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The Cure

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Summary: Van Helsing x-over. 100-word and 150-word drabble fic series. For once, a werewolf isn't trying to kill him.

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Movies > Van HelsingFlatlanderFR13111,2671410,5641 Jun 047 Sep 04No

Chapter Two

"Carl, meet Oz. Oz, meet Carl."

Oz smiled his little half-smile and stuck out a hand. "How do you do?"

Carl stared at him, then turned to Van Helsing. "This is the reformed werewolf?"

Van Helsing nodded.

Carl turned back to Oz and smiled. "Well, then, I’m doing splendid!"

He pumped Oz’s hand with enough enthusiasm to make Oz’s whole body shake.

"So, can you do it?" Carl’s friend questioned. "Do those old blood samples of mine have enough of the cure to work on Oz?"

"I suppose it’s possible. Tell me, Mr. Oz, how’s the reforming working for you?"
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking