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Finding Home

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Summary: COMPLETE *Sequel to Dead to Runaway* They say you can always go home again but it's not as easy as it looks...

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Finding Home

Title: Finding Home

Author: FreeWrite

Disclaimer: I don’t own BTVS they belong to Joss Whedon and Co, Law and Order: SVU belongs to Dick Wolf and Co. I’m just playing and will try to put them back where I got them from but I don’t guarantee their condition when I put them back.

Summary: They say you can always go home again but it’s not as easy as it looks.

AN: This is a sequel to ‘Dead to Runaway’. Please read that first, trust me it’ll be easier in the long run. I’ve included a quick summary just to catch you up on what has been happening.

After sending Angel to hell in ‘Becoming Part 2’ Buffy left Sunnydale, 6 years later she is living in New York never having returned to Sunnydale and never having picked up a weapon since then. December 2004 Spike finds Buffy working in a bar on the lower East side, he still blames her for Drusilla leaving him decides to punish her and starts leaving dead teenage girls for her to find. Enter the SVU squad, as their attempting to solve the case Buffy is drawn back into fighting the good fight. Eventually Buffy kills Spike but not before the SVU detectives see her fighting vampires and dusting Spike. Olivia convinces Buffy to go home and attempt reconciliation with Joyce. That is where we finished up. To read the entire story please go to the link below.

A couple of things you need to know about my writing. 1) I don’t write ship anymore, love reading it but have decided I don’t want to write ship. 2) I write angst, pain and emotional suffering. 3) This focuses on Buffy and Olivia friendship. And 4) There is a small hint at a relationship between Alex and Olivia in this fic, but it’s one section and never mentioned again

And now onto the story…

Actually belay that first my quote for the week "Maybourne you’re an idiot everyday of the week couldn’t you take today off?" Major Samantha Carter — Stargate SG1 Episode ‘Foothold’

Chapter 1

Outside in the sun-warmed streets of Sunnydale Olivia Benson was wandering around unsure of what to do. She wasn’t in any rush, Captain Cragen had given her the whole week off, not that he really had a choice, when she had told him what she had seen and been told, he had almost put her on stress leave, but she offered to take a ‘vacation’ instead.

She was about two blocks from the Gallery when she came across a small shop. The outside advertised it as ‘The Magic Box’, a moment of indecision later she purposely strode over to the door and pushed it open. The small area outside belied that actual size of the shop, for it was quite long and looked like it had multiple levels. At the cashier stand a young red headed woman sat, reading through some kind of book. If the rest of the contents of the shop were any indication then it would be something on magic or the occult.

Slowly making her way to the back of the shop, still not exactly sure why she had come in here, Olivia glanced over some of the product trying hard not to scoff at the absurdity of them. Even though she had never really given any credence to the supernatural, until she had met Buffy that is, it didn’t mean that there was nothing there.

A soft English voice from behind her startled Olivia out of her thoughts.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

Turning, she saw an older man, handsome and well dressed not at all looking like what she expected, but then Olivia should know that people rarely looked like you expected them to.

Opening her mouth she closed it again, not quite sure what to say, or even why she was here.

"I um…" she faltered slightly "I saw your web site, the page on ‘The Myth of the Slayer’, and was in town with a friend and…" she trailed off and shrugged slightly "I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here really"

The man nodded and stepped forward, holding his hand out "Rupert Giles".

The shock on Olivia’s face was evident as she recognized the name. He was one of the people Buffy had spoken of in the last few days.

"You’re her Watcher," she whispered, only just loud enough for him to hear.

This time it was Giles turn to be startled as the red head behind the counter looked up from her book in interest.

"Pardon?" He asked his voice hoarse, but she could see the hope in his eyes. Hoping she was doing the right thing Olivia turned to walk out of the shop. As she got to the front door she turned around and looked directly at the man.

"She’s at The Gallery, don’t be to hard on her, she’s punished herself worse than you ever could" Turning the door knob she walked back out into the sun and headed in back down the street.

Inside the Magic Box, Rupert Giles stood stunned, she couldn’t mean… Behind him Willow stood up shakily trying to find her voice.

"Giles…" Her voice wavered slightly.

Before the young woman could say anything else he took off running, out the door and into the street headed for the Gallery. Willow was not far behind him, but she took the time to grab the keys and lock the door.

In the Gallery Joyce had still not let go of her daughter; she was too scared that Buffy would disappear again if she let go. Even the crash as Giles stopped dead inside the door and Willow ran into his back, did not relinquish her hold on Buffy. However it did get Buffy’s attention.

Opening her eyes she swept her gaze over the room, her eyes finally coming to rest on the two people standing by the front doors, Giles had pulled his glasses off and was cleaning them, trying to make sure he was seeing correctly. Willow blinked several times and then rubbed her eyes, not quite believing that the girl who had been her best friend was finally back. Buffy pulled away from the comfort of her mother’s arms she started to back away, shaking her head slightly.

Feeling a hand grasp her elbow Buffy turned her gaze towards her mother, what Joyce saw there shocked her more than her daughter’s arrival.

Fear, pure fear.

What the girl was afraid of Joyce didn’t know. Giles saw it and he knew he also knew she was getting ready to run again, he had trained her for long enough, to know when her flight response was about to kick in.

Forcing his face to relax into a smile he took a small step forward. "Buffy you’re ho…" Was as far as he got before she turned and fled through the back, in the hopes that Joyce hadn’t changed anything there.

As she burst through the back door moments later, Buffy stopped and took a deep breath, and was about to try and find a way back to the car without being seen by anyone inside the Gallery when Olivia spoke up from her spot by the door.

"Going somewhere?"

Buffy turned to face the Detective her shoulders slumped and defeated "I can’t… I can’t do this" she turned to walk out of the alley not caring who saw her anymore.

"So what?" Olivia followed her, not wanting to scare the blond anymore than she already was, but knowing that if she didn’t face this now she never would "Your just going to run away, you turn up have a hug, then once it gets hard you run again? That’s not the way it works and you know it. You’re back in the fight; they won’t let you walk away again. That’s what you told me."

Neither of them heard Joyce, Giles and Willow come out the back door.

"Don’t let the guilt over something you had no control of rule your life." She grabbed the slender blond by the upper arm "Anne, you were 17. What were you supposed to do?"

"Better…" The word was so quiet, Olivia almost didn’t hear it "I was supposed to be a better daughter," Buffy’s voice got louder "be a better friend and be a better Slayer. That’s what I was supposed to do" Buffy took a deep hitching breath. " And they’re all better off without me around to screw up their lives." She turned and started walking away again.

"Why don’t you let them decide that." Olivia took a deep breath and tried again "Don’t let fear rule your life Anne. It’s not worth it"

Halfway down the alley Buffy froze and without turning around she simply called out "and neither’s watching the people you love die" Without another word she continued to walk away.

"Shit" Olivia ran a hand through her hair and kicked the wall for good measure.

"Thank you for trying" The emotion fogged voice of Joyce Summers rang out from behind the New Yorker.

Olivia jumped startled and immediately reached for her service pistol as she turned to face the three people behind her. Seeing the weapon come to bear they simultaneously stepped back and raised their hands in the universal sign of surrender.

Letting out a sigh of relief Olivia holstered her weapon.

"At least we know she’s alive" Willow looked back and forth between the entrance to the ally and Olivia "I don’t want to be rude or anything like that, cause you know, obviously you know Buffy and everything. She’s back in town and we didn’t even know that she was alive and you did, and now we do and I’m really happy that she’s alive." Her bottom lip started to quiver slightly. "I’m sure everyone else is to, cause you know it’s been 6 years since we’ve seen her or even heard from her, but… but that’s not the point…" The red head tilted her head to the side slightly trying to gather her thoughts "Who are you?"

"Olivia Benson" she drew her eyebrows into a slight frown "You must be Willow, Anne… Buffy" Olivia corrected herself "told me you tended to babble a bit"

Willows face lit up "She talked about us?"

All Olivia did was nod in response; her gaze was focused on Joyce Summers. The woman looked devastated, for a few minutes she’d been able to hold her daughter again, only to have her run off in fear.

"Where…" Joyce swallowed hard trying to get her emotions under some semblance of control "where did you find her? Meet her?"

Olivia shuffled her feet uncomfortably; "I’m a Detective with NYPD. Buffy helped us out with a Vampire problem, it was the first time she picked up a weapon since she left here."

"Of course" Giles muttered under his breath "New York, she wouldn’t be able to resist all those shoes"

The three women turned to look at him incredulously. "Sorry" he blushed darkly "did I say that aloud".

Olivia nodded, and bit down on her lower lip uncomfortable with the situation she now found herself in. "Mrs. Summers, your daughter has spent the last 6 years convincing herself that everything bad thing that happened to her friends and family was all her fault and no one else’s." Joyce opened her mouth to say something but Olivia kept on talking "and while that may not be true, it’s going to take a while for her to get over it" Olivia looked off in the direction Buffy had gone. "When something is you constant companion for such a long time" she blinked, memories of her own childhood guilt seeping through "it’s hard to let it go"


Buffy didn’t know exactly where she was going she was just running. Somewhere in the back of her mind it occurred to her that this was exactly what she was trying to stop doing, sometime she needed to stop running and she had thought that, that time would be now, but unfortunately here she was running again.

That is she was running until she ran into a solid male form.

Reaching down she immediately started to help the man up.

An easy grin passed over his face "Why thank you kind lady…"

The smile dropped off Xander Harris’ face as he took in the features of the diminutive blond standing in front of him.


With that, Buffy Summers Vampire Slayer’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted.


Taking a hesitant step towards the detective, Giles reached out a hand and pointed to the bandage that still covered the wounds in Olivia’s neck "When did this happen?"

Olivia’s hand raised to cover her neck self consciously "A few days ago" she looked him directly in the eye "Spike decided I would make a good meal, that is before Buffy killed him"

"Spike’s dead" Willow interjected "not undead dead but you know dead dead?"

Olivia nodded absently, watching the entrance of the alley, some part of her hoping that Buffy would come back, but knowing she wouldn’t. The four of them stood there in silence none of the sure of what to say, through the silence the odd noise filtered through. A car driving past, a child yelling, a mother calling out, a phone ringing…

The others turned to the source of the sound as Willow dug sheepishly into her pockets, trying to find the cell phone that was ringing.


Two blocks down the road at the Magic Box Xander Harris paced frantically, phone to his ear praying to whoever was listening that Willow would pick up. On the couch in front of him he had laid the unconscious blond, of whom he was sure was Buffy but… why would she come back after all these years, after she had abandoned them… left them to do her work.

What reason could possibly be good enough?

In spite of his inner ranting he did notice the dark circles under her eyes, the fading bruises on her face along with the new scar that lined her left cheek, the tear tracks down her face caught his attention more than anything.

She had been crying… Xander had never seen Buffy cry before. She had always been brave Buffy, never give up Buffy, never go down without a fight Buffy, never say die Buffy… until that night.

It had been months before they had learned the truth about what had happened after he had left the mansion with Giles.

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