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Something Else

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Summary: AB/BtVS Fic-a-Thon Response. Dawn's just been licensed as a Vampire Executioner Dawn/Damian

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherNimacuFR1511,484033,4918 Jun 048 Jun 04Yes
Title: Something Else

Author: Nicki C.


Disclaimer: "It’s all been done before"- Barenaked Ladies. I don't own Buffy, Joss Does

Summary: Fic-A-Thon Response for Sonya


Genre: Anita Blake Max Rating: NC-17, but no PWP please Characters: Dawn/Damien (and please don't break up Anita and JC, though I don't care if you ignore their existance completely)

Type: Romance is a must, Angst (with happy ending only, please), Drama

Want To See: Both of these characters getting their own, not-Buffy-or-Anita-centric lives Not Want To See: no character-bashing please, and I'm really sick of reading about Anita's sex life in canon, so, none of that

Dawn got into her car and slammed the door shut, she was angry and frustrated. And the worst part was, she knew that she shouldn’t be. She should be happy for Buffy, with that baked cookie thing all worked out for her, she was living happily ever after with the most boring man Dawn had ever met, and they had perfectly adorable and boring children. And every time Dawn left their house she swore she wouldn’t be back any sooner than she absolutely had too. Buffy had taken a completely different direction eight years ago when vampires were declared legal citizens, after locking herself in her room for few days she emerged with a different outlook on life and the only thing to say “Screw ‘em, if they want to invite the devil to their doorstop, I don’t care how it turns out”. She’d met Walter that week and declared that he was the man she’d marry, and she’d done just that. And now they had a cute little boring home in Suburban St. Louis that made Dawn nauseous. When she’d turned eighteen she’d hightailed it out of there as fast as possible.

She come tonight to tell her family about graduating the Executioner Training Program with the Federal Government, tomorrow she’d be a deputized Federal Marshall. Able to use her childhood training to qualify for entrance to the program. Since all the slayers that had been activated were either working in countries where vampires were still illegal or only killing demons now Giles had suggested they needed someone on the right side of law, see how things were going from that perspective and so on. Giles had been the kind of parent that Dawn had needed and Buffy stopped being five years ago. Although Dawn had been back in the states for almost nine months now and only talked to him on the phone once a week.

Buffy had not reacted nicely to Dawn’s news, quickly shushing her and telling her that she didn’t want any of “that kind of talk” going on in her home. Dawn knew that if anyone had the right to live in oblivion it was Buffy. But still how could someone just turn their back on their destiny like that? What a Bitch.

Dawn tore through the streets, knowing the way home like the back of her hand. She could travel the world over and still find that little one-story ranch style house in the middle of St. Louis. Xander and Willow (no, they weren’t a couple. They liked to refer to it as Singly Together) had bought it the year Buffy met Walter and Dawn had spent most of her senior year of high school hiding behind those walls, waiting to escape.

When she got home most of her anger had dissipated, she was tired and she had a big day ahead of her. She had a interview to go to at a Animators Inc. It involved raising the dead, which wasn’t quite as hard as everyone led it on to be, something she’d been doing since eighth grade, although at the time she hadn’t been doing it right. But perhaps the reason it came so easy to her was the fact that she was the Key. Who knows? She didn’t really care anyway, a classmate in her training program had told her they’d hire anybody who could raise the dead and had a Executioner’s License. Well of course they would, the number of people with both of those could probably be counted using her fingers.


The Next Evening…..

So she had a new job! Yippee! Ok she could probably hold in her excitement, after all she was job shadowing what had to be the biggest bi…well dawn only reserved the name for Buffy these days but still, this Blake chick was something else. She’d let Dawn watch her raise two zombies, both legal cases and she’d promised Dawn she could raise the next one if they made a little stop. Well not that she’d traded for it, it was more of a demand, and damn she was scary. Dawn had only nodded her head to acquiesce.

They’d pulled up outside a strip club. Oh this was just getting better and better, next thing you know she’ll be taking me to pick up prostitutes.

“You can stay in the car kid, or come in. Either way it’ll be about an hour.”

Some little stop, ugh!!

But she followed her inside and after reluctantly giving the woman at the door her cross and holy water she’d sat down in the back. She was quietly waiting for Anita to return and studying the shapes on the back wall when she felt someone walk up behind her.

She turned around only to have her vision assaulted by what had to be absolutely the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Red hair, that was redder than even Willow’s and eyes so green they couldn’t human. Not that he was human, he was definitely a vampire the pale skin said that much about him. She forcibly closed her jaw as the man spoke.

“My name is Damian; Anita told me to come out and keep you company until she gets back”

Damn, again with this Blake chick.

“Do you always do what Anita tells you”

“Yes” he answered without missing a beat and Dawn had the idea that he meant it.

He sat down at the table across from Dawn and asked her the mundane. Where are you from? She told him about Sunnydale and the day it went boom, and they kept on talking. She felt drawn to him as she listened to him talk about his childhood in cold northern Europe about the raids he and his Viking father went on. She didn’t ask about how he became a vampire. It didn’t matter much to her, since she was pretty sure she was halfway to head over heels in love. Suddenly Damian stood at attention looking at a spot over Dawn’s shoulders with an incredibly guilty look on his face, like he’d been doing something that he wasn’t supposed to do. Dawn turned around also, looking down at her watch she realized that Anita had been gone over two hours. Not that she’d ended up minding though.

Anita came over with a man on her arm, another vampire. This one dark haired and handsome in that girly way like Wesley.

“Dawn this is Jean-Claude, Jean-Claude this is Dawn she’s working with me for the next couple of weeks.”

“Nice to meet you” Dawn smiled and meant it. After all it’s always nice to meet someone that hot.

“Well we’d better be going” Anita said as she pulled away and started heading out the front door.

Dawn turned to follow but stopped. She couldn’t just walk away and risk not seeing Damian again. “Damian would you like to go out tomorrow night?” Asking a man out was a little against character but this could be “the one” and she couldn’t risk letting him get away. Anita had stopped when she had but as she spoke out of the corner of her eye she saw something flicker across Anita’s face and Anita answered for Damian “He can’t make it, he’s very busy” Anita then grabbed for her hand but Dawn pulled back. Wrapping her arms around herself she looked closely at Damian, he’d felt the same thing she’d felt. She was sure of it, so what was this crap with Anita? Dawn could see the anger spreading on Anita’s face at her refusal to leave the club. The Jealously that she didn’t know she possessed already towards Damian woke something in her. And that something was calling out to Damian, she didn’t understand it. But she could feel it. And suddenly the whole club was quiet, what ever had awoken in her had alerted Anita and Dawn could feel the power pouring off of her in waves. But still that force inside didn’t quiet it’s call to Damian, until it stood poised at the end of every nerve cell calling… And just as suddenly it was quiet and Damian walked over to her, a small and timid smile on his face. He leaned close and whispered “I’d love to go out with you tomorrow night, or any night”

Damian took Dawn’s hand and slowly lead her outside of the club as Jean-Claude looked down at Anita and spoke quietly enough so only she could hear him “Looks like Damian has a new master”

The End

You have reached the end of "Something Else". This story is complete.

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