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The sweat, the moonlight & the lace

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Summary: Willow/Legolas, Faith Haldir, dedicated to Zoe :)

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: FellowshipautumnrosesFR1332,5140133,5241 Jun 0412 Jul 04No

rushing head long in the wind

Faith spun around and dropped beside Willow and turned her over feeling for a pulse, it was there but very faint.

“Here let me have a look at the girl.” Gandalf said gently. After looking over her quickly he placed his hands over her heart and spoke some words in Elvish. “I have restored her to health but there is a trance she is in that I cannot break, Galadriel of Lothlorien can but she is quite far away and we cannot take you there, our path is an unsafe one for us let alone two unarmed females from another realm.”

“Point me in the direction of this Galadriel chick.”

“Did you not hear what I just said?”

“I heard and now I’m telling you, I am a slayer, I kill demons and vampires, Willow is a witch, I can keep her safe until she wakes up and gets her powers back so she can take us home. So point the way Father Time.”

Aragon raised his sword to her neck, “I have never heard of a female who slays foul creatures, but if you say that your companion is a witch with power that alone is reason enough for us to *slay* the both of you ourselves.”

Faith grabbed his wrist instantly and squeezed so hard it forced him to drop his sword but didn’t release his wrist. “Look, I don’t know what you have against chicks or witches, but Willow and I ain’t gonna do anything evil ok. We save people’s lives; we’re the good guys. So tell me how to help her so we can get the hell home. All right?” She spat out before releasing his wrist with a shove.

“If you believe that you can take care of you and your companion with no assistance from us then we will guide you to Lothlorien. But – if you fall behind, you will be left behind, understood?”


“How did your companion come to be placed under such a trance?” Gandalf asked quickly.

“I’m not completely sure, I was patrolling in the cemetery when I seen Ethan trying to coax Willow into stepping through the portal.”

“Is he still a threat to her? Will he come here to Middle Earth?”

“He died during our struggle.”

“And yet the trance was not broken … control must have been transferred to you. Command her to stand.”

“Stand,” Willow remained lying on the ground “Come on Willow get up… please.”

“The sky grows dark and we must be forced to make camp soon.” Legolas whispered to Aragon, “Let us begin to move on now, we cannot waste time, we must destroy the ring.”

“Come on Willow, “ Faith begged. “I know you can hear me, please get up, we still need to find a way home.”

“My dear, I have another suggestion. We are just beyond the borders of Rivendale, I can tell you how to reach it and you can rush there and get help from Lord Elrond and have someone rush back with you to claim your companion and guide you to Lorien.” Gandalf supplied.

“You want me to leave her here, lying alone on a hill in a fucked up alternate dimension? No way! I’ll carry her to that Rivendale place, and take that guide and get Willow to that chick to get her healed so we can go back to our own hell dimension!”

“Hell dimension?” Gandalf whispered.

“M’lady,” Borimir challenged, “there is no way you, a female, would be able to carry your companion all the way to Rivendale and then back to Lorien, it cannot be done.”

Faith picked Willow up and cradled her in her arms. “Super human strength and stamina, one of the perks to being a slayer. And yes hell dimension. Our world has too many vamps and demons and evil wizards, witches and freaks; we battle day and night on the mouth of hell. So yeah it does feel like a hell dimension sometimes, although the smell of evil is way more powerful here then home. So which way to Rivendale?”

Stunned, Gandalf pointed, “journey in that direction until you reach trees, follow the path until you reach Rivendale. Tell Lord Elrond everything he wishes to know and be careful, a great darkness creeps over this land. We must leave you now but my prayers are for your safe return.”

“Thanks,” Faith whispered as she turned around and began to walk down the hill, carefully balancing Willow in her arms.

“Let us continue on.” Gandalf said quietly as the fellowship turned and began to walk their pace quickening as they remembered their own mission.

The hobbits, who had remained strangely silent throughout the encounter suddenly, piped up.

“Well, they seemed nice.” Piped Pippin.

“How would you know?” Asked Merry, “Lady Faith seemed ready to battle to Borimir and Aragon, and the other lady was in a trance.”

“A good thing too,” Gimli broke in. “I don’t trust witches, the only good witch is a dead witch and one in a trance is as good as dead by my count.”

“How can you be so callused?” Sam cried out. “Did you not hear Lady Faith, she said that the girl fought against evil creatures.”

“Sam,” Merry pointed out, “Lady Faith said that *she * battled evil creatures, all she told us of her companion was that she was a witch.”

“She is an innocent.” Legolas said calmly as he walked along side Aragon.

“A what? How exactly would you know about such a thing?” Borimir demanded.

But Legolas remained silent and aside from the curious glances cast his way by Aragon nothing more was said as they continued on their quest.

--------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------ -------------------------

From the moment she parted ways with the strange looking group of travellers Faith felt regret and unease. She didn’t know anything about them, about this place, about the people she was trying to find. The people who were supposed to help willow, and to help her. Evil was in the air here, she could feel it, the same way she could feel it coming off the hellmouth every time she stepped foot into Sunnydale,


She had tried to kill Willow there, the same Willow who was now cradled in her arms like a kitten, the one she had tried to save in Cleveland before being sucked into this strange evil feeling world. Would they ever get back to their own world? She wasn’t sure she wanted to, after Robin died she was completely destroyed. She never thought that she could feel that kind of love for someone but she did, it was a love that was destined to be doomed. One with a flame that burned far to bright to ever last too long

But Willow had been there for her, to guide her through the darkness. Kennedy hadn’t understood. She left but Willow hadn’t noticed. She was too focused on bringing back the Faith that she had grown to love and appreciate and without hesitation call friend. She had felt her own world fall apart when her Tara had died and wanted to guide Faith past all of that pain.

Faith hardly noticed the change in the landscape around her as she continued to sort out the many thoughts that occupied her mind. It wasn’t until she stood before the steps leading up to the palace of Rivendale that she snapped out of her contemplation’s and remembered her mission, find Lord Elrond, Find Lorien and Galadriel, wake Willow up, get home.

She had just reached the door when it was suddenly flung open. Standing there was a beautiful women, looking just a little sad, with her long dark hair and ears that looked exactly like the ones she had seen earlier on the tall, blonde man who tried to shoot her with the arrow.

“Lady Faith?”


“Come with me, my father is waiting for you.”

Faith nodded dumbly as she followed the enchanting woman to a large bedroom containing two beds and chair occupied by a dark haired man with the same strange ears. He allowed a tiny moth resting on his finger fly away before rising to greet her as Faith entered. He motioned her to place Willow on the first bed and she complied.

“Lady Faith, my name is Lord Elrond, and this is my daughter Arwen, welcome to Rivendale.”

“How do you know my name?”

“The wizard Gandalf the Grey, whom you met earlier sent a messenger explaining the details of how you and Lady Willow came to be in Middle Earth.”

Ignoring the question in her mind of how Gandalf could send a messenger to beat her here without ever passing her on the trail she asked. “Can you help her?”

“I cannot but I can help you get to Lothlorien, but for now you are greatly tired from your journey and all that has passed, please rest while we finish preparing transport.”

“Thanks,” Faith mumbled lightly as she crept onto the bed next to Willow’s, and everything turned to black.

----------------------------- ----------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------

She could feel the sun on her face, warm and inviting, she also could feel herself on something moving. Faith’s eyes snapped open as she sat up and looked around her. She was not where she fell asleep. She was in the back of an ornate and beautiful wagon headed for a forest. Panicked she felt around Willow before finding her lying beneath the blanket that had also covered Faith. Breathing a sigh of relief Faith turned to ask the pointy eared guy driving the wagon but found herself knocked back onto the surprisingly soft floor of the wagon as it came to a sudden stop.

She could hear the soft mummer of voices for a brief second before a tall, blonde man with the same pointy ears jumped into the back of the wagon, catching her off guard. The wagon began to move again, faster now, as she tried to break the stare she was locked into with the mystery man. Finally he stepped closer, settling down on one knee, eyes never leaving hers as he captured her hand in his.

“Lady Faith,” he whispered huskily, and brushed his lips against the back of her hand in the barest of kisses causing Faith to let out a sigh of breath she didn’t know that she had been holding. “Welcome to the realm of the lady of the woods.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The sweat, the moonlight & the lace" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 04.

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