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Twins found

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Summary: Harry Potter and Dawn Summers twin daughters meet a camp. Responce to Jinni's Parent Trap Challenge

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter(Past Donor)sevangelFR1533,5870185,78217 Jun 048 Aug 04No

Twins found

Title:Twins found

Author: sevangel

Rating: 15

Summary: Harry Potter and Dawn Summers twin girls meet at camp.

Pairings:Harry/Dawn (other couples will be mentioned but this fic is about Dawn and Harry

Notes:Answer to Jinni's Parent Trap challenge (Unmixed Cookie Dough is a sorta prologue to this story

Spoilers: Season 7 of BtVS, 4 of Angel, and OotP. Sirius didn't die and Angel's crew didn't take over W & H.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, Angel, or Harry Potter. BtVS and Angel belong to Joss and co while Harry Potter belongs to Rowling. I am just going to attempt to play with them


Chapter 1

“Ang, hurry up and get your stuff. Xander is in the car.” Dawn looks down at her watch, smiling cause as normal her 14 year daughter is 20 minutes late.

“Jeez, mom. I’ll be down in like 1 minute.” It’s not like I’m running that late, only like 20 minutes and she acts like its hours. I, Angelia Willa Summers, or Ang to my family, am always late. So technically, I’m right on time. And it’s not like I don’t have a lot of stuff that I need to get, I am going to camp for a week. I can’t believe I finally talked mom into letting me go. I have been trying for like 4 years to go to a camp, but every time mom would say no. Uncle Spike once said it was because of what happened when she went away by herself. Me. Which is stupid cause I’m not even fifteen so it is highly unlikely that I am going to go away to camp and come back with a infant. Parents. Can’t live with them, can’t survive without them.

“All right, lil niblet. Got everything.” Spike picks up my second suitcase and follows me down the stairs. “Come on, you have to answer me. You aren’t still made about that Timmy thing.”

“His name was Tom and hell yes I am pissed Uncle Spike. You threatened to kill him.” At this point we are in the lobby of the Hyperian and everyone is looking at us.

“Lil niblet, I didn’t threaten to kill him. I just told him what would happen if he kept looking at your arse. Is it my fault he took it as a threat. I was just looking out for you.”

“You told him they wouldn’t find his body if he even thought about doing what he was thinking about. How could he not take that as a threat. You are so dramatic. He was just a friend.”

“You’re too young to have friends like that.”

“Well guess what. Some day I will have a boyfriend, I will kiss him, and gasp, one day I will have the sex.” At this word Spike’s eyes flash yellow and I can tell he is fighting himself to stay out of game face.

“Not as long as I’m alive.”

“Good thing your not.” My face is about one inch from Uncle Spike and I can see the hurt flash thru his eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean it like that, its just that you guys have to realize I am growing up. I mean, I will be 15 in a little over a month. I love that you are worried and you know I love you.” Spike hugs me and kisses my forehead, just like he always does.

“I’ll try lil niblet. Got everything. Ax, holy water, stakes, tranq gun, crossbow, crosses, and the normal stuff.”

“Yep, I’ll all ready to go. I’ll miss you guys.” All the old scoobies hug me as Joy, Matt, Mandy, Nate, and Bryce wait near the door for me.

“Ang, remember to write and find some cute guys.” Mandy hugs me as Joy slips a box of condoms into my coat pocket. “Just in case” She whispers.

She steps back smirking as Matt, Nate, and Bryce come forward. “Any guys try to talk to you, you better kick their ass.” Matt smiles as he reaches over to hug me. Nate and Bryce nod in agreement.

“All right family. Here I go. Love you all. See you in a week.” As my family waves mom grabs my hand and we go out to the car.


“Dad, hurry up. I am ready to go.” Lilah Molly Potter, mostly called Lils, is impatiently tapping her foot as she waits for her dad to come down stairs.

“Lils, I will be down in just a second. You are so impatient.”

“Come on, Uncle Draco and Ron are already here. I am going to be late.” Dad is always late. It’s something all the adults tell me has happened the entire time they have known him. He is always late.

“Come on Potter, you kid is getting impatient. And she is right we are going to be late to work if you don’t hurry up.” Uncle Draco can be so annoying but most of the times he is cool. Aunt Ginny told us they used to be like worst enemies in school; Draco, Ron, Hermonie, and dad. It was during the war when Draco fell for aunt Ginny that they started to get along. They still fight a lot, kind of like Dom and me.

“All right, Lils, let’s go. Send you off to camp. Halfway across the world.” He is giving me the “my little girl is all grown up look”. He didn’t really want me to go to camp, but after much pressuring from Grandma Molly and aunt Hermonie he finally said yes. I can’t wait. Because of the whole Voldermort thing, I was never aloud to do anything. They were always worried that some rogue death eater would find me.

“Yes dad. Your little girl is all grown up and going away to camp. You need to relax a little. I am only going for one week Then I will be back and you can return to the believing that I am still your little baby girl.” Uncle Ron and Draco are trying to keep from laughing as we make our way to the ministry car.

“Stop laughing. I’m not the only one with a daughter about to become a women.”

“Shut up Harry. We know this. We are just in denial. You should join us.” Ron looks disturbed with thoughts of his daughter growing up. Draco just seems to unfazed, but knowing him, he is thinking of convents into which he can enroll Liza.

“Alright mini scar head. Here is your sendoffs from the kids. April and Liza want you to find a “cute boy”. Dominic says to stay away as long as you can. Everyone else sends their love. And I think you should bring home some nice muggle boy to drive your father insane with. It would be very entertaining.”

“Shut up ferret. No boys. Go to camp and have a fun time, but no boys." Dad hugs me then hands me a pencil. "Alright, you know the drill. The portkey will take you to camp. Put it in your bag after you get there. I’ll be there to pick you up at the end of the week. I love you. Have fun.” He kisses me on the forehead then I’m gone.


I know this is short, but I was really, really tired (it's 5:47 am) and I just wanted to post something. Thanks for reading
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