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Lovers & Friends

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Summary: The life of Dawn, Willow, Buffy, and Faith after Sunnydale (Femslash)

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Smallville > Dawn-Centered
Cartoons > Josie and the Pussycats
ElectroniszappaFR2123,962043,70617 Jun 0414 Aug 04No

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Title: Lovers & Friends (1/2?)

Author: Electronis


Rating: 17

Pairings: Dawn/Drusilla, Dawn/Lana Lang (Smallville), Dawn/Melody (Josie & The Pussycats), Dawn/Fred, Dawn Willow

Spoilers: Anything up to and including Angel 515 – A Hole in the World

Feedback: But of course

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to people who are not me

Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know
where it's going

Summary: Response to the "Pick from a hat" challenge created by
DanKnight and

Note: Dawn is 17. Obviously AU. For one thing, The Scoobs still trust Angel.

It was a dark night in Edinburgh. Dawn Summers was strolling the streets, her
eyes peeled for any potential danger. It didn’t take long for her to feel a
familiar sensation. Instinctively she reached for her stake.

“Tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers” called out a voice from
nearby. She turned to find a very attractive brunette that appeared to be
roughly a decade older than her. Upon seeing her, Dawn was able to confirm that
it was a vampire. None other than the legendary Drusilla, recently cursed with
her soul by gypsies for seducing and killing their princess. Dawn had gotten
word that she no longer fed on humans, so she slightly let her guard down.
“You’re the slayer. Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m different now.”

“The council knows about what happened. So, what brings you here?”

“All those naughty things I did. Miss Edith told me you could help me.”

“And where is this Miss Edith?”

“She’s at home” the brunette vampire cooed

“She’s your lover?” It was well known that Drusilla preferred female victims,
the gypsy of course being the last. It was not known, however, that the slayer
was attracted to girls.

“Dolls can’t be lovers.” Drusilla shouted, annoyed that Dawn did not know about
Miss Edith. “That’s what pretty girls like you are for.” The vampire added
seductively. “Come home with me, it’s not far.” Not really knowing why, Dawn
nodded her agreement and followed the vampire to her lair. “I’ve been so lonely
since mommy tossed me away after what those mean gypsies did to me.” Drusilla
informed Dawn once they were safe in her lair. “You’ll help me with that won’t
you?” she asked, embracing the younger woman. She didn’t give Dawn a chance to
answer, instead kissing the slayer with a desperate hunger. Dawn melted into the
kiss as she felt her clothes torn from her body. Drusilla was in complete
control as she carried the slayer to her bed. The slayer eagerly spread her
legs, allowing the vampire free access to her vagina. Drusilla began pumping her
index and middle fingers into Dawn’s sex so she could watch the younger girl
writhe at her touch. Soon though the hunger over took Drusilla and her fingers
were replaced with her tongue.

“Fuck me Drusilla!” Dawn called out as she awoke, rousing her girlfriend out of
a light sleep as well.

“Fuck me Drusilla?” Lana asked, studying Dawn’s face. “You had a sex dream and
it wasn’t about me?” She added, disdain clear in her voice.

“Well, I’m not the one who’s always dreaming about Lucy from Seventh Heaven”
Dawn countered, seeing past the anger. Lana giggled

“You’re never going to let me live that one down are you?”

“Only cause there is transference from your friend Chloe in that they are both
hot blondes.”

“Like you wouldn’t sleep with her. I know you have a thing for blondes too.
Which one of us has the crush on Melody from The Pussycats?” Dawn started to
answer, but knew Lana was right, so said nothing. “Don’t know how we’ll keep our
hands off of Chloe when she gets here next week. But she’s in love with Clark,
who in turn is in love with me. Clark’s super and all, but a bit mild mannered
for me.”

“Not to mention male.”

“Hey, I did have a boyfriend.”

“So did Buffy, Willow, and Faith. I even went out with a couple of boys.
Although one was due to a spell, and the other was to be with my friend Janice.”

“True. I have to say, I’m much happier with you. Lana snuggled closer to Dawn,
and began kissing her passionately. Dawn soon took control, kissing her way down
to Lana’s breasts. Lana moaned her approval as Dawn used her tongue to flick at
her nipples. Dawn then began trailing kisses down Lana’s stomach, moving in such
a way so that her sex was in reach of Lana’s mouth. The lovers hungrily lapped
at each other’s pussies. Lana’s orgasm came first, followed shortly thereafter
by Dawn’s. Dawn kissed her way back up Lana’s body.

“I love you.” Dawn told her girlfriend

"I love you too." Lana replied. "Want to go to the club tonight? My treat"

"The Pussycats concert last night, club tonight, you spoil me you know that?"

"What can I say, I'm trying to bribe my watcher"

"I'm not officially your watcher yet you know that right?"

"But you're going to be. Do you want to go or not?"

"Of course."

As Lana and Dawn entered the club, their eyes immediately began scanning the
crowd, partially scanning for vampires, and partially checking out the girls.

"Lana, over there." Dawn pointed in the direction of a redhead with her back
towards them, dancing with a blonde who, to the trained eye, was obviously a

"I'm on it." Lana replied, pulling out her stake and making her way through the
crowd to the pair with Dawn close behind her. The vampire was oblivious until
she felt the stake in her heart. "Sorry, but much longer and you'd be….Josie?"
Lana remarked as she turned to the vamp's intended victim.

“What just happened?” The singer asked still in shock.

"That girl you were dancing with, was a vampire. I'm a vampire slayer. It's my
duty to keep the world safe from vampires and other demons."

“Sounds like you saved my life.”

“Yeah me and my girlfriend Dawn” Lana replied putting her arm around Dawn’s
shoulder and pulling her closer. “She’s the one that spotted her”

“Thank you very much. My girlfriend and I are very grateful” Josie thanked the
couple as Melody joined them.

"Who are your new friends? Melody asked in her usual cheerful tone.

"I'm Lana Lang, and this is my girlfriend, Dawn Summers."

"They just saved my life." Josie filled in for Melody.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my Josie.” Melody
exclaimed, hugging first Lana, then Dawn, who relished the all too brief

“Ashamed our concert was last night or else you would have been our guests.”

“We went actually, you’re our favorite band. You two are such great role models
for young lesbians like us.” Dawn gushed.

“Awww, thank you.” Josie accepted

“Why don’t we take them to Paris with us?” Melody offered, clinging to her
girlfriend while hungrily eyeing Lana and Dawn.

“Good idea.” The redhead answered, stealing a quick kiss from the blonde. “What
do you say? We leave London on Wednesday, but you wouldn’t have to come down
till Friday when the concert is if you have something else going on.”

“That’s very kind of you, but you don’t have to. We do this all the time, it’s
no big deal. Besides, I have a friend flying in from Metropolis on Saturday,
it’s been a year since I’ve seen her.” Lana explained

“We can have you back here Saturday” Josie countered

“We’d have to talk it over with my sister, but she’s in Dublin and isn’t due
back till Tuesday.”

"Understandable. She can come too, if she wants.”

“Well, she does have a thing for redheads……” Dawn offered

“What about you two? Guessing it’s brunettes for the both of you.” Josie asked.

“Actually, we're equal opportunity daters, but we lean towards blondes.
Especially Dawn.” Lana informed them, catching Melody’s eye.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom, can you show me where it is Dawn?” Melody asked
leaving Josie’s side and taking Dawn’s hand. Dawn glanced at Lana for approval.

“Go on.” Lana told her kissing her cheek and pushing her towards the blonde.

“Have fun.” Josie added with a grin. Dawn led Melody towards the bathroom
cutting through the crowd. Once inside they quickly found an empty stall. As
soon as the door was locked they were in each other’s arms, kissing each other
passionately, Dawn’s tongue sliding into Melody’s mouth before being forced to
retreat back to her mouth by Melody’s. Dawn’s hands crept under Melody’s tank
top, massaging her breasts over her bra. Instinctively deciding to return the
favor, Melody ran her hands under Dawn’s baby doll tee, finding Dawn was not
wearing a bra. Melody began to nuzzle Dawn’s neck as she rolled the younger
girl’s nipples between her fingers, earning a moan from Dawn. Melody pushed the
shirt up, exposing Dawn’s breasts. The blonde leaned down to take one in her
mouth, while at the same time hiking up Dawn’s miniskirt. She then pulled Dawn’s
panties down, and worked two fingers in and out of her wet pussy while brushing
the brunette’s clit with her thumb.

“Sweetie, Willow just called me on my cell. It’s important.” Lana called through
the stall door after hearing Dawn’s climax.

“Wh-What did you say?” She asked, still slightly incoherent.

“I said Willow needs us, it’s very important.” Lana told her girlfriend. Dawn
stole a couple quick kisses from Melody before readjusting her clothes.

“We’ll see you in Paris.” She said as she exited the stall. “What’s up? “ Dawn
asked, switching to full watcher in training mode.

“Angel called. That girl Fred that works for him….”

“The cute Texan we met during our stopover in L.A.?”

“Yeah her. As I was saying, she’s been infected by something that came from here
in Britain, a place called ‘The Deep Well’. Angel asked the council to help
investigate what happened, and Giles wants Willow, Rona, Amanda, me, and you to
accompany him. By the time we make it to Headquarters a chopper will be waiting.
Guess we have to cut our date short. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“The only way to draw out Illyria is by returning the sarcophagus to it’s
rightful place in the Well, but that would infect every living creature between
it and Fred. That’s millions of people.” Drogyn informed the council members.

“So, what if there was no one between Fred and the sarcophagus?” Dawn inquired.

“Then no one would be infected.” Drogyn answered truthfully.

“Because Illyria will only be drawn out once the sarcophagus is in place?” Dawn
requested clarification.

“Correct.” Drogyn said.

“Can you and your workers be infected by Illyria?” Dawn followed up.


“Lana, phone.” Dawn demanded. Lana handed her cell phone to Dawn. “Willow, not
getting any signal here.”

“Helaethu.” Willow said directing a spell at the phone. As soon as she saw that
she had full signal, Dawn hurriedly dialed Angel’s number.

(Hello?) Angel asked as he picked it up.


(Yeah, who’s this?)


(Hey Dawnie how are you?)

“Very good thanks.”

(That’s good. What’s Buffy up to?)

“She’s in Ireland with Faith retrieving a newly discovered slayer. Listen, I
didn’t call to talk about you and my sister.”

(Why not?)

“Well for starters, she’s gay now.”

(Yeah, I know.) Angel replied, obviously upset.

“Sorry, but you know two would never have worked in the long run. Anyway,
there’s a way to cure Fred.”


“Thought you might like to hear that.”

(So, what do we have to do?)

“You have to bring the sarcophagus back to the Well, once it is back where it
belongs, it will draw Illyria out of her. You have to bring Fred too, or else
everyone between Fred and the sarcophagus will be infected. If there’s no one
there, no one can be infected.”

(What about Drogyn and his men?)

“I asked him about that, he says they’re safe. Clock is ticking, call us when
you’re in the air. Get moving.” Dawn told Angel as she disconnected the line.

“Wow, nice office.” Fred commented as she entered Buffy’s office at the new
Watcher’s Council headquarters that she was nice enough to share with her
sister. “Like the Pussycats poster, I have one of the Dixie Chicks in mine.”
Dawn smirked, remembering her encounter in the nightclub bathroom Saturday

“Thanks, glad to see you’re better.”

“I understand I have you to thank for that.”

“You’re welcome. Once Drogyn told us the cure, it was rather obvious. Good thing
Angel had us go to the Well since we were closer. Actually, yours wasn’t the
only life I helped save that day. We went to Elle, the night club we hang out
at, and when we got there, I spotted a vampire dancing with a redhead with a
really cute butt.”

“Willow was dancing with a vampire?” Fred asked confused.

“Nope, it was Josie McCoy.”

“As in…?” Fred asked, her eyes shifting to the poster.

“The one and only.” Dawn beamed. “It was weird, we had just went to their
concert the night before. Then there we were saving Josie’s life. When Melody
heard, she hugged the both of us. It was all I could do not to let my hands
wander south and grab her butt.”

“Mmmm I bet.”

“That’s not the best part. Melody suggested that they fly me, Lana, and Buffy to
Paris for their concert Friday night. Then, one thing led to another and next
thing I know I’m in a bathroom stall with Melody, my shirt’s practically off, my
skirt’s around my waist, and my panties are around my knees.” Dawn could tell
that Fred was picturing the scene by her shy, happy smile. “I’m in heaven as
she’s sucking on my breasts and fingering me. Then out of nowhere I hear Lana
telling me she got a phone call from Willow, and the rest as they say, is

“So, you never got a chance to return the favor? For Melody I mean.”

“No, unfortunately, but who knows what will happen in Paris? On the plus side,
Lana was very happy when we got home.”

“I bet she was. I remember last year when Willow came down to re-ensoul Angel, I
was flirting with her. When she told me she was seeing your sister, I was a
little frustrated, but that’s when Cordy sprang her surprise on us. First chance
I got, I went to this place called Milk, met this girl named Shane, and we ended
up fucking in her friends’ pool.”

“Lucky girl. Sounds like fun.”

“It was. But, I’ve never had sex in an office.” Fred told Dawn as she locked the
door. “At least, not with a girl.” She added, as she sauntered over to where
Dawn was sitting. She wrapped her arms around Dawn’s neck and gave her a sensual
kiss. Dawn unbuttoned the Texan’s jeans and pushed them and her panties down her
legs. She then picked Fred up by the waist and sat her on the desk. Dawn leaned
in and used her tongue to trace around Fred’s swollen outer lips, making sure to
avoid her clit. When she’d teased her enough, Dawn flicked her clit a couple
times before entering Fred’s pussy with her tongue. Fred ran her fingers through
Dawn’s hair in order to insure she kept up what she was doing. Dawn soon found
Fred’s g spot, leaving her unable to form intelligible words as the orgasm
rolled through her body. Afterwards she took her hands out of Dawn’s hair,
allowing the younger girl up.

“Well now you cross that off the list of things you’ve never done.” She said as
she kissed Fred one last time.

“Hey babe, I’m heading out.” Lana told Dawn before leaving to patrol.

“Be safe, leave some for the other slayers.” Dawn said hugging and kissing Lana

“Of course I will, they don’t all have a girlfriend as hot as you to get them
worked up.” Lana assured Dawn

“Actually, I’m pretty sure the only gay slayers in London all live in this
house.” Dawn countered.

“Ah, but you converted me.” Lana replied

“Chloe, Lucy, Tina before she started stalking you. You were gay long before you
met me. You said yourself the only reason you stayed a cheerleader as long as
you did was to check out the girls.”

“And you’re hotter than all of them. Except Lucy.” Lana smirked, pulling out of
the hug. “I’ve really got to get going though. Wait up. Love you.”

“Love you too, and I’m WAY hotter than Lucy.” Dawn said to Lana’s retreating

“Melody.” Lana teased as she walked out the door.

“Hey Dawn, can I come in?” Willow asked from the other side of the door to the
room that Lana and Dawn shared.

“Sure, what’s up?” Dawn answered, concern showing in her voice

“Not, much, can’t wait for Buffy and Faith to get back tomorrow. I mean, I get
that they wanted some time alone, but Wednesday was the last time I..

“Ah, so, I’m just a convenient plaything?” Dawn teased.

“Have I ever given you that impression?” Willow asked in a playful tone while
pealing back the covers exposing Dawn. “You ARE naked” She added, climbing into
bed next to her.

“Would have thought that was rather obvious.”

“You could have had panties on.”

“I wanted to surprise Lana. You of all people know how slayers get after a good

“Think how surprised she’ll be to find the two of us.” Willow told Dawn,
cuddling up to the younger woman. “She’ll love it.” She added, reaching out
stroke Dawn’s stomach, slowly working her way to her pussy. “She loves being
with the two of us.” Willow freely let her fingers enter Dawn as she began
nibbling on her ear. Dawn turned on her side so that she could remove the old
oversized UC Sunnydale shirt she wore as a night gown.

“This won’t come as any kind of surprise, but ever since I realized I liked
girls, I had the biggest crush on you.” Dawn told Willow as she removed the
witch’s panties. As soon as she could, Willow returned her hand to Dawn’s sex,
while Dawn did the same to Willow. The two began kissing as they fingered each
other. Dawn’s orgasm came first. Dawn’s moans of pleasure as she broke the kiss,
coupled with her fingers in Willow’s pussy, brought the sex starved redhead to
orgasm as well.

“Mmm you Summers girls know how to please a woman.” Willow said, kissing Dawn’s

“They sure do.” Lana said as she entered her room, a huge grin on her face.

“Hey sweetie, how was patrol?” Dawn asked her girlfriend.

“Great, got in half a dozen kills. Couldn’t wait to get home. Let’s just say
it’s a good thing for you Willow’s here.” Lana answered as she started removing
her clothes. “I’m going to grab a quick shower, then spend the rest of the night
wearing the both of you out.”

“Promises, promises.” Dawn replied.
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