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Frozen Here

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Summary: 20 minutes with Gavin. Gavin’s cold. Xover with Johnson & Johnson commercial

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Miscellaneous > CommercialsLynZFR131376017718 Jun 048 Jun 04Yes
Frozen Here

Rating: PG- slight swearing

Summary: 20 minutes with Gavin. Gavin’s cold. Xover with Johnson & Johnson commercial.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I don’t even own a Johnson & Johnson product.

A/N: I usually do research on characters that don’t have that much air time. Then I found out that the guy who plays Gavin did a few commercials and I thought this was the best. He also did a AT&T commercial. Plus he did cheese campaign commercial and Lay’s Potato Chip commercial with Dana Carvey. But I have a soft spot for babies.

Thanks Sally. And that baby in the commercial. It’s so cute!

Spoilers: Major for Angel. Don’t know how you can spoil a commercial.

Feedback: Yes please. I’d enjoy it a lot.

It’s cold here. I can’t move an inch. So this is my afterlife.

Why couldn’t I reincarnate into a tapeworm or join Lilah in Hell? I bet that’s where she is. That’s where she deserves to be. I guess that’s where I belong too.

It’s not that simple though. I, Gavin Park, am a snowman. Which is cruel because I’m only going to live for a short period of time. Soon the sun will come out and I will melt. There’s more. There is a man who looks exactly like me, with his son, fixing my wooden arm. They are both dressed very warm. And they should. It’s winter.

Together they are laughing, giggling and having a good time and I am motionless here, wondering what I’m doing here.

I am crying right now. Or it might be some of the snow melting. What if I never worked for Wolfram and Hart? Would I have children? A loving family? Maybe I should have cared less about all the money and power before having my neck broke then being decapitated by Gunn.

I should have stayed in my old division. Real Estate. Things were going wonderful there. But to pass up the promotion, to work in the Special Projects department, would have been unheard of.

Instead of focusing on that vampire with a soul, Angel, I could have found a woman to love and marry. To talk to about my deepest thoughts and feelings.

“C’mon son, time to go inside. Don’t want you to get sick, your mother will have my head!” My lookalike joked. How ironic.

“Hey Mr. Park!” I wanted to turn my head but my clone answered.

“Hello Dennis, it’s freezing out here, time for some cocoa. Bye.”

Oh no. I think I understand now. This is what could have been if I wasn’t so power hungry. If I never met Lilah or took the promotion. That baby could have been my son. And now my other self and my could-have son are leaving me. I am pleading for them to stay, but they can’t hear me.

I was wrong about what I said before. I am in Hell.


The End

You have reached the end of "Frozen Here". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking