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Twins found

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Summary: Harry Potter and Dawn Summers twin daughters meet a camp. Responce to Jinni's Parent Trap Challenge

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter(Past Donor)sevangelFR1533,5870185,78217 Jun 048 Aug 04No

Happenings of Hell-A

“Bit, the in the bloody hell are you doing? You’re supposed to be at the meeting with the rest of the scoobs. You know the only way I can stand going is if you are there. Who else is going to laugh when I make fun of the poof.” Spike reached down to pull Dawn off the floor when he noticed the tears. “What’s the matter love? Are you hurt?” His questions came out harsher then she knew he meant.

“I’m fine Spike.” Dawn reassures him as she stands up. “I just miss my girl so much. She’s growing up so fast and I can’t stand it. I just want her to be the little baby I brought home so long ago.”

“How do you think I feel bit. I remember when you were her age, hell I remember when you were younger than her. I sometimes wish you were that age again. But then we wouldn’t have Ang.” Spike still calls her bit or niblet or platelet. Says she’s still the same little girl that he used to tell scary stories to in his crypt. He calls Ang lil niblet or lil bit cause she’s smaller. Dawn loves that. It makes her feel like a kid again.

“Come on vampire mine. Let’s go make fun of Angel’s hair.” She grabs Spike’s hand and they make their way towards the conference room off of the lobby of the hotel. Spike didn’t really mean the things he said about Angel. He just liked to push his buttons. Dawn liked to help him cause that’s what little sisters do, they pick on their big brothers. And Angel is her big brother. So is Spike but Angel is funnier to tease. He just takes it more personally. They made their way into the room and took the seats they normally did on the left side away from the window.

“Good afternoon everybody. There hasn’t been much demon activity as of late and that is starting to become worrisome.” Wesley is pacing the room as he speaks. This is actually normal for him. It’s when he sits still that one should start to worry. It usually means something bad is happening or going to happen. Fred is next to his chair pretending to listen but she is actually reading a book. To her right is Faith who isn’t pretending at all. She has her head on the table and if you look closely you could see drool. Gunn has his legs propped up next to Faith’s head and is trying to shoot paper wads in a trash can across the room. The seat next to him is empty so Anne must be tied up at the shelter. Xander and Cordy are playing hangman across from Faith and trying to be quiet about it. Never happens. They are two of the loudest people you will ever meet. Buffy and Angel are sitting practically on top of each other trying not to look like they are groping each other. We’re not fooled. Looks like Giles decided not to show up for this meeting which doesn’t surprise me. He usually only comes if there really is any demon activity. Willow and Gwen must have volunteered for baby sitting duties again. They did that a lot. Must be because neither one of them will probably ever have kids of their own.

“Watcher sit. Nothing is happening. Demon activity is down just cause it’s down. You’re pacing is making me ill.” Wesley glares at Spike but sits nonetheless. He starts talking to Fred. This is how most of our meeting go. We haven’t had all that many big bads lately so mostly we sit around and talk. Dawn glances over at Spike and see that he is writing something. He looks at her then at his paper. He starts writing furiously. Then he hands the paper to Dawn. Looking down she instantly starts laughing. He wasn’t writing like she thought. He was drawing. He wasn’t as good of an artist as Angel but he was pretty damn close. He had roughly sketched a cartoon Angel complete with 5 inch tall hair. One arm was around a cartoon Buffy who had a stake held in her hand. In Angel’s other hand was a small mirror that he was looking in. It was an running joke with the scoobs. Every since Angel got his reflection a few years ago he looked in every mirror that he passed. It wasn’t really because he was vain. It was just because there was something to look at now. He said he went for 250 years plus without a reflection. If he didn’t see it everyday he wouldn’t believe it was ever really there.

They all thought that if and when the Shanshu prophesy came true that it would happen overnight. That one day Angel would go to bed a vampire and wake up human. Nothing could be further from the truth. They had no idea the prophesy had even came to pass until Buffy ended up pregnant. Willow had anchored his soul a couple months after they moved into the Hyperian. Angel still had all his vampires attribute but somehow he got Buffy pregnant. At first everyone thought it was another “vampire with a soul has a baby” prophesy but nothing was ever found. The group researched thru the entire pregnancy, birth, and even months after Joyce Rose O’Conner was born. Nothing was ever found to say how the baby came to be. Joy was pretty much passed off as the miracle that she is.

Then one night it happened. Angel, Spike, and Faith were out for patrol when they were attacked by a nest of vamps. There was about 20 of them and they were able to kill most of them. Angel had been cornered by about 6 and he was holding his own till one staked him In the heart. Faith saw it happened and flipped. She killed the 5 surrounding herself then the rest that cornered Angel. She had no idea how she was going to tell Buffy that the father of her child was dead. Then she looked down. Angel was on the ground with a wooden stake through his heart. Only he wasn’t ash. He should have been. They rushed him to the hospital and he was taken directly into surgery. Buffy arrived about 30 minutes later. She was devastated. It was touch and go for a while. But he came through. Angel was becoming human. The stake through the heart didn’t dust him and because he still had vampire strength he didn’t die from the injury. That’s when Wesley and Giles figured out that Angel was becoming human over time instead of overnight. A few years after the “staking” incident, he was able to go into the sun. Followed closely by not being affected by crosses, holy water, and garlic. Then one day he looked in the mirror and saw himself. A few weeks later he had to shave for the first time in over 250 years. Then about two years ago he noticed he was getting some laugh lines around his eyes. He was starting to age. He also realized that he couldn’t vamp out and that he didn’t need or want blood. He was human. He was still as strong as he was before and healed at pretty much the same rate.

Cordy was right. We hooked up with the only person who ever came to L.A. to get old. And he was absolutely happy about it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Twins found" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Aug 04.

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