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At Least It's Not Drugs

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Summary: Willow has a nightmare.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralLynZFR71641019807 Jun 047 Jun 04Yes
At Least It’s Not Drugs

Setting: Beginning of season 7, but before the potentials show up.

Summary: A really short fic, wrote it after watching one too many horror movies although this story isn’t meant to be scary. Major spoilers for season 6. Non-Crossover.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I own everything! I'm a horrible liar, I don't own anything.

A/N: I’ve had this fic for a while but no one (that I sent it to) would be me a reply. Until Sally took a chance with my Newbie-ism and reviewed it. Thanks Sally. And welcome back

And I know I said I’d never do a non-crossover but this idea wouldn’t get out of my head.

Willow’s POV

“No, why are you treating me so badly?” I almost wanted to slap the stupid computer. ‘Come on, just a little magic wouldn’t kill you, isn’t this paper due-‘

“Shut up brain,” I conversed to myself. My bedroom was empty, as I sat at my desk, typing a paper for my Psychology class. The computer kept freezing every so often and it was really bugging me.

“Forget you then,” I said to the computer, glaring at it ridiculously. The house was quiet. Buffy was patrolling and Dawn is at school, trying to join a club. I’m happy that Dawnie is trying to get a normal life. ‘Ever since Tara died she’s been more depressed...’

Taking a break from my paper I sat next to the window looking out at the backyard. Every time my eyes closed I saw Tara, dead, in my arms.

After spending a few months with Giles I thought I would be healed. That I would not forget Tara, (I’d never do that) but get over the pain. Find new happiness in other things that make me happy. Looking down at my new garden that I planted last week a smile came across my face. Planting is very calming for me, its my own meditation. Soon I’ll try cooking with my new herbs. I probably don’t have to worry about my cooking, Xander will be my taste tester. He’ll eat anything.

As my thoughts were drifting through my head, the computer rang. I guess someone tried to I.M. (Instant Message) me. Still smiling I walked to the computer, and accepted the message not bothering to check who tried to contact me.

TheDealer: Hello.

HotOrCold: Um... hi, who is this?

TheDealer: An old friend...

HotOrCold: I’m sort of busy right now, can you talk to me later?

TheDealer: No Red. Now.

HotOrCold: Spike? I didn’t know you knew how to use a computer? You were always like Giles with the whole anti-computer thing.

TheDealer: I’m not that infected demon.

HotOrCold: Infected?

TheDealer: I always thought you were smarter Strawberry, when I say infected I mean with a soul, goodness.

Gasping for air, I jumped from the computer. ‘I killed Rack.’ Only he would call me Strawberry... well he kept saying I tasted like strawberries, I’m probably over reacting. Yet this is Sunnydale, anything is possible.

TheDealer: Look behind you.

Shaking my head quickly, I turned around. There he was, grinning at me. Amulet around his neck, scar on his face.

All I could do was put my hands on my face I started to scream.

And scream.

“Willow!” I heard footsteps. “Willow, wake up. It’s only a dream,” Buffy was crooning to me. I opened my eyes and there was Buffy, her face all dirty from probably fighting vampires or some other demon.

“Is she okay?” Xander and Dawn said in unison in my doorway.

I looked around the room and at my computer screen. Just my paper. I must have fell asleep writing it.

“It-it was just a nightmare.” A horrible, terrifying nightmare.

“Willow you’re shaking,” Xander replied, walking up to me, rubbing my shoulders.

“I’m fine.” After turning off the computer quickly, Xander led me to my bed and I laid down. “Sorry if I woke you guys.”

“No problem Wills,” everyone said in unison.

“Jinx!” Dawn squealed. Then blushing, she looked away, “it’s a habit now.”

‘At least it’s not drugs.’

They gave me kisses goodnight and went to bed. It was 2:00 a.m. Under my covers, I fell asleep.

There was a hint of strawberries in my mouth.

When I woke up in the morning, I had to brush my teeth several times to get it out.


The End

You have reached the end of "At Least It's Not Drugs". This story is complete.

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