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Lovers & Friends

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Summary: The life of Dawn, Willow, Buffy, and Faith after Sunnydale (Femslash)

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Smallville > Dawn-Centered
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ElectroniszappaFR2123,962043,70717 Jun 0414 Aug 04No

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Title: Lovers and Friends

Author: Electronis


Rating: 17

Pairings: Buffy/Faith

Spoilers: Anything up to and including Angel 515 – A Hole in the World

Feedback: But of course

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to people who are not me, except for Diedre

Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know
where it's going


Note: For the Passionate Oasis (
PWP fest

“Alone at last” Faith said to Buffy as they entered their hotel room after
spending the day sightseeing in and around Dublin and getting to know the newly
discovered slayer.

“That’s all you have to say after the wonderful day we had?  Didn’t you just love the rolling fields of
green and fences made of stone”

“That’s a rather interesting wording” Faith commented.

“Sorry, heard it in some Garth Brooks song about Ireland that Xander listens
to.  Still, I know you loved the fact
that Dierdre is from Tullamore.”

“You got to admit, the distillery was wicked cool”

“It was interesting I’ll give you that. 
But, we’re in one of the most beautiful nations on the face of the earth
with some of the friendliest people, and you make it seem like it’s no big

“Buffy, my family is Irish and I grew up in south Boston  surrounded by even more Irishmen, so to me,
it ISN’T a big deal  Besides, you know
this trip was more about you and I getting some alone time than it was about
coming to Ireland.  We could of went to Iceland
and I would have been happy cause I’m with you. 
Just like I’ll be happy no matter where Willow and I end up going.”

“Aww, Faith, that’s so sweet” Buffy said as
she gathered the brunette into her arms.

“Babe, I know I’m a slayer, but still need air”

“Sorry”  Buffy
said sheepishly as she lightened her grip on one of her girlfriends.  “So, Dierdre’s a cutie isn’t she?”

“You REALLY like redheads don’t you?” 
Faith teased.  “Bet you had a
thing for Vi didn’t you?”

“She is good looking, but she’s no Willow.”

“Still, I bet when Will was in LA giving Angel his soul back again, you were
thinking about it.  Dreaming of training
with her, getting all hot and sweaty, pinning her down, nuzzling her neck,
having her turn the tables and end up pinning you down, watching her strip off
her sports bra, then satisfied that you’re complacent, she starts removing her
sweats and panties ever so slowly, making the anticipation ever so much worse,
and just when the first patch of red is about to appear…….you wake up, forcing
you to take care of business on your own.” 
Buffy snapped out of the trance that the scene Faith was painting put
her in.  “Mmm right where I want
you.”  Faith huskily whispered, preceding to nibble on Buffy’s ear while undoing the buttons
of the blonde’s blouse, slipping it off as the last button comes free.  Quick work was made of Buffy’s bra as Faith’s
mouth found Buffy’s.  The blonde removed
the rest of her clothes and lay on the bed eagerly awaiting the brunette.  Faith happily complied, kneeling on the floor
and spreading Buffy’s legs.  She put her
hand over the blonde’s pussy and began slowly running her middle finger up and
down between the folds.

“Quit teasing.”  Buffy panted while
squirming at Faith’s touch.  The brunette
paid no heed and continued what she was doing.

“Lana loves this, might want to keep that in mind B.”  Faith offered.

“Fuck me Faith!”  The blonde
ordered.  Against her better judgment,
Faith removed her hand from it’s resting place and
began working two fingers into Buffy’s eager sex.  A third soon followed.  Faith could tell Buffy was near climax as she
grazed her clit with her thumb, sending shivers of delight through the blonde’s
body.  Faith kept her three fingers deep
in Buffy’s pussy while she came, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as she
could.  She removed them when Buffy’s
orgasm subsided, enjoying the look of the afterglow on her face.  “We need to get those clothes off of you so I
can return the favor.”  Buffy remarked
sitting up.  Faith turned on the clock
radio and began searching for something suitable.  She was lucky enough to catch the beginning
of Aerosmith’s ‘Sweet Emotion’.  She
began swaying to the music in front of Buffy, slowly removing her clothes.  In the middle of taking off her bra, there
was a knock on the door followed by it opening.

“Buffy, Faith, can I come in?”  Dierdre
asked, thinking the other slayers were simply listening to the radio.  “Sorry.” 
She said shocked.  Buffy had
immediately dived for the covers, Faith followed shortly there after.

“We’re the ones who should be sorry, we should have
made sure to lock the door.”  Buffy tried
to diffuse the situation.  “What did you

“My friend Seamus just stopped by.  It
turns out, he’s a leprechaun.  I thought
his family was just short.  His mother
decided to do a spell to see where all the slayers are.  She says there is one in an Amish community
in the middle of Pennsylvania.  She thought you should know in case she was

“There’s an Amish slayer?”  Faith asked

“Leprechauns are real?”  Buffy asked at
the same time.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lovers & Friends" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 04.

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