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Finding My Way

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Summary: A year after the Hellmouth has closed Willow feels lost. Can she find her way in a new city? This is a crossover with Anita Blake. This takes place at the after Guilty Pleasures. I’m basically re-writing it all. Total AU.

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Finding My Way

Title: Finding My Way

Author: claudia6913

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Willow and multiple pairings.

Summary: A year after the Hellmouth has closed Willow feels lost. Can she find her way in a new city? This is a crossover with Anita Blake. This takes place at the after Guilty Pleasures. I’m basically re-writing it all. Total AU.

Disclaimer: Joss owns BtVS and AtS, LKH owns Anita Blake and company.

Distribution: NHA, SoG, Pomme de Sang, and anyone else I post to. All others just ask.

Author’s Notes: This is my first attempt at a crossover so please be kind. =0) Marcus and Raina are still alive and are Ulfric and lupa, but Nickolas is not, Jean-Claude is Master of the City.

Feedback: Of course!


Chapter 1

Well, we did it. We’d closed the Hellmouth. Actually we reduced to a crater, but either way it is no longer there. The Watchers Council is still trying to locate all of the Slayer’s I’d activated. They asked me to help, but I declined. I’ve had enough of the ‘good fight’. Buffy moved to a new Hellmouth, Cleveland I think. Xander went with her. I always sort of known he would follow her.

Kennedy and I split up. We just didn’t know what to do with our selves now that our lives were not in constant danger. I don’t miss her really. I know that sounds bad, but it’s the truth. I never really loved her, not like I loved Tara. Besides, I’m not who, or rather what I said I was.

I’m a werewolf. I have been for four years now. I’d kept it hidden. I don’t know why, I just didn’t want them to know. It was bad enough they were afraid of me because of the magick, add werewolf, and they would have freaked. Not something I was keen on going through.

The thing is no one noticed when I was absent during the full moon. At first they thought I was mourning Oz leaving. That wasn’t it, but I let them believe it. Then they just kind of never asked. Almost like they thought I’d forever mourn Oz. See, Oz is the reason I’m a werewolf, the reason I turn furry once a month. Just one little scrape was all it took. Not even and inch long. If Buffy had been there sooner with the tranquilizer gun I might not be…diseased. I’m not mad at Buffy for being late, but there is always this lingering ‘What if?’ Oz had killed Veruca and came after me. He lunged and one small claw got me on my ankle. I hadn’t even noticed it until the next day.

I was scared to death when I found the little red mark. I mean, it was one thing for my boyfriend to go all furry; it was another to do it myself. I knew what happened, the ‘mechanics’ of turning into a werewolf. None of which sounded pleasant. I’ve gotten used to it over the years. I can even remember snippets of what happens while I’m wolfy.

So, here I am. Willow the werewolf witch. Let it never be said I do anything half-way.

I was amazed when, not two months before we closed the Hellmouth, they legalized Vampires, Were’s, and all other types of mystical creatures. I never thought I’d see the day. Heck, I never thought there were different varieties of vampires. Not all of them go ‘grr’ when they want to eat. A lot of them have powers that can rival even mine. They almost remind me of movie vampires with their mind tricks.

Angel has been set up as Master of the City in LA. The Vampire Council wanted to kill all those like Angel. They are considered weak, and useless. Angel somehow managed to talk them into letting him kill off all the vamps like him. He knows they will probably try to kill him once he’s done, but I’m sure he has a plan for that. One thing I’ve noticed about Angel; he’s a survivor.

Right now, I have a plan for me. I no longer have to hide what I am. Well, from humans, but not from other Were’s. Apparently most humans are still untrustworthy of those affected by lycanthrope. Who would have thought?

I managed to find a fairly large pack in St. Louis. I thought maybe I’d go down and say hi; see if I might be able to find a place for me. This caging my self up, and being alone thing is dragging me down. I can’t do it anymore.

I’ve just finished packing. I live in a suburb of Sunnydale. If I drive a few miles, I come to the crater. I go there every now and then just to look, and reminisce. I think I’ll have a look on my way. Say good bye.

I grab what I plan on taking. I figure that if I don’t like it down there I can always come back, and if I do like it I can just send for the rest of my stuff. I have to make two trips to my car, a little Honda Civic my parents bought me as a graduation present two years after I actually graduated. Two of the suitcases consist of clothes, one is for my magick supplies, and the other one house some books. I also have my laptop in a shoulder bag. So much for traveling light.

With everything packed into the car, the house locked up tight, I go through my mental check list. The utilities will be cut off tomorrow; a forwarding address is at the post office. I had checked ahead and got a nice deal on a small apartment. I really didn’t need much more then that. The land lord had been reasonable about only taking three months rent. I didn’t want to pay for a year and not stay.

I pull out of the driveway, closing the garage door for the last time. It all seems so final. I have this odd feeling that I will never see this little house again.

Driving down the highway I put a CD in the player and turn up the volume. Techno pumps out of the little speakers, nothing too distracting, but it keeps my mind free to pay attention to the road. I head for Sunnydale, or what is left of it.

I pull up to the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign, shining my headlights on it. A tear falls down my cheek. I never realized how much I would miss this place until it was gone. I thought I’d move away some day. That’s what grown-ups do. They move away from their childhood stomping grounds, if only for a few years. Now, I wish we hadn’t destroyed it. There was no other choice, I know that, but…I miss it. I wave good-bye at the sign, turn the car around, and head for St. Louis.

New adventure here I come.
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