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At Friendship's End

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Summary: NEW CHAPTER!! Willow and Xander make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Richard(Past Donor)angelaaskFR183294,73621322204,8136 Jun 0418 Oct 10No

Hold On

Title: At Friendship's End
Author: angelaask2004
Rating: 18
Pairing: Willow/Richard
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K Hamilton. I am just borrowing the characters for my own entertainment and am not making any profit by using them.
Distribution: Free for all. Just email me first. Archived at, and
Summary: BTVS/AB Willow and Xander make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love.
Spoilers: BtVS: season 5 and AB: NIC
Feedback: Yes, but please be kind.
Author's Note: This is my first fan fiction. I love BTVS/AB crossover however I have never read any of Anita Blake books. So all things I write about the Anita Blake universe will be either from what I figure out from reading A LOT of fan fictions, fan sites or just made up.

'Italicized words with single quotation marks indicate thoughts.'

Chapter 1: Hold On

The portal had already opened and Buffy was desperately trying to reach Dawn. The abject horror that was present on Buffy’s face brought on by the thought of losing her sister was enough to break Willow’s heart. If only she had tried to destroyed Glory in her attempt to get back Tara’s mind. If only they were able to hide Dawn away from the Hell Goddess. If only. But the truth is it was too late for ifs. The fact was the portal that promised to bring hell on earth and effectively end it was opening and they had lost. They failed to protect Dawn, and the world. It seemed hopeless, either way someone was going to die.

But Willow refused to give up. Too much was at stake and Dawnie and Buffy had already lost too much. First Buffy had lost any possibility of a normal life when she became the slayer, then she lost her father through divorce, then Angel - the love of her life – to his curse, and finally her mother to a brain tumor. Willow refused to let her lose her sister now.

It wasn’t fair for them to suffer so much just because of what or who they were. Just because they were the Chosen one and the Key they did not deserve any more heart ache. Well Willow decided for just this once it won’t be them. DAMN the powers that be this time it wasn’t going to be their call. For once the chosen will not have to choose. So Willow put on her resolve face and attempted, no do what needed to be done to save the people she loved, the impossible.

So she sent a prayer to the Goddess and reached deep into the earth’s energy began channeling it through her body, leaving nothing of herself untouched. She became a conduit for said power. She opened her senses to the natural forces of the earth reached out and called to the energy. She felt the raw chaotic energy of the life force that exists in all things not only in the living as in blood and flesh, but also in nature, to inanimate objects, and to the elemental forces such as earth, air, water and fire, and all things that are a part of creation.

They were one entity bonded by the earth but there was also something else, something dark and destructive and suddenly she realized it was the Hellmouth. It clashed as well as complimented with the life energy of the earth all at once. It was its opposite in every way but somehow it added definition to its existence. In a way it made sense like two sides of an equation which balances itself but also cancels each other out. It was dark to its light. It was cold to its warmth. It felt like a black hole, a void that was impregnated with something scary and unknown.

The nature of the power that she felt was confusing, indescribable, and elusive she could only feel it. The tendrils of power lashed out and clung to her aura as it answered her call. The white hot energy sent painful waves through every cell in her body igniting her life energy until her pale alabaster skin glowed with a soft white light like a beacon in the night.

There was no holding back this time, the pain increased as she continued to absorb the earth’s energy. She knew she could not last much longer for she would either pass out from the intense pain or kill herself as the energy burnt her body out like a battery. But she fought back the agony and unconsciousness and willed herself to concentrate on the power so she could do what she needed to. This was not a spell, no manipulation of power; this was simply grabbing on and holding on for dear life as she redirected the energy to the portal in the sky.

The blood curdling scream that ripped from her throat diverted Giles, Xander, and Spike’s gaze from the scene on the tower.

“No!” Giles cried out as he realized what his most talented protégé was attempting to do. He could feel it in the air as it became static with energy. Willow, sweet Willow was attempting to drain the power from the Hellmouth diverting its energy to close the portal by literally smothering it with energy like a controlled fire smothering oxygen and fuel from an uncontrolled blaze.

At first glance it appeared to be a desperate and impulsive attempt but it was actually a brilliant plan that was worthy of such a brilliant mind as Willow’s. But despite his pride for his protégé, even if it worked as it had a good chance of doing, it would quite literally burn Willow to a cinder from the inside out. To absorb so much power without the aid of a spell or ritual to protect oneself from volatile forces was not only insane but suicidal.

“Stop Willow you’re killing yourself”, Giles screamed.

Despite Giles’s reservations it was working, the portal began to shrink as the hellmouth’s energy collapsed the space around the portal. The chaotic energies began to cancel each other out. The outer fringes of the portal crackled and shimmered as the portal began to destabilize. The once spiral green light that emanated from the portal turned to a translucent blue.

Xander looked upon the scene, and his first thought was that Willow looked beautiful bathed in all that bright white light as it radiated from every inch of her pale white skin like an angel. But as Giles’s words began to penetrate his brain, panic began to settle into the pit of his stomach. He just knew that his best bud would never stop until the portal was closed and by then it would be far too late to save her. His inactivity due to the contemplation of the scene before him ended as he was slung back into action as he watched Willow fall to her knees, no longer able to maintain her own weight under the pain.

As Xander ran towards her to catch her, everything seemed to slow down like a dramatic moment in an action movie. He felt like his legs were trudging through mud for he just couldn’t seem to reach Willow fast enough. It was the weirdest feeling almost like looking through a telescope and he felt a strange sense of detachment from the time and events that unfolded around him.

Xander gripped his ax and fought his way through Glory’s minions. As he ran to her he repeated a silent plea over and over again, ‘Hold on Wills, just hold on until I get there’.

Willow fell to the ground on her hands and knees with her head bowed toward the ground, eyes closed, taking in deep shaky breaths as she struggled to breathe. Her body was trembling under the pain and black dots were dancing in front of her eyes. Blood began to trickle down her nose and from her mouth. She felt like she was on fire and fought back a scream. The pain was incredible, her skin was burning and freezing at the same time and all she wanted to do is blackout and just escape into a sea of oblivious nothing where there was no thought or pain. But she had to concentrate. She had to stay focused and conscious just long enough to close the portal. She knew it was working, she could feel it, but she wasn’t sure how much longer she could last.

The power was increasing and it was tearing her apart. Her skin felt tight against her body and the pain, oh the pain, how could she ever forget the pain, was also increasing. She felt like she was teetering along the edge. And than the realization came to her like a slap on the face, she wasn’t going to make it, her strength was gone and she could feel herself becoming faint. In desperation Willow pleaded silently to someone, anyone ‘Oh please; oh please; God no, not yet, not now I’m sooo close. Help me, please God give me strength to hold on just a little bit longer.’

Then suddenly like an answer to her prayer she felt strong arms wrap around her pulling her feverishly hot body flush against cool skin. For a moment she felt a rush of relief and she began to draw strength from the presence that surrounded her body. She wrapped her arms tightly around the body that held her and barely whispered “Thank you” under her breath.

Xander didn’t know what he was doing or how to help all he knew was his Wills was hurting and she needed him. He loved her so much and there was no way in HELL he was going to let her die. So when he finally reached her, Xander fell to his knees and without a thought or hesitation he grabbed onto her and held on. She was so hot that his skin burned as he touched her. He pulled her closer hoping that he could cool her off some with his own body temperate. Xander closed his eyes and laid his cheek against hers, trying to absorb some of the heat from her body.

Slowly the energy that radiated from Willow began to spread to Xander surrounding them both in white light. The energy increased as well as the pain, but Willow was no longer alone and with this new found strength she was able to hold on just a little longer. And Xander just held on tighter refusing to let go, he kept a death grip on Willow conceding to the fact that their fates were the same, if she was going to die he was too and it only felt right that it should end this way.

He and Willow had been friends since forever, best buds as long as he could remember. It was always Willow and him even before Buffy and even before they knew about the Hellmouth. People came and went in their lives but he and Willow were always together. Willow was the one constant in his life. They have been through a lot for each other; they survived Cordelia and her drones teasing, Jesse’s death, abuse and neglect from their oblivious parents.

They were each other’s family, each other’s everything for so long it just didn’t feel right to live without the other. In his mind that was the universal truth his and Willow’s fate were tied together. It was only right they should die together, granted he was hoping to do it when they were both old and gray gumming down baby food, but hey fate was a fickle thing, who was he to order it around.

Energy drummed through their bodies creating a blinding light that swallowed them up whole. They gave an unearthly scream that sent chills down Giles’ spine. He couldn’t see them for he was momentarily blinded by the light. Then he heard it, a deep inhuman guttural groan coming from beneath his feet. It was loud and he could feel it, as it vibrated deep within the earth.

The Hellmouth’s energy had reached its pinnacle and the earth gave a great heave, then another as if something was trying to break through to the surface. The asphalt cracked underneath their feet and Giles, Spike and Anya fell to the ground. On the tower Dawn and Buffy clung to a rail as the tower began to sway. However, the motion caught Glory off guard, who by now had reverted back to her male human form, due to the dual exhaustion of her powers caused by Willow draining her mind and her strenuous battle with Buffy, Ben fell from the tower.

The storm produced by the portal melted away and the sound of battle dissipated as Glory’s minions fled once they realized that their god was defeated. Total silence reigned completely contrasting from the utter havoc that was present just moments ago. The night was eerily quiet, and as the scoobies gazed into the sky, the portal was gone. Buffy was hugging Dawn tightly to her chest on the top of the tower and Ben’s body lay broken and bleeding in the spot where he fell below. Giles, clutching his wounded leg, limped slowly toward the spot where Willow and Xander once stood. And in their place was a small dark crater with black ash scattered in a wide circumference around it. They were gone.
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