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Stuck with the slayer

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Summary: BTVSTamora Pierce Daine Sequel x-over. Some Tortallians get to Sunnydale through a Portal, will they be help or work for the slayer? A new mastervamp in town- trouble arising! More inside it.

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceDawnladyFR15813,320012,24715 Jun 0415 Jun 04No


Chapter 12:

Angel was chained up and everyone has decided that it was time to relax a bit. So they all went to bed. They decided, that they would be making a movie night the next evening as it was a Saturday, watching films that would introduce the Tortallians to the normal life in their world.

The next day, Xander, Dawn and Tara went to buy snacks and food while the rest was starting another round of research.

They also made a plan for the slaying and the kitchen duties, as nobody liked cooking for so much people. This afternoon, Daine, Gary and Tara were on kitchen duty. They were preparing a meal for all of them, and some salad for later on between the movies.

Then a community worker came to check on Buffy and Dawn. She was shocked to see the house full of people. Buffy was really happy that the Tortallians were wearing normal cloths and had fake ID’s as she saw the community worker.

The first question of the community worker was about the bunch of people in the house. Thankfully it was a Saturday and holidays would start soon. So Buffy could explain the people as friends of them, who were visiting and the plan of a movie night with some other friends as well. They declared Daine as a friend of Dawn while the adults were introduced as friends of all of them. Kitten was hiding.

Buffy was a bit afraid about the reaction of the community worker, who wanted to be introduced to all of the friends. But she did it.

She asked them all into the living room and started explanations pointing at the people she meant. “Willow, she went to school with me, we are best friends and my mom liked her. She is currently enrolled at the college. Tara, good friend and Willows girlfriend, also a college student. Xander good friend since high school he is a construction worker, a carpenter. Anya is Xanders girlfriend, she works and the Magic Box. William also a long time friend he is currently working as a writer, he is doing poetry. Rupert Giles he is a mentor and was a good friend of my mother he owns “The Magic Box” and is there for me if I need advice. The others are visiting. They are visiting every few years for a while now. “Buffy was sweating, how should she explain the jobs of the Tortallians. She tried to cover it up. Jon here is married to Thayet, he is working as a manager, she is normally staying at home with the kids but is giving riding lessons to earn some money. Their kids are with the grandparents as they are every year in the holidays. George is a specialist on jewels and works in a jewellery he is married to Alanna who teaches martial arts. Raoul is working for a security firm. Gary is secretary to a local politician. Numair is a professor for old languages and medieval society and history and well versed in the knowledge and roots of legends. Daine is his bethroed and is a caretaker at a horse farm. She is also studying zoology.”

The community worker looked a bit sceptical and asked Daine some questions about bird anatomy and horses. Daine could answer all of them. Then she asked Numair two things about life in the medieval society. Numair knew that there were no magic here like in his country and explained things that way.

Now the community worker believed them and asked about the movies they wanted to see. Willow showed her some PG 13 movies and answered another question about the food they planned to eat while watching the movies with showing her in the kitchen were the salads were nearly done.

They were all relieved when after a short chat with Dawn the comm. worker left the house being satisfied that Dawn was in good care.

Buffy was happy they were not just able to spin a story off about the Tortallians they were even getting brownie points for inviting the right people and not cutting Dawn out and meeting old friends even without their mother.

Now there was just one thing to do, before they could eat dinner and then start the movies. They had to instruct the Tortallians about their fake work.

It was easy to instruct Thayet, Alanna and Daine, while it took more time to explain the manager to Jon. Gary accepted his given job without problems, well he was a minister in his world. Raoul was briefed on modern weapons and security work, he was a commander after all and Numair got a book about languages, and the medieval society and legends of this world.

After dinner, Buffy Dawn and Alanna had kitchen duty and were cleaning up.

Spike, Numair, George and Willow were going to patrol and Anya was briefing Jon about his fake job, while Xander did the same with Raoul and Tara and Daine were looking into anatomy books and history of the werewolves. Oz would be fetched by the others, after patrol. Buffy was relieved, that she haven’t had to explain the musician of the group before.

Patrol was going easy. George dusted 3 Vamps using his stakes like his daggers, before anyone except Spike and him even realized that Vamps were approaching. Numair dusted the remaining two Vamps with fireballs while Willow was just instructing him.

They found two demons of a common kind, who didn’t last a minute before they were roasted by Numair and Willow and two more Vamps Spike declared his job. Then they fetched Oz and wandered back to the Summers house.

They watched movies until late and then all of them slept in the living room, except spike who didn’t wanted to be toast in the morning and went in the basement after everyone else was asleep.

Kitten had liked the movies and chirped happy, she loved the food chips and ice-cream were so delicious she was really filled as she curled herself around Dawn to sleep. Dawn woke up briefly but liked the feeling of the baby dragon in her arm.


Chapter 13

Buffy groaned, who was calling them so dammed early? She wanted to rip his or her head off and just go back to sleep. “Yeah!” she answered the phone angry. “Hello, this is Mrs. Taggert speaking. I would like to speak with Buffy Summers.” – “I am Buffy.” – “Oh, sorry. Good morning Ms Summers. One of our people was at your place yesterday. She told me, that you have a huge group of friends visiting. I would like to check the situation at your house later today, meeting your friends. We have to work out if you are really capable of taking care of your sister.” – “When?” – “At noon. And please introduce your friends to me. We will have to know them too.” – “Sure no problem as some of them will stay with us or friends for the next week or two.” – “So that’s settled, I’ll see you later, Ms Summers.” – “Bye Mrs. Taggert.”

Buffy was shocked. “UP! All of you! Rise, now!” she yelled. “Scooby Meeting in the kitchen in 10 minutes! The rest will start to clean up this mess.”

Sleepily everyone got up. “What’s the matter, Buffy?” Willow asked. “I got a call from Mrs Taggert, she wants to come over at noon, and she insisted on being introduced to all the people at the house.” “Seems like our explanations yesterday weren’t sufficient.” Willow sighed. “Right now, we need a plan and a clean house.” Buffy was near a nervous breakdown. “I’ll call Giles.” Tara offered.

The scoobies went into the kitchen, while the Tortallians started cleaning up. It was decided that they would explain the Tortallians as guests, but because the house was clearly too crowded, Tara and Willow would live at Willows house for a few days, with some of the Tortallians. They decided to have Thayet, Jon, Gary and Raoul stay at Willows. They would put Alanna and George in Tara’s and Willows room and Numair in the small guestroom, while Daine would stay with Dawn. They send Tara and Dawn shopping with the girls and Xander with the men and would later pack suitcases to cover the cover-story. Willow faked some used bus tickets to explain how they arrived and pinned a schedule for the lines that were leaving Sunnydale in the kitchen ... with some marked dates.

Willow and Anya were doing kitchen duty while Buffy made the beds and put the suitcases into the rooms and the makeshift bed into Dawns room. The house was clean again. Willow was thinking about a meal that would be approved and made spaghetti and a bolognese and a napoli sauce to go with it. She prepared some salad for the vitamins.

The others arrived early putting away the cloth, the Tortallians changed into cloth that really fit. They were instructed and ready for the visitor. Giles arrived late but still some minutes early enough.

As Mrs Taggert arrived lunch was just ready to be served and they invited her to eat with them.

She was positively surprised by the food and the polite group. Numair, Alanna and Giles started a conversation about some languages while Daine and Dawn were speaking about cloths. George was telling a story about a lost jewel that was found in an unusual place (he just let out that he was the one who had stolen it). Later Daine and Thayet were discussing horses.

After lunch Mrs Taggert asked to have a word with all of them. They gathered in the living-room and she asked how this lot knew the Summers. They all had their stories prepared or well had a story like the scoobies.

Giles explained that he was the librarian at the old Sunnydale High and that he shared an interest for art with Joyce, he got to know the whole family better, playing a part as a mentor and friend.

Willow, Oz and Xander explained about being schoolmates of Buffy, becoming real god, if not best friends over the years. They also explained that Joyce was something of a surrogate mother to all of them, as their own parents hadn’t had time for them.

Tara was introduced as Willows girlfriend they had met at college and Anya as a former schoolmate and Xanders fiancée.

George explained that he as a jeweller and a great fan of art had met Joyce nearly two decades ago and they became friends. On one of her work trips he introduced her to his wife and his friends and they liked each other from the first minute. They remained in contact, occasionally visiting and often calling the others. They had helped her to move to Sunnydale after her divorce and were on a visit now, to help her daughters.

Now she asked him to explain about his relationship and past with his friends. He explained that Jon, Gary and Raoul were old friends of Alanna who was at the same school they were, actually she even dated Jon for some time. They all liked to hang out because they were all living in a small city and loving the same diner. Numair who also had an interest in art, well older art, history and medieval society met George at some time, helping him with some jewels which should look as medieval as possible. They liked each other and as small as the city was, they were becoming good friends fast. Thayet met Jon and they fell in love. She knew Daine who was working at the same farm, where Thayet was giving riding lessons. One day she invited Daine to join her, Jon and his friends in the evening to have some fun. Numair and her hit off and now they were engaged.

Mrs Taggert accepted the story, but asked where everyone was sleeping. After hearing that Daine was sleeping in a makeshift bed in Dawns room and not with Numair (at least during their stay) and the others were not all staying in the summers house she was asking herself why her comm. worker had asked her to have a closer look.

She asked what they had planned for the evening and the next day.

They told her about a barbeque in the evening and visiting a horse farm the day after.

Mrs Taggert asked to have a talk with Dawn alone and the others left the living room.

Xander, Alanna, Jon and Anya were cleaning up the remains of lunch, washing the dishes and doing kitchen duty while Willow, Raoul and Gary went for a grocery shopping tour for the barbeque. Tara, Oz, Thayet and Daine set everything up in the garden and Buffy went into the basement to do some laundry and give Spike some blood. George, Giles and Numair went to the magic box to research a bit more or officially because Numair was interested in the books about myths, legends and languages and George would like to have a look at the jewellery and Giles had to open his shop for the Sunday tourists for at least some hours.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Stuck with the slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jun 04.

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