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Missionary Visionary

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Summary: Cassie Newton gets a mission in death. (20 minute Cassie)

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Harry Potter > Cassie-CenteredechoFR1311,147071,85411 Jun 0411 Jun 04Yes
title: Missionary Visionary
author: echo
rating: 13
summary: Cassie Newton gets a mission in death.
disclaimer: Not mine. The HP characters belong to Rowling. The BtVS characters belong to Whedon.
challenge: 20 minute Cassie


She looked around.

Light and air. She was in a fluffy place. She could hear Buffy crying though. And Dawn. Sad. They'd barely known her... and had fought so hard. Cassie had never thought of herself as the sort that got fought for.

"You must be the new girl."

"What?" Cassie spun around, her light eyes wide, unaware how her blonde hair floated around her face now.

"New girl? You?"


"Come on then."

He led her away. Cassie took a minute to study the man holding her arm and guiding her. He was older. Her father's age perhaps. His hair was black with hints of gray at the temples. There was a bit of stubble on his face. He had the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen. Though he was a bit rough-looking, he was also beautiful, but that could have been due to the place where they were. Everything just looked beautiful here, and warm, and soft.

"Are you ready? We need you there now."

"I don't..."

"You didn't see it?"

"It was foggy after... I died."

"There's someone who needs a guide. That's what we do here."

"This isn't heaven?"

"No, sweetheart. Sorry."


"You're one of us. You report back to me. I'm Sirius."

"And I'm a little freaked out."

"No. My name is Sirius. Like the star."

"Oh. Cassie.... is me."

"I know."


"Are you ready, Cassie?"

"But I don't-"

"You'll know what to say when you see him."

Cassie chewed her bottom lip. There were people coming out of the mists behind Sirius. They were smiling. She could feel their thoughts. All these thoughts swirled in on her.

"You'll know, Cassie. Just like you always do. Now do what you were destined to do. Go guard."

There was a bright flash, and Cassie was standing in the corridor of some castle-looking place. Someone behind her screamed. Cassie fluttered around. She felt kind of wavy... like she was in water. That's when she looked down. She was translucent... like a ghost.

She was a ghost!


There was a blonde boy lying on the ground near her. He looked to have fainted. Cassie looked up at more screams. Two other boys were running and screaming. Cassie floated down to the blonde to check that he was still breathing. He was. She heard scuffling behind her. She turned slowly.

There were two boys and a girl standing there looking at her curiously. One had black hair and glasses, the other was impossible tall with red hair. The girl had a riot of brown curls spilling from her head. She was being held back a bit by the redhead. He was looking alarmed. She was looking curious. The raven-haired boy was just looking at her. No alarm, but some mild curiosity. Mostly his face was saying 'now what?'.

"Harry." Cassie said. "Hello."

"Er, hello."

"I'm Cassie. You two have got to be Ron and Hermione."

"How do you know that?" Hermione asked.

"Sirius told me."

"Sirius?" Harry said. "You saw him? How is he? What did he say?"

Cassie giggled. "He misses you. He sent me to look after you."

"Why didn't he..."

"Come himself? You know he can't, Harry. He's too close to you. Just your parents are. They're watching a pair of sisters. A slayer and a key. Most difficult charges."

"You know my parents."

"A bit. Mostly I know all about you."

"So you know all about me?"

"Sure. Sirius whispered it to me in his thoughts."


"Angels don't talk talk, not like people talk. Mostly we just think stuff. Especially if there's a lot of information to tell. It's faster."

"You're an angel?"

"Yeah. Yours. Your guardian one to be specific."

"You're my guardian angel?"

"Neat, huh?"

"Sirius is an angel?"

"That's rather ironic." Ron muttered.

The boy on the floor started coming around.

"Damn. Malfoy's waking up." Ron muttered. "Pity you couldn't have scared him to death instead of just making the git faint like a little girl."

Hermione elbowed him.


Cassie winked at Harry before turning and floating back down near Malfoy. As the boy opened his eyes, Cassie was hovering inches from his face.


He screamed, scrambled to his feet, and took off running. Cassie giggled.

"That was a bit uncalled for, don't you think?" Hermione said.

Cassie rolled over in mid air and lounged back a bit while still floating. She crossed her ankles and tucked her arms behind her head. "Just because I'm an angel doesn't mean I'm angelic. Besides, I was keeping you all out of trouble. It would have been very bad for Harry to get caught dueling Malfoy today."

Just then Cassie caught a glimpse of Professor Snape turning a corner behind them. She nodded that way. The trio turned to look.

"What's going on here? Potter?"

It was Cassie that answered. She swirled through the air, all white and light in contrast to Snape's black robes and dark greasy hair.

"Hello, Professor Snape." She said cheerily as she circled him like leaf in a windstorm. "Sirius and James send their regards."

Snape's jaw twitched. "Potter, what is the meaning of this?"

Harry grinned at Cassie. "Well, sir, it's Cassie. She's my guardian angel."

"I'm to keep Harry out of trouble... mostly."

"That will be a Herculean feat. I hope you are a full time guardian. Potter and trouble are like tea and scones." Snape glared at her. "And what do you mean mostly?"

"There's some trouble that Harry's destined to be in."

"Destiny?" Snape scoffed, as if he didn't believe in such a thing.

"Certainly. I am all about it. I was supposed to die with people fighting to save me, so I would truly understand what good was. There are other people in this world who fight evil, and how could I possibly know what it was like unless I had seen it firsthand, you know? I died to come here. That was my purpose."

Snape was looking like he was smelling rotten egg farts.

"We'll just leave you to your scowling and skulking about the hallways. Harry, Ron, Hermione, come along. I want to meet Nearly Headless Nick. Sirius assures me he's fascinating."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione cast some looks at Snape before hurrying off after Cassie... who was singing 'Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer' and floating down the hall in the direction Malfoy and his cronies had run earlier.

She was a bit... kooky. But Harry figured if he could take Luna's odd company, he could handle his own personal ghost. He just hoped she wasn't planning on hovering near his bed when he slept or joining him for showers and such.



AN: There may be a sequel to this one sometime later because I liked the idea.

The End

You have reached the end of "Missionary Visionary". This story is complete.

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