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Xander as Marvel Style

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Summary: A series of short stories featuring Xander as different Marvel heroes.

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Marvel Universe > GeneralDragonhulkFR154742,7697129130,03813 Jun 0423 May 06Yes

Watching the End


Part Forty Seven: Watching the End

I have witnessed something my race had thought impossible, the fall of Galactus, Destroyer of Universes. What was more amazing still was that this cosmic being was destroyed because of the actions of five individuals.

Their plan would have not worked if the Destroyer hadn’t expended most of his energy to reach this dimension, but this was the case so when they attempted to use the Destroyers power against itself they succeeded.

This is not the first time this tactic had been employed against the Great Death. In all the previous cases the vassal was destroyed before any action could be taken against Galactus. It takes a singular individual to contain the power of the cosmos. Who would have thought that this great potential would be contained within a man that had never shown a hint of power in his life?

I watched in interest as the young mans four friends sacrificed themselves to channel the power into their friend. Then as the last of them died, I watched in amazement as the man took to the sky to confront a being that not only threatened his world, but all of existence.

I predicted a short fight, and I was correct in this, even if I was incorrect about the outcome. It only took one enraged blast to destroy Destruction. It was a blast of power that destroyed his adversary, but it also ignited the atmosphere and cracked open the crust of the world.

If there was a just supreme being the young man would have perished with the rest of his world, but there isn’t so he didn’t. Instead he spent half an orbit looking for survivors, then another five orbits burying the dead.

Twenty full orbits later the surface had cooled, and still he wandered the barren surface of his world, consumed by his guilt.

And I could watch no longer.

It is the greatest crime of my kind to reveal ourselves to the races we are watching, but does that still apply when the entirety of a race is a single individual? I do not have the answer to this question, so I shall leave it to any disciplinary committee they assign me to decide.

His first reaction after I revealed myself was exactly what I assumed it would be, rage. He blamed me for not acting, for not helping, and perhaps he was right. Perhaps his life would have been better if I had attempted to advert this tragedy.

The dead world orbited the sun three times before the survivor calmed down enough that he sought to hear another voice, even if it was a voice that he didn’t enjoy hearing. It was during this time that I began to talk to him about the beings and worlds beyond this one, finishing by telling him that he should be powerful enough to travel between these worlds.

He waited for another half orbit before he felt ready to leave what he perceived to be his great failure before he left to find other people, other worlds that would need to be protected. It will not be an easy task because wherever he goes he will forever be seen as an outsider, an alien.

When I realized this I felt another new emotion, one I believe that humanity had called guilt. I did not tell him the secret of traveling between dimensions, did not tell him the secret that he needed to be with the humanity that exists on other Earths. I kept this information to myself because there is a possibility that this silver coated man will one day stop being a herald of joy, and become that which he slew.

No one knows how Galactus came to be, but it may have been an event just like this one, drawing the energy of a destructive force into himself. If this is the case it is my hope that this new incarnation will be trapped here as the universe implodes in preparation for another creation event.

Now I turn my attention from this wasted world to the other possible lives of Alexander Harris, the last human. The multiverse holds vast secrets, and I see that in other worlds this man had unraveled a few of them, taking on the guise of other famous heroes who reside on Earth 616.

In the end it is only I who can determine the final outcome of the myriad of possibilities that exist in the life of Alexander Harris. For I am now, and forevermore, the Watcher!

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander as Marvel Style". This story is complete.

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