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Stuck with the slayer

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Summary: BTVSTamora Pierce Daine Sequel x-over. Some Tortallians get to Sunnydale through a Portal, will they be help or work for the slayer? A new mastervamp in town- trouble arising! More inside it.

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceDawnladyFR15813,320012,24715 Jun 0415 Jun 04No

Stuck with the slayer

Timelines: Well for the Tamora Pierce characters, after emperor mage, and after the border between mortal realms and the realms of god is gone. But chaos wanted to push her luck by sending the most important Tortallians away. Now Alanna, Jon, George, Thayet, Raoul, Gary, Daine, Numair and Kitten were sent trough a portal and landed on a cemetery in Sunnydale which is of course in an other Dimension Timeline of Buffy, well kind of my own, there was no attempt of raping Buffy by Spike, and he does not get a soul. All the Scoobies are used to him, now and trust him, even Xander (well he was dragged into it kicking and screaming, but now he does trust him). The calling for the potentials never happened, Tara never died, Willow and her are in love again.

Disclaimer: I do not one BtSV or Tamora Pierce books. Hey this is a fanfic, I am only playing with them. I do not earn any money with it.

It's my first Buffy story and my second fanfic story ever. And I am German, so please do not be offended by grammar or spelling mistakes. And please REVIEW


Chapter 1

It was a normal night for the two blonde fighters. They were out in the cemetery fighting against a dozen of Vampires. Well it was a normal night for them. Most people won't call it normal at all. They were fast dusting the vampires and after some minutes there were none standing just some small heaps of dust laying around.

The Slayer and the Master vampire continued their discussion. "No Spike, I won't! I think blond is cuter than dark hair." "I'll tell peaches. That will really get him." "Spike, dare to!" They were tickling each other as someone was coughing. "Ehm, would you mind to draw your attention to us. We would like to see the look on the face of the slayer, when we kill her."

The blond woman turned around, angrily facing the vampire who had disturbed them. "Can't you wait till I am ready? No manners at all" she sighed. "I was having fun" The peroxide blonde man now faced the vampires, too. "That's our way, luv. No manners at all. But well, what do you think about having another dance? If we are fast we could enjoy ourselves elsewhere"

The vampire hissed "A vampire, calling the slayer his love? You are a shame!" "And you must be really wet behind the ears to be shocked by it. It's common knowledge, I am Spike the blackest sheep of the vampires. Wait there is another black sheep, my Sire Angelus the Vampire with a soul." The blonde girl were getting bored "DO no talk, fight. I wanted to see the late night movie." "Ok luv let's start." The two of them started punching the vampire in front of them and several other vamps came out of the shadows. "Great, a meeting. What fun"

Suddenly there was a light, expanding into a big portal. People were falling out of the portal. Spike sniffed in the air. "Buffy, they seem to be humans." The vampires around them started to grin. One giggled "Dinner"

Buffy and Spike fought their way to the group. They were trying to get up. "Are you ready to run? We will secure your back. You fall directly in one of our fights" Buffy asked. "Run?" A redhead exclaimed. "I am fully able to fight. And I think the rest of us is, too. Well, except for Kitten maybe. But well a dragon bite is also a serious wound, so she should be able to defend herself." "Well, luv" Spike smirked "This is no everyday fight, there are only two ways to kill them, sharp wood into their heart or behead them." After his words the redhead hit him with her fist, he went down. "Do not dare to speak with me in this way. I may be a girl. But I am really strong" "No quarrels now" Someone said, and to Buffy's surprise the redhead obeyed the order.

"Do not speak, fight. And remember behead them or put sharp wood into their hearts. They won't die from other wounds." Buffy said. "And be careful they want your blood. To suck it. And they could turn you into such a monster too. "

Seconds later the sky was bright with coloured fire. Numair and Alanna were setting the vamps on fire, killing them with magic forces. After a minute no one was left. Spike and Buffy were impressed.

Buffy asked them to come with her. She would like to check some things. And they could sleep at her place. Her eyes begged Spike to help her protect Dawn until they would know more about the stranger. One of them tried to explain, but was cut short by Buffy. "No speaking. Just come with us, we can speak at home. You can explain it to us when we are complete. Plus it is not safe outside."

She called Giles and Xander to be at her home in some minutes and alerted Tara and Willow, that they would have visitors, with strong magic.

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