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Summary: After losing Kennedy, Willow takes a chance at romance when she joins a Slayers' infusion into the Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)lckybrFR152462,14565766,6939 Jun 047 Jun 05Yes


A/N: Thank u cuttiepie who edited the story.

Mid- year fic-a-thon repsonse

By Alicia aka Alli

Disclaimer: I own nothign of the BTVS verse of Hp. I am only borrowing the characters.

Requested by:

Name: Gina (aka NSA HDM DTO)


Author's Request:

Genre: Anita Blake, Forever Knight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

Max Rating: NC-17

Characters: well, my current favorites seem to be Cordelia, Faith, Willow,Xander, Asher (AB), Draco Malfoy (HP)

Type: humor, romance, fluff, PWP, angst, or action

Want To See: Xander dating a nice, completely mortal, non-demonic human
(even if only mentioned in passing)

Not Want To See: Willow/Kennedy living happily ever after


Drinking is bad.

Ugh, I should never have let Buffy and Xander talk me into getting a beer, cause after that beer
came another and another and I think maybe . . . four more?

It was all part of their plan to make me feel better.


Kennedy broke up with me. Yep, that is right. The newly activated Slayer thought it was a good
idea. Said she wanted to explore the world and so forth. It didn't help to know Kennedy had a crush on Emi, one of the Slayers they picked up in Texas.

Giles thought it was a good idea if we had a break so he sent Xander, Buffy and I to Vegas. We
checked out the sites, had some fun, and some . . . beer.

Did I mention beer was bad?

My head felt like an elephant sat on it . . . not that I would know what your head feels like when
an elephant sits on it.

Anyway, back to my being drunk. I rolled over in bed. At least I tried to, but a very heavy arm
around my waist was preventing that.Huh, why was Xander in my bed? Wait . . . I felt the arm.
Hhhmm, wrong muscle structure to be Xander.

I opened my eyes slowly. Ugh, light is bad when you have a hangover. I turned my head looking
at the person behind me.Why is there a man in my bed?

And he isn't Xander.

Oh goddess!

I looked under the sheet. Why am I naked? The movement told my brain something else as well.


I had SEX . . . with a MAN!

This just can't get any worse. Calm down, Willow. Just breath. In, out, in, out. Ok, what

We went to Caesar's Palace after coming back from Chippendales. I giggled, I may be a lesbian
but I do enjoy seeing lots of hot bodies of the male sex.

Ok, so not the point.

After the show we met Xander at Caesar's Palace. Xander had won ten thousand on a slot
machine. Good for him. To celebrate we went to a bar . . . I don't remember the name of the bar,
some Roman theme . . . it was colorful though.

Anyway, we ordered some drinks. Xander and Buffy managed to get me to order a beer. I didn't
want to drink, but they were persistent.

By the time I was on my second beer, Xander was out on the dance floor with some bushy-haired
woman. She was pretty, I must give him that. Buffy was busy talking to some dark-haired guy
with glasses. Aaahhh. There lies my problem. While the other two were focused on their potential
dates, I sat at the bar and got totally and completely drunk. That is where I met the blonde
stranger who looked so much like Spike it was unnerving.

We talked, had some more beers; he asked me to his room. Don't know why I said yes. Oh,
yeah. It was cause he was a hottie. Maybe I was premature to claim myself a Lesbian. Let's go
with bi-attracted. By this point, we were both drunk and had to lean on each other to stay
upright. We got to his room and everything becomes a complete blur from there.

Great. Just great.

I had sex with a male stranger.

I looked at his face again; his blond hair had flopped over most of it. I reached out, wanting to
sweep it away, but stopped myself. I had to get out of there.

I know we didn't leave the hotel, so at least I knew generally where we were. I removed his (very nice) arm from my waist and slipped out of bed. I guess we had a good time, since the mattress
was slightly off the bed.

I giggled.

It was just funny. Little Willow Rosenberg went out, got dunk, and slept with a total stranger. I
started crying. Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT funny.

I sniffed and searched for my clothes, which turned up in the strangest of places: in the sink in
the bathroom, the standard "over the lampshade" and also dangling between the sofa cushions
Once I was dressed in my knee length skirt and midnight blue halter I looked back at the bed. I
couldn't even remember his name.

Fuck me.

Oh wait, he already did that. I ran a hand through my hair. Should I leave a note? I decided
against it; this was all a huge mistake anyway. I grabbed my purse and looked through it. I
breathed a sigh of relief. I had my key card, so I didn't have to wake up Buffy. They were
probably so worried.

I looked back at the nameless man on the bed. He really was a cutie. Sighing, I slipped on my
shoes before leaving the room. I only hesitated once, but when a door a few feet down opened, I
took off like a rocket towards the elevator.

Maybe Buffy hadn't even noticed I was gone.

I was wrong.

"Hey, Wills," Buffy said with a grin when I entered the room. She was grinning from ear to ear,
already dressed and packed.I had forgotten that we were leaving today. "Hey, I . . . went for a
walk." That was lame.

"That was lame, Willow," Buffy said, as if reading my thoughts. She narrowed her eyes before
grinning again "Was she good?"

I groaned.

Shoot me now.

(Xander's POV)

When I met the girls in the lobby of the casino, I became worried.

Willow was blushing so hard I wondered if her face would stay that red, and Buffy was grinning so
hard I had to wonder if it hurt. I smiled at both of them.

"What's going on?" I asked once they were standing at my side. If possible, Buffy's grin got
wider. "What?" I asked. I had never seen the Slayer this happy.

Willow shifted uncomfortably next to me.
"Willow got laid," Buffy said in a sing-song voice. The women in question only blushed harder.

"Willow!" I was shocked, but not a bad kind of shocked. It was time she had some fun. "Good on
you," I told her.

She shook her head, but I saw her smile, so I knew she wasn't mad.

"Can we go now?" she asked. I chuckled. She really wanted to get out of here. "Please, guys. I
just want to forget about what happened."

I nodded and slung an arm over her shoulders, my other arm linked with Buffy's. "So, what's her

name?" Willow blushed even harder and Buffy giggled like a maniac.
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