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Summary: After losing Kennedy, Willow takes a chance at romance when she joins a Slayers' infusion into the Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)lckybrFR152462,14565766,6499 Jun 047 Jun 05Yes


This is it, the final journey. I thank you for comign along with me on it, i love you guys. It was fun, i hope you guys enjoyed it.
Love u always, thanks for stickign around, read Fool for Love if you get a chance it's my first ever Anita/Btvs cross fic, i need imput.



One month later

I ran my hand through her red hair, stomach twisting at the thought of almost losing her. The moon cast a pale shadow across the bed, illuminating her pale skin, she looked like a pixie sleeping so peacefuly. her skin was soft, she smelled like strawberries. The witch stirred under my touch, smiling I removed my hand.

She moved in two weeks ago, and even though we had a baby together our first official date wasn't until next week. she wanted to take things slow, which meant no jumping into bed like the first time...I could wait.

Dawn was helping me with a lawyer that would help me adopt Samantha, my chances were good but i haven't told Willow just in case I did'nt have a strong chance. The boy wonder thought it a good idea, the golden boy had dropped by for a visit yesterday, he’d brought her a large box of chocolate for
helping him out with Voldemort...He wanted to be a watcher, the thought still made me chuckle. It was amuseing to watch him get the shit kicked out of him during training with Buffy and Faith.

There was a plaque dedicated to those who lost their lives during the final battle. It was a large stone and marble plaque in the center of the Foyer of the school. Willow cried for nearly eight hours after we visted Giles's grave...i knew she'd miss them all.

Tara starting to fuss in the crib next to the bed; the clock
reads four o’clock, its time for her feeding. Her mum started to stir in response to our child's cries.

“Go back to sleep,” I whisper in her ear, she starts to refuse, "You got her last night, go back to sleep."

She cracked open one Emerald colored eye, "You sure?" her voice was husky with sleep, Kissing her cheek I rose from the bed walking on bare feet to her crib.

Tara's face was scrunched up in unhappiness, face red little hand's waving in the air. Her pale hair was mused up about her head, sticking in all sorts of directions.

I lifted her carefully out of the crib and started to shush her as I
made my way out the room and towards the kitchen.

I paused at Samantha’s room with its lavender door and peeked
inside, the nightlight on the side of the bed cause a soft glow
over the room. She was sleeping peacefully in her canopy bed with its pink lacy
curtain that was tied around the poles.

I closed the door leaving it ajar and continued on my way. The bottle was already made and just needed to be warmed, I retrieved a pan to heat up water.
Since Willow had moved in I’ve been doing things the muggle way a lot.

“She was hungry” Willow said coming into the kitchen, I looked
up surprised.

She smiled at me running a hand through her tangled hair, she
wore one of my t shirts, I loved the way she looked in my shirts.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” I asked softly, she shrugged kissing
my on the cheek, one hand tenderly playing with the baby's tiny hand.

“I had to pee, then I heard you in here.” she shrugged and
poured herself a cup of water.

“You have to work in the morning.” I said softly, she smiled.

“So do you,” I shrugged, “You deserve the rest.”

She put her cup in the sink and smiled sweetly, “Thank you,
this is me going to sleep.”

I watched her go with a smile, before turning back to the baby
in my arms who was nearly finished with her bottle.

She was sleeping peacefully once more, I removed the bottle
from her mouth and bounced her when she started to fuss, she
settled down once more and I smiled.

Heaven, this was heaven.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chance". This story is complete.

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