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Will Stand Up

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Summary: Cassandra is plagued by nightmares and her own insignificance, until Willow casts her spell... Xander and Dawn are assigned to retreive the mysterious slayer in Colorado Springs. Fic for Kristy Marie.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG1 or BTVS. I’m just writing this for my own amusement, and I am making no profit off of this.
This is a BTVS/SG1 fic for Kristy Marie. Hope you enjoy it! While it starts with Cassandra's POV, never fear, Dawn & Xander will come later, along with the SG1 people.

Spoilers: All seasons of SG1 & BTVS – and for the sake of this fic, season 7 of both takes place at the same time.

Genre: Stargate
Max Rating: R
Characters: Xander, Dawn, SG-1
Type: action/general
Want To See: Dawn/Xander friendship
Not Want To See: Dawn pairing


Cassandra Frasier woke from her nightmare, screaming for her mother. Disoriented, she did not immediately remember that Dr. Janet Frasier wasn’t going to come and comfort her tonight, and never would again.

It was not uncommon for her to wake in the middle of the night, shaking and drenched with sweat, and haunted by nightmares of her past. Her past was something she tried desperately to repress during the day, and for the most part she succeeded. Yet, she could not control what her subconscious mind dwelled on while she was asleep. As a result, almost every one of her nightmares featured the last few horrifying days of her life on Hanka; her home world. In her dreams, she remembered the smell of death all around her as her loved ones fell victim to the disease that destroyed her people. In those dreams, she could not escape the horrifying memory of how those who did not succumb to death immediately were too ill to bury the rising number of dead.

And all too often, she would also dream of the Goa’uld, with their glowing eyes and cruel expressions, and in her dreams they would pursue her, intent on completing the extermination of her people.

These nightmares came unbidden almost every night since she had lived amongst the Tauri. And yet, in the past she had always awoken to find herself comforted by the warm and loving arms of her adoptive mother, Dr. Janet Frasier. They would not talk about the nightmares – her mother understood – but of other things, until Cassandra’s shaking abated, and she was able to drift back into a somewhat restless sleep.

Dr. Janet Frasier would never again be there in the middle of the night to comfort her; her death just one more thing that she would be forced to recall at night after she closed her eyes.

Cassandra had been staying with Major Samantha Carter since her mother’s death; a member of SG-1 who she loved and respected, yet whose job brought her into contact daily with the enemy who had taken so much from her.

She did not know if she had the strength to handle it if anything should happen to Samantha as well.

No. No more deaths. She could not lose another loved one to the evil that was the Goa’uld. But what could she possibly do about it?

“Cassie… is everything okay in there?”

Cassandra tried to compose herself as Major Carter entered her room, her eyes heavy with concern.

“No. I’m all right. I just… I just had a bad dream. I’m okay now,” she said, hoping that Samantha would just leave her to handle this on her own. If her mother couldn’t be here to comfort her, then she wanted no one.

She could tell that Sam wasn’t too happy with her response, but to Sam’s credit, she respected her wishes and let it drop. She wouldn’t leave the room, however, before tucking Cassie in and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

She had to close her eyes tight to hide the tears that threatened to fall, as she recalled so many nights of her mother doing the exact same thing.

If only.

If only she wasn’t just a young girl.

If only she had the power to do something about the Goa’uld.

If only she could make a difference.

As Cassie lay in the bed, her conscious mind fading back into sleep, a voice she did not recognize whispered a question into her head that she had been prepared to answer for years now.

~Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?~

Cassandra grabbed on to that whisper of a question and screamed ‘yes’ with her entire being.

Her anxiety lifted, and in her half-awake, half-asleep state, she didn’t recognize the surge of energy for what it was. But somehow she knew that when she woke in the morning, things would be different.

She would be different.

She allowed sleep to take her and while the dreams still came, this time they were of a very different nature.
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