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New Meat

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Summary: Doyle gets new meat from the Powers after his death.

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersDesireeFR151325011,2198 Jun 048 Jun 04Yes
Title: New Meat

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘Angel’ charatcers, Joss does. The characters of ‘Blade’ are owned by whoever created them. Neither of the two are owned by me.

Spoilers: up till Doyle dies. First and second movies of ‘Blade’.

Summary: Doyle gets new meat from the Powers after his death.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: none

Author: Kia


Doyle placed the bag of ice over his eye. He and his new champion had been out, fighting the good fight, but Doyle had brought back a nice shiner and a split lip as a token of a few vampires’ aggression. It was brutal here in New York; the vampires were different and harder to kill than the ones Doyle was used to.

But, they were saving lives, and that’s all that mattered to the Powers.

Blade and Doyle were not the best of friends, but they had a silent agreement between them. If Doyle had any visions, he would alert Blade and then the two would go out and save a life or two. Doyle and Blade had a similarity that kept them together as partial friends: the uncommon fact that both were part demon.

“Feeling any better?” grunted Blade as he sat down across from Doyle. “You put up an okay fight tonight. I’m thinking that you need to improve, though, if you want to be included in this whole saving lives thing.”

“I’m tryin’ me best,” Doyle argued in a mutter, due to his split lip. “Not everyone can be as good as ya.”

Blade smirked, showing a hint of his slight fang-ness. “I guess not.”

“Ya know,” Doyle started, smiling a bit. “You need a girl. She prolly could get ya less tense.”

“I have a bad track record with women, Doyle,” Blade replied, snarling and swishing out of the room, leaving Doyle behind, still nursing his eye and split lip.

“I was jus’ sayin’…” Doyle called after Blade, but realizing that Blade could not hear him, Doyle said, “oh why *am* I kiddin’ meself? He won’ listen…. A regular Angel-mini that one.”

Doyle sighed and reached for the beer he had on the table. Taking a swig of it, he groaned as the alcohol stung his lip. “Dammit. Now I can’t have me drinks untill this heals…”


The End

You have reached the end of "New Meat". This story is complete.

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