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Summary: Companion piece to Visions, Pairing # 22 at the Quickie Challenge

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Ron WeasleyEenaAngelFR1511,694021,5824 Feb 034 Feb 03Yes
Title: Impressions

Author: eena_angel2001

Email: or

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Ron

Summary: Response to the Quickie Challenge, Pairing # 22.

Notes: I'm changing a few things, making Willow the same age as Ron
and having her at Hogwarts since she was sixteen.

What did he make of her?

Did he not like her? Was she unappealing to him in some way? Did he just not know that staring was impolite?

So many questions, all derived from one source. Ronald Weasley.

Willow Rosenburg sighed, shifting in her seat and pretending for the umpteenth time she didn't see Ron and his friend Harry Potter staring holes in her while talking in low tones. She didn't think it was anything mean, though there were a few times when she caught the strangest smile on Harry's face when he spoke to Ron. But she still didn't think they were bad-mouthing her or anything. The two of them weren't the type, they were both decent and sweet guys.

Who happened to stare at her a lot.

She wondered what that was about, what the two of them made of her. She wasn't used to this much attention, at least not from the opposite sex. Willow kept on checking to see if she had her robes on backwards or something else horrible embarrassing. But nothing was ever out of place with her appearance, so why did they watch her like that?

And they weren't the only ones. Lavender and Parvati were constantly shooting her looks, some jealous and the others amused. They were in the same boat as the rest of her Divination Class, who seemed to all find her presence startling and amusing in the least. Willow wondered if Trelawny had a vision about her coming or something. Lord knows the few times that old bat was right was cause for much alarm. But she couldn't help but feel there was something else there . . .

Maybe it was the wandless witch deal. Heavens knows that everyone on this campus thought it was just the most interesting thing. A day hasn't gone by since she entered Hogwarts that a fellow student asked her to do magic without her wand. And when she did, they would get overly excited and demand some more.

But Willow would often walk away after that. She wasn't here for anyone's entertainment. She was here to learn about magic, because apparently she had a lot of it and if left unattended, it might blow up in her face. Just the mere thought of turning evil or going crazy as a result of using the Dark Arts had sealed the decision for this redhead. She had agreed to Giles's plan, kissed and hugged her friends good-bye, and was off to England to study at an honest to God real magic school.

Things had seemed so exciting then. Racing up and down Diagon Alley, getting her supplies and generally useless wand. And it really was useless, she didn't need it for a damn thing. But as Buffy said, at least it could be useful for staking the occasional vampire. And since they didn't have vamps here at Hogwarts, well, this redhead was just going to have to wait until she got home for the summer holidays to test that theory out.

She also had a lot of fun on the train and boat ride over. Hagrid the groundskeeper had let her ride over in the boats, stating that everyone in Hogwarts should have had the experience. She was grateful to the large man, because she definitely wouldn't have wanted to miss out on that.

When she first saw the castle, she had been in awe. It had seemed so grand and daunting, representing a task she didn't know if she could finish. There was so much mystery and romance to the whole idea back then.

Now, everything was just plum tiring. She couldn't handle all this attention she was getting. The Gryffindors were proud of their housemate and wanted to show her off. She honestly didn't know much praise adn boasting she was going to be able to stand from her housemates. As it was, her sorting into Gryffindor seemed to be an issue her housemates used to get at their rivals the Slytherins.

The Hufflepuffs were amazed at any of the tricks she could pull, regardless of the fact they could do them on their own. But again, the wandlessness factored in a lot. Some of them tended to be afraid of her, daunted by her abilities and skills. She didn't know what to say to those ones, she didn't even bother. Let them be afraid for now, later they would warm up. After all, it wouldn't take anyone that long to figure out how not-intimidating and scary this redhead could be.

The Ravenclaws were constantly asking her about how she stumbled onto her magic. She was insanely tired of telling the story again and again. She had done one little spell. Okay, one little curse that might have, kind of sealed the Hellmouth. But that was it. Nothing more.

But they all found it to be amazing. Yeesh, it was like this was the first time anyone had done something like that. Well, it was the first time in recorded history, but the spell had been thought up like way before and the implications of it was always there. So she figured she just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

These people thought she was some sort of gift. Boy, were they wrong. Just little old Willow here. Nothing to be all 'ooh' and 'aah' about.

The Slytherins were an odd bunch, mainly cold to her at times. But there was this one, Draco Malfoy, that seemed to gravitate to her more often than not. He made eyes at her, winking and flirting out of the blue and then being curt and cold in the next instance. It was like the interaction was forced upon him, but she honestly couldn't figure out who would want him to chase after her. Hello, he was Draco Malfoy! He had better things to do.

The professors were even more curious than the rest. Snape just stared at her in confusion at times and then took points from Gryffindor for her 'distraction'. She would have been annoyed, but between her and Hermione, the Gryffindors always gained back the points and then some.

The other faculty members just kind of treated her like some sort of celebrity. It was odd the way they fawned over every spell she did correctly while other students completion was regarded with less enthusiasm. Of course, she did tend to do much of her work without the old wand, which might factor in to all this.

All in all, her first year at Hogwarts was turning out to be very confusing. There were so many things she didn't understand about this world, so many things that apparently pertained to her a lot. Hadn't Dumbledore mumbled something odd about a prophecy when he first met her?

Of course, he hadn't ever explained what the prophecy was, just said that there was one that might involve Willow. And then he was off, discussing phoenixes and Quidditch and everything else that came to mind except for this prophecy dealie.

In the end, Willow figured she didn't want to know. After all, prophecies were fickle little things that didn't always tell you the complete truth up front. No, prophecies were really all about interpretation, and seeing how the masses fell to pieces once they saw what they wanted in it. Prophecies in a sense, were tricksters.

So, whatever these people thought about her, because of this prophecy, she decided wasn't going to bother her. She didn't know about it, didn't want to know about it, and was going to keep it that way. She had better things to do with her time, like read and study and try to familiarize herself with this strange world she had been thrust into. She ignored all those star-strucked students and even professors who wandered about after her, content in ignoring everyone.

Except him. Ronald Weasley. She couldn't ignore him, no matter how hard she tried. Originally, she thought that it was his staring that brought him to her attention, but she waved that off. Several other people did that to her and she was perfectly happy ignoring them.

And there were all those times when she caught herself watching him while he was oblivious. She wasn't sure why, but for minutes (sometimes even hours) on end she could focus on his red hair, blue eyes, and hella nice body.
Normally she would think it was a crush, but there wasn't as much embarrassment and blushing on her part as there should have been.

No, there was something else there. Something underneath it all that just drew her to this boy. And she had the funniest feeling that he knew, but wasn't telling her. So she continued to ponder that while allowing him to stare all he wanted. It had been carrying on like this for months.

But not anymore.

She snapped up her books abruptly, not even noticing the questioning stares from the other students in the library. She strode purposefully to the table in the back where Harry, Ron, and their friend Hermione sat studying. Well, where Hermione was studying while Harry and Ron were watching her approach with shock and some fear in their eyes.

But she paid no heed to Harry, turning directly to Ron and saying:

"Want to go make out in the Astronomy Tower?"

Damn it! She hadn't meant to say that. She wanted to say: why do you watch me like that? But no, something else had come out instead. And she wasn't quite sure whether or not she regretted it.


Nope, didn't regret it for a moment.

Rising, Ron joined her and briskly escorted her out of the library. She could tell Harry was still sitting there, mouth wide open in shock as both redheads strode from the room. But she didn't have time to dwell on it, or even on the whole staring issue that had been bothering her before.

No, right now she was focused on one thing:

Big time smoochies.

Questions could wait for later. Much later.

The End

You have reached the end of "Impressions". This story is complete.

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