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Unmixed Cookie Dough

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Summary: Angel thinks over Buffy and some of her faults

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Harry Potter > Angel-Centered(Past Donor)sevangelFR71550393,77813 Jun 0413 Jun 04Yes
Unmixed Cookie Dough

20 minutes with Angel. Crossover with Harry Potter BtVS 2 years after season 7 scoobies came to LA instead of Rome. The bat gang never took over Wolfram & Hart. Harry Potter post Order (but Sirius didn’t die) and Harry defeated Voldermort

Side note: This is my first fanfiction, ever.
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, Angel, or Harry Potter. I am just going to play with them for a bit.
1:42 AM

In the 2 centuries plus that I have been alive, I have only been in love with one woman. I have loved others, Cordy, Willow, Dawn, Faith, and Fred but I have only been in love with one, Buffy. But being in love with her does not mean that I am blind to her faults.

One would have to be her love for Spike. She assures me, actually they both have, that she is not in love with him, never was, but she does love him. I can overcome this, because in my own way I love Spike. It’s not sexual, but more of a fathers love. This is something that I have come to accept and in some ways adore her for, that fact that she can forgive him for everything that he did, just like she forgave Willow, Faith, herself, and me.

The one fault that I am having problems overcoming is how oblivious she sometimes is to the happenings of those around her. I mean, it took her forever to realize that Cordy and Xander were back together, not to mention how long it took before she realized that Willow and that Kennedy chick broke up. I’m not saying that Buffy is selfish or stupid, just that sometimes she doesn’t pay attention.

This became very apparent when Dawn came back from the two years she spent overseas at some college exchange. The girls thought it was going to be a great learning experience for her, traveling the world, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures. Spike and I, well, we knew that it was a bad idea. Sending a 18 year old off to England by herself, that’s not a learning experience, that’s an accident waiting to happen. But despite our protests, Buffy let her go.

So when Dawn came back two years later with an infant girl in her arms, lets just say, I have never seen this group of people quiet for so long. If something would have attacked us, we would have probably all died, none of us could move. It was Spike who broke the silence by yelling and asking where the father was and mumbling something about railroad spikes.

This is were Buffy’s lack of observing skills come into play. She talked to Dawn almost every other day and never had a clue. I was taken back to the conversation that Buffy and I had right before the hellmouth sank. The one about cookie dough and eating it too early. I starting to think that she should have been less concerned with her own half done cookie dough and more concerned with Dawn’s dough that wasn’t even mixed. But it’s too late now, the dough was already mixed, baked, and eaten.

I’ll just say that if I ever meet this Potter kid, the chainsaw is coming out to play, soul or no soul.

2:02 AM

This is going to be a prequel to a Parent Trap fiction that I am writing about Harry and Dawn.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unmixed Cookie Dough". This story is complete.

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