it.

The devastation was endless. The streets and sidewalks of this once great city were now filled with debris. Rubble littered the formerly pristine streets alongside hundreds of overturned cars, downed streetlights and traffic signals. Amongst the debris were hundreds of thousands of dead bodies.

The bodies were horribly disfigured, necks broken, rib cages smashed, torsos twisted into ghastly shapes, large gapping bite marks clearly visible in their necks. Some looked to be at peace, but most held a look of pure horror permanently etched on their faces, a horrified corpse their final remnant of life on this world.

The pale light of the many fires created a soft eerie glow, giving the city its only illumination. The city reeked of death as the bodies of the fallen burned in the massive fires. The strong western state winds blew in earnest, fanning the flames and carrying the smell of burnt flesh to every corner of the city.

The famous Seattle rains put out most of the smaller fires, but the larger ones burned unheeded. The howling winds and the crackle of burning wood were the only sounds to be heard -that was, if anyone was still alive to hear them. This town belonged to the dead now.

A single human voice pierced the silence. It came from a battery-powered portable radio that had been hastily discarded on the sidewalk several hours earlier. The voice of a well-known female newscaster said:

“It has been 10 months since the war began, since the beings known only as vampires destroyed all of the major cities in California, Oregon, and Washington State. The Armed Forces and our allies in NATO have fought bravely and fiercely, but they have not been able to stop the onslaught of this seemingly invincible enemy.”

“These deadly creatures have continued their eastward spread, reaching into Nevada and Arizona. Soon they will threaten Utah, Idaho, and Montana. If they cannot be stopped, then the rest of the Mid-West, and soon all of America, will be overrun.”

“President Bartlet is currently in Denver talking with military officials. Afterwards, he will address the nation in a news conference.”

“Wait a minute... New developments have just come in. I’m being told that the president will be making his speech earlier than expected. We are going to the Denver City Hall pressroom now. Live!”

Earth 371. April 12, 2004. 4:29 PM MDT. USA. Colorado. Denver. The Denver City Hall pressroom. 1 year after The Great Hellmouth Battle.

The City Hall pressroom was a flurry of activity. Hundreds of reporters, --far more than the city building code allowed-- were crammed into the small structure. Everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the President.

The General of the Army, the General of the Air Force, and the Fleet Admiral of the Navy stood on the small platform. The three military men answered questions before the president arrived.

“How many of these creatures are there?”

“That is unknown at this time.”

“Has anyone tried to communicate with the creatures? Have they made any demands?”

“No to both questions.”

“What about this black mist? It seems to precede every attack. Are these creatures afraid of, or damaged by, sunlight?”

“Intelligence reports do show that the enemy has some kind of sunlight aversion. We are unsure of sunlight’s direct effect on these creatures because we cannot dissipate the mist. It is too thick to remove by regular means.”

“Are these things alive or dead?”

There was a long pause as the three men looked at each other.

The General of the Air Force covered the microphone with his hand as the three men debated in hushed whispers. An odd silence fell over the room as the reporters tried their best to listen in. The military leaders returned their attention to the press.

The General of the Army leaned forward slightly to be closer to the microphone.

“We don’t know,” was all he said.

The silence continued.

The quiet abruptly ended when the main door of the pressroom opened. Five Secret Service agents escorted Josiah Bartlet, the President of the United States, into the room. Hundreds of reporters created a mass of chaotic human noise as they loudly shouted the words, “Mr. President!” Hundreds of cameras clicked off photos and more than 30 video cameras recorded his every move. The President ignored the shouts as he stepped onto the small stage.

His Press Secretary C. J. Cregg, his Secretary of Defense Ronald Young, and his Chief of Staff Leo McGarry were close behind. The military leaders saluted the Commander and Chief before they stepped away from the podium. President Bartlet returned their show of respect as he walked to the podium with the members of his cabinet in tow.

The cabinet members and the military leaders all stood behind the President in full view of the cameras. A subconscious message was being sent to the American people. It was a message of solidarity. It said that they stood with the President in these trying times. When Bartlet signaled he was about to speak, the room became quiet again.

“My fellow Americans.”

“Thomas Paine wrote, ‘These are the times that try men’s souls.’ He wrote those words in 1776. I doubt Mr. Paine could have known they would be remembered more than two centuries later. I doubt even more he could have foreseen that those words would have more meaning today than in his own time. And I also doubt he knew his nation would once again... have to fight for its very survival.”

“Thomas’ fledgling America faced a seemingly undefeatable enemy in the British. Everyone told him England was too big to be challenged; they were too powerful to be defied.”

“They were wrong.”

“America did challenge the British.”

“And won.”

“His words played an important part in that victory. They became a symbol of defiance. A call to action. A call to arms. I use them today in that same spirit. As a call to action! A call to arms!”

“These monsters push forward and we fall back. They destroy everything in their path and advance. And we fall back. These monsters will go as far as WE allow them to go! Well I Say NO MORE!! The Line Must Be Drawn!”


President Bartlet paused for a second to catch his breath. He discovered that he had a very tight grip on the podium. Unlike the brand new one he was use to in D.C., this podium was rather old and rather wobbly. He gave the aged hunk of wood a few good shakes and hit it with his fist several times during the ‘no more’ segment of his speech. Bartlet calmed himself, steadied the podium, and continued his speech.

“As a politician, one of the things they tell you to avoid, by ‘they,’ I mean the political analysts and the pundits, is talking about God and evil. I’m going to break that rule. Make no mistake. We are fighting evil here. Evil in its purest form.”

“Some scholars and philosophers say pure evil does not exist. They’re wrong. Pure evil does exist. It is the opposite of life. It is the destroyer of all of the things we hold dear. These beasts... these vampires... do nothing but destroy life.”

“On the surface, they appear to be mindless monsters. But they attack with precision and forethought. The battle that took place in the city of Seattle proved that. They seem to instinctively know the weaknesses in our defense. The only answer to that problem is to not have any weaknesses in our defense. That is why I, along with the members of my staff and top military leaders, propose this. As an alternative to launching nuclear strikes on American soil, we will build a giant wall to contain these beasts. Yesterday, Congress and the House approved funding for the construction.”

“The wall will be 20-feet-high and 2-feet-thick. It will be made of concrete and steel, and it will have manned gun emplacements every 150 yards. It will begin 100 miles west of the city of Phoenix. From there, it will stretch northward into Utah. Then it will reach into parts of Nevada and Idaho. On the northern end of Idaho, it will connect with the section of the wall our neighbors in Canada have already started building. On the southern end, the wall will run from Phoenix into Mexico about 80 miles west of Heroica Nogales. It will end at the Gulf of California. Construction of The Great Wall of Arizona, as it has been named, has already begun.”

“Know This! We will need every ounce of this nation’s strength and determination in the coming days. We will hold back the coming darkness. No matter how long it takes.”

“No matter what the cost. Be it money, resources, or human lives.”

“We will hold back the darkness.”

“We! Will! Prevail!”

The pressroom exploded with cheers and applause as everyone jumped to their feet. All of the reporters and press crews rejoiced in the President’s words.

Two people in the room did not cheer. A young black woman and a priest stood in the back of the room. They had listened to the speech in silence. When it was over, both quietly left out the back door.

"I can not believe you are going to let that man talk to you like that?" Caleb asked.

"I will deal with President Bartlet when the time is right," The First Evil, still in the form of Kendra, said. "All in good time my friend. All in good time."

Earth 371. June 6, 2006. 1:09 PM EST. USA. Washington D.C. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 3 years after The Great Hellmouth Battle.

Outside the White House.

The screams of the dying were everywhere. An eerie black mist filled the sky, blocking the midday sun. The city burned. The air was thick with smoke from the burning buildings, smashed military vehicles, and destroyed civilian and police cars. The fires had created a swell of heat that had turned the city into a scene from Dante’s Inferno.

A war raged.

Hundreds of thousands of Turok-Hans and Bringers caused death and devastation as far as the eye could see. The bodies of millions of soldiers, police officers and civilians were strewn throughout the streets. Destroyed tanks, downed helicopters, and a variety of other damaged or destroyed military vehicles and equipment littered the once beautiful landscape of the nation’s capital.

Inside the White House.

A Turok-Han fed off of the blood of C. J. Cregg. Another removed the right leg of a black male White House intern with a sword to stop him from running away. Two others beat a young soldier to death as he fired his M-16. A fourth Turok-Han killed a screaming blonde woman named Donna Moss with a short sword. A Bringer rammed an axe into the head of a Secret Service agent, while two more held down and stabbed the Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman, with short, jeweled knives.

The Chief of Communications, Toby Ziegler, was lying on his back on the State Department floor. Several minutes earlier, a Bringer wielding a large axe had removed his legs. He was trying to keep his intestines from spilling out onto the floor. His efforts were in vain. The harder he tried to scoop his blood-soaked entrails back into his body, the faster they poured out.

Ten more Turok-Hans and Bringers rampaged within the offices of the White House, destroying everything in their sight.

From a bunker several miles beneath the White House, President Bartlet sat in his command chair and watched the monitors in horror. He took solace in the fact that everyone had performed their duties with valor.

Since this ordeal began three years ago, President Bartlet has been witness to countless acts of bravery, courage and heroism beyond words. Even though the names and faces of the fallen had numbered in the thousands, he knew he would never forget them. Soldiers who valiantly fought to the last man to protect him and defend their fellow citizens. Police officers who fought and died along side their military counterparts trying to drive back the invading horde while still working to keep the peace. Rescue workers who had risked their lives to save others. And then there were the people. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary American citizens fought courageously to protect their homes and families.

Of all the things President Bartlet had seen, he would never be able to forget the courage, bravery and sacrifice of his staff. Their spirit was unmatched. They stayed at their post until the very end, working feverishly to gather information and coordinate the fighting, what little of it there still was. It made him proud, proud to be an American, and proud to be a human being.

Any one of the acts of valor and courage he had seen would make great tales of heroism and self-sacrifice that would rival anything created in Hollywood. All that was needed was for someone who observed it to live long enough to tell the tale. Bartlet knew it was not going to be him. He found an odd comfort in that fact.

This evil force had completely overrun his beloved country in less than three years. Now it was threatening to destroy what remained of the rest of the world. Part of him envied the fallen. For them, the hard part was over; for him, the nightmare was just beginning.

“You’ve lost,” a female voice said.

He remembered he was not alone.

The voice of The First Evil, now in the form of Bartlet’s recently deceased wife Abigail Bartlet, broke President Bartlet out of his stupor.

“No more Joint Chiefs,” The First taunted as it calmly paced next to him. “No more Pentagon. No more military... No more United States of America... It’s all gone.”

The First paused for a second. It leaned against the console as it continued its taunts.

“After all of your blustering speeches. After all of your bold talk of destroying me. I stand here victorious, and you sit there. Impotent. And afraid.”

The First knelt next to the President’s chair. In a mock romantic gesture, Abigail put her arms around his neck. Bartlet kept his eyes glued to the monitors, the horrors on the screens a more comforting sight than the horror in the room with him.

“What happened?” The First continued. “Where did it all go wrong? Let’s recap shall we. Your Great Arizonian Wall was a failure. Your plan to move Congress overseas ended in disaster. And my minions are feasting on the members of the House as we speak.

“But you. You are the real story here. You’re the one who got everyone killed. Your friends, your family, your staff. You killed them all. Ohhh, and don’t forget the soldiers. You sent hundreds of thousands of brave American soldiers to their deaths in hundreds of futile attempts to stop me. You even did the unthinkable. You ordered nuclear strikes on American soil. How many innocent people do you think you killed with those strikes? A million? Two million? Ten million!? So much death. So much blood on your hands. How do you cope with it all?”

The First gently rubbed her nose against Bartlet’s cheek as she softly hummed the song Wing Beneath My Wings. It was something Bartlet’s former wife did to comfort him. Now, in the hands of this demon, it was nothing but torture.

The First stood up, and walked over to the main console.

“I will say this, the wall idea was good. It might have worked. If I didn’t have this.”

The First showed Bartlet the large red crystal it held in its’ right hand.

“It’s called the Crystal of Ne’rafi. It can transport my minions and I anywhere in the world. Even to different dimensions.”

The First Evil studied Bartlet’s face.

“Don’t beat yourself up too much. There’s no way you could have known.”

The First then turned its attention at the satellite feed.

“The missiles should be here in... about... 20 minutes I’d guess. Funny how your new Russian friends, and the rest of the world for that matter, were so quick to destroy you.”

“We told them too,” Bartlet said, finally breaking his silence. “They were told...”

“...To launch a full nuclear attack against the United States, without fear of reprisal, if they lost contact with the White House,” The First quickly interrupted. “I know. But still, doesn’t it bother you, just a little, that they get to live, and you are going to die? All alone? In a tiny room? Watching it all happen?”

“I, like the millions you’ve slaughtered, would give my life for my country! I do this not just for my country, but for all of the people of the!!...”

The remainder of President Bartlet’s impromptu speech will never be known. Caleb broke the President’s neck before he could finish. Afterwards, he tossed the body to two waiting Turok-Hans.

“That man talks way too much,” Caleb said.

“You should have let him finish. He’s quite the speech giver.”

“I heard my last speech the day I killed my bishop. Since then, they hold no joy for me.”

The First started pushing buttons on the main console.

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked.

“Reinitializing the Automated Nuclear Response System. I wanted him to do it, but someone killed him before I had the chance to finish.”

The look The First Evil shot Caleb was one of pure scolding. Caleb humbly nodded an apology. The First turned back to the screen.

“Lucky for you, I can access his memories now that he’s dead.”

The First pressed a large red button on the console. The words ‘A.N.R.S. Initialized. Nuclear Strike Against US’ appeared on the screen. The words ‘In Progress’ appeared below it in large red blinking letters as a mechanical buzzer rhythmically re-sounded. The words ‘Authenticate Counterstrike Code’ blinked in white at the bottom of the screen.

“I told her it was better my way,” The First said, as it entered the codes. Its voice showed anger for the first time, possibly ever. “And now I am going to prove it.”

The First Evil entered the final code and slammed its’ fist down on the Enter key. The words ‘A.N.R.S Active. Nuclear Counterstrike Under Way’ appeared in green.

“I have never been one to question your infinite wisdom,” Caleb said in his usual courteous and relaxed Southern manner. “But aren’t you going to do something about those incoming missiles.”


“But we’ll be...” Caleb started to say.

“We’re leaving,” The First interrupted while showing him the crystal, “I told her....”

“Her?” Caleb inquired. It was now his turn to cut her off.

“God! I told God I was going to destroy everything she created. And now I have. But I have only destroyed all life on *this* world. It is time to move on to the next.”

With that, The First held up the crystal. A stream of glowing red energy emanated from the gem, quickly covering the pair. Seconds later, the duo disappeared into a distant dimension.

Five minutes later, a nuclear missile struck the White House.

The Celestial Plane.

“Ohhh!” the ascended being known as Daniel Jackson said in a worried voice as he surveyed the destruction of Earth 371. “We have a serious problem here. We have to tell The Powers That Be about this immediately.”

“Duhh!” the ascended entity known as Cordelia Chase said as she also observed the destruction of Earth 371. Becoming a heavenly being did nothing to curb her usual sarcasm.

“What is it with you big brain types always stating the obvious? I’m already on it.”

Heavenly Cordy closed her eyes and concentrated. For a few minutes there was nothing but silence on the Celestial Plane. Suddenly, Cordy’s eyes sprang open.

“Uh Oh!”

“Uh Oh?” Daniel inquired.


“Problem? What problem?”

“The Powers. They can’t find them.”

“Find who?”

“The Scoobies.”

“Scoobies?” Daniel’s emotions bordered on angry.

“The Scooby Gang that successfully dealt with The First Evil three years ago. They can’t find them. Last The Powers saw, they were scattered all over the world. All of them haven’t been in the same place since.”

“What about Angel and his crew?”

“Unknown. After the gang took on the Black Thorns, they just disappeared. We still haven’t heard from any of them.” Cordy’s face suddenly showed a great deal of sadness.

“Then we’ll have to use the SGC. I’ll contact General Hammond.”

“And say what? The worst evil in mankind’s history just destroyed a parallel world. Send in the Marines! Come On Daniel! SG1 can’t deal with this. They fight aliens, not demons. Besides, O’Neal is still trapped in suspended animation on the Atlantis outpost.”

The two cosmic entities were quiet for a long time. Both were lost in their own thoughts. Daniel was the first to break the silence.

“Where’s Dawn?” he asked.

“Why?” Cordy asked back.

“If we can’t find or use the old teams, we’ll have to assemble a new one.”

“We can’t use The Key for that sort of thing,” Cordy stated. “The Deus Ex Machina rules clearly state that we comic entities, whether good or evil, cannot use or control a living being against their will. Humans must ask to be vessels. The Key is human now, so it has to ask for our help. Not to mention the fact that most of The Keys don’t even know about their powers.”

“You’re Right!” Daniel exclaimed. His frustrations grew with every passing second.

Again, there was a long silence as both entities returned to their internal deliberations.

“I’ve got an idea,” Daniel said.
END Chapter 1.
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