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Touch of Darkness

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Summary: mid-year fic for Arieanna, Harry and Willow meet as others play matchmaker.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceStardustFR1814,021031,84918 Jun 0418 Jun 04Yes
Mid-Year Fic-a-Thon fic for = Arieanna

Author’s request

Genre: HP/Buffy; AB/Buffy; LotR/Buffy

Max Rating: NC-17

Characters: Willow/Harry; Willow/Jason; Faith/Nathaniel; Willow/Legolas

Type: Romance

Want To See: Whatever you want.

Not Want To See: not too big on slash

So for Arieanna’s fic:


R (just to be on the safe side)



Author: Trina

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Buffy or Harry Potter they belong respectively to Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling who I can only hope will beat the movie makers with the series.

A/N: I hope you like the fic Arieanna; my muses were giving me fits until just recently so it took me a while to write… But yes there is romance… I only hope there is enough for you.

Touch of Darkness… or How to dispatch the Dork Lord.

Willow watched the flower’s blooming, completely entranced by the color and scent she didn’t notice her visitors or Giles saying her name. It was different in London, there was a completely different feel to everything, and it was untainted by the pull of the Hellmouth. And the few demons she had seen about were dealt with by the proper department in something she’d learned was called The Ministry of Magic. Willow had grown to despise the weaselish looking man who was the current Minister of Magic, but she had to play nice with him because he was the one responsible for allowing her repeated visits to Scotland and the Wizarding communities there.

“Willow, we have company.” Giles tried again, realizing that she was still quite distracted in watching the flowers bloom, it was understandable that she could lose herself in something that wasn’t demonic in nature. It gave him the feeling that he hadn’t completely failed her or Buffy by not intervening sooner to head off her journey down the path of dark magic.

Willow tore her gaze away from the plants and blushed slightly, tucking a strand of coppery red hair behind her ear, “I’m sorry Giles, I… guess time slipped away from me a bit. I didn’t remember we had company coming.” Willow smoothed out a few non-existent wrinkles from her outfit as she took in the robed company, “I haven’t a clue who most of you are. But Charlie, it’s good to see you again.” She smiled brightly at the tall red-head who bore a few streaks of soot on his face and neck, “How are the dragons?”

“Well enough Miss Rosenberg. But we’re here on business for Dumbledore; we can take the time for pleasantries later.” Charlie explained, glancing at the rest of his group before continuing, “Do you remember Harry and Ginny talking about the school they went to?”

Willow tilted her head slightly, trying to recall the conversation itself and the little details that had been peppered liberally throughout it. “Yes, I remember the discussion. Ginny was talking about how unique it was and Harry was talking about the many dangers it had posed to his health over the years.” Willow frowned suddenly, “Are you trying to hint that Headmaster Dumbledore wants me to come there for something.” She had a feeling that Charlie was headed for something like that, and as much as she wanted to help Albus, she had a duty to the newly formed Watcher’s Council, she couldn’t just shirk her duties… even though there were some days she desired to do just that.

“Well…” a perky witch replied, raising a hand to muss her bright pink hair, “he wants for you to come and assist the new Defense against Dark Arts Professor.” The witch paused and laughed uncomfortably, “He’d even arrange it so that you could still do your duties with the Watcher’s Council.”

“I don’t know Nymphadora, I mean I’d love to, but I don’t know how the Council would react to my moving to Scotland just to assist a professor.” Willow began, “Is there a chance that maybe I could meet with this new Professor and see how well we work together?”

Nymphadora Tonks, or as she preferred just Tonks, smiled broadly, “Thought you’d never ask. How quickly can you pack up?”

“What? Why on earth are you asking me how quickly I can pack up?” Willow stammered out, looking around the group of wizards and witches for maybe even a clue as to what was going on.

“We think you and the new professor will get along just fine and we also think you’ll take the job once you meet with the professor.” A mustached wizard responded calmly, “at least that’s the consensus we came to when we heard of who Albus was thinking of for the positions.”

“Well Moony, that is so a complete non-answer. Could you be anymore cryptic?” Willow sighed, “Wait, and don’t answer that. I’ve had just about enough of the cryptic from Sibyl. I don’t think I could die a happy woman if I’d never met with her in the first place.” Willow glared at the group, “I’ll go pack now. I’ll be back down in an hour. How long should I expect to be gone?”

“Might want to pack for a week just to be on the safe side, there’s no telling how long you will want to stay with the new professor.” Charlie suggested with a smile, “Luna will help you to pack up.”

“Troublemaking lot of wizards.” Willow huffed as she headed for the sprawling country manor that belonged to Giles, “How dare they hint that I and this new professor will get along just fine. It’s like they’re in some completely insane plot to get me dating again. Bunch of nosy busybodies.”

Remus glanced at the pink haired witch, “Do you think she knows that Harry was hired as the Defense professor?” He asked, a hint of a smile crossing his face.

“I doubt it; three months having not met with Harry and Draco… also she hasn’t heard the good news.” Tonks stated tugging on a curl of pink hair as it changed to a pale blue color.

“Ah yes, I don’t think Ron ever quite got over that surprise when he found Ginny and Draco snogging while watching the stars.” Charlie commented with a hint of a smile. “So how are we to get her to Harry’s new home?”

“I thought we had the approval of the Order to use their meeting house. Was I misinformed or something.” An anonymous wizard questioned.

“Well she doesn’t know that yet. Not until later.” Tonks said with a giggle.

Within a few hours time, Willow had been safely secured at Number 12 Grimmauld Drive while Harry was out of the house. “Did you ever get rid of that annoying portrait?” Willow asked as the group of witches and wizards began leaving. “Cause I’d hate to have to deal with her yelling at me constantly because of her general bitchiness.”

Charlie smiled, “we found a way to get rid of it… You do know a fellow named Alex right? Well I think he said you knew him as Xander. Anyway, he came by to help us with the renovations.” Charlie waved jauntily, “We’ve got to get going. The new professor will be along shortly.”

Willow chuckled as the group quickly left the house; she liked them all well enough. But there were days when she just wondered if they had plans and little running jokes that she didn’t know about. Turning she headed up to the room she had selected with a few of her bags. She didn’t know if Kreacher was still about, last she’d heard from Harry… the old house elf had finally keeled over. This was quite the relief to everyone who still visited the house. They hadn’t found all of Kreacher’s hiding places, but most of the stashed away treasures had been located and destroyed. It was still a long way from being completely clean.

As she was unpacking though, she thought she heard the door open and a few voices, Hermione and Ron she could pick out easily, but the other two voices were rather hard to determine the owners of. But soon enough she heard footsteps on the stairs, “Hello Hermione.” Willow greeted over her shoulder when she thought the owner of the footsteps could hear her properly.

“So you’re the big surprise that they were trying to get me to meet with.” A distinctly male voice responded, a hint of a smile and laughter in the voice.

Willow turned and gasped in surprise, “Harry. I’m sorry. I thought it was Hermione, I mean I recognized her voice downstairs and everything. What are you doing here? I thought you were visiting with your Uncle and Aunt.”

“Nope, as soon as I graduated from Hogwarts they helped me to pack up and I then found out that I was owner of this lovely abode. I’ve been staying with the Weasley’s when not here and cleaning.” Harry hugged the ecstatic red-head. “So what are you doing here? Last I heard you were working with the newly formed Watcher’s Council.”

“Well, it seems Dumbledore has this grand idea that with me as the Defense against Dark Arts assistant. He thinks I’m better suited as a teacher, and he’s willing to set it up so that I can still attend my duties to the Council.” Willow returned the hug before pulling back and sitting down on the edge of the bed, “I haven’t a clue who the Dark Arts professor is. Remus seemed to think that whoever it is and I would get along well.”

Harry beamed suddenly, “I think Remus might be right. I just found out an hour ago that I’m the new Dark Arts Professor… Dumbledore was just explaining the reasons that he chose me and my assistant. Shall we start working on lesson plans?”

“I think that’s a good idea.” She paused as her stomach growled, “maybe after dinner, I think the whole trip and my completely forgetting to eat lunch is catching up to me.” Willow blushed prettily, “I mean if that’s okay with you.”

Harry paused, an idea forming, “that actually sounds wonderful. I’ll let you get cleaned up, and we’ll go out to eat. I wasn’t expecting any company yet. The house just isn’t fit for it.”

“Just give me half an hour and I’ll meet you down stairs.” Willow beamed brightly as Harry let himself out, “Thanks for being nice Harry.” She called politely as he closed the bedroom door behind him. “Oh… my gosh, he asked me out to dinner. Me, the former dark witch and current white witch… It’s just crazy.” Willow paused a few minutes to gather herself together before realizing she had to get ready.

Harry, meanwhile, was having a small panic attack. “What if she doesn’t want a relationship with me? I mean she lost her first boyfriend because of the whole werewolf thing and being incompatible. And then she lost Tara when some nutcase accidentally shot through their window. And of course, Kennedy broke it off with her because they just weren’t clicking at the right moment.” Harry sighed and then thought over his own doomed relationships. He’d idolized Cho for so long, and then he fell in lust with Pavarti… that had lasted two years. Then they realized it just wasn’t working the way they wanted it to. That and the fact that Voldemort had attacked them when they were out on a date, which sort of puts a killer on a relationship. “I really hope we can make this work. We’ve been friends for two years and she’s been so easy to get along with and speak to. It’s like we just… I don’t know, it’s something very special.”

And indeed Harry was right, what the pair had was very special. Willow knew that he had Dark Wizard problems and that until one of them was dead there would be no reprieve. Harry knew all about Willow’s past, the dabbling in magic and the many relationships which had gone sour. He also knew that she was good friends with a pair of slayers and several other powerful allies. He didn’t remember many names and faces, but he did remember that Willow’s friends were not to be trifled with.

As Willow descended the stairs not thirty minutes later, Harry swished and flicked the ordered Chinese food onto the kitchen table. “I hope you like Chinese…” he began, “I mean you never mentioned it before, but I thought it would be something like comfort food for you.”

“Harry it smells wonderful, thank you.” Willow stammered out with a nervous smile, “You really didn’t have to go through all the trouble. Oh wait that’s right, you mentioned earlier that the house isn’t ready for people to live in it yet.” She blushed brightly, “but thank you just the same. It’s been over a year since the last time I had Chinese.” Willow followed him into the kitchen and sat down at the long table. “So what have you been doing these past few months…? I hadn’t heard anything from you or Albus, and I only knew that Albus was alive still when Charlie and them stopped by with the job offer.”

Harry smiled slightly, “mostly I’ve been working around here getting things cleaned up so it will be habitable again. I was sort of glad to have Xander come by earlier in the year to take care of a few problems.” Harry opened the containers before broaching the topic he was dying of curiosity to learn about, “What about you? What’s been keeping you busy recently?” Harry glanced up at the blushing red head.

“I’ve been helping Giles with the Watcher’s Council, we developed a few new departments dedicated to the location of new slayers and providing adequate training. Also there’s a department for the training of witch protectors… it’s sort of like Hogwarts except we teach them protection and defensive spells so that they can keep their slayer charges safe. We are in the process of going through all of the old Council files just to see if there’s anything important that we may have missed previously.” Willow smiled brightly, “It’s nice, but it occupies so much time that I don’t have time for a social life or even thoughts outside of translating demon languages just to see if there are any prophecies we may have missed.”

“I doubt you could miss a prophecy, no matter what language it’s in.” Harry stated patting her hand comfortingly, “I’d really like to have you work with me, I think that your experience and my run-in’s with Voldemort can provide valuable information to the students.” Harry paused as he noticed her crestfallen face, “Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“I thought the whole Voldemort crisis was over and dealt with. You mean he’s still out there causing trouble?” Willow sighed as the answer became apparent. “Harry, I think maybe I should see what I can do to help you and your friends with this Dork Lord.”

Harry chuckled slightly, “funny Willow, but why did you call him Dork Lord?” Harry paused, “you didn’t mean Dark Lord did you.”

“Nope, Dork Lord fits him quite well. I mean what normal person would want to be known as ‘He-who-shall-not-be-named’? That’s just plain dorky… more so then some of the people I went to high school with… and that was before a few of them were turned.” Willow stated with a bemused expression.

“Turned into what? Rabbits?” Harry was a bit confused, and rightfully so. He didn’t have nearly as much experience with demons and vampires and other such freakish things that Willow grew up around.

“No Harry, when a vampire makes a human into a vampire it’s called siring… or to be turned into a vampire. It’s really quite sucky.” Willow brightened suddenly, “I wonder… has this Dork Lord ever been seen during the day? Or in direct sunlight?”

“No… I don’t think so. Why, do you have a theory?” Harry felt the wheels turning slowly in his head as he began to make the connection, “vampires can’t be in direct sunlight right… Merlin’s eyebrows, do you mean that he might be?”

“He might, but I want to call in the reinforcements just to be double sure.” Willow smiled cheerfully, “now let’s eat this lovely meal and I’ll explain what I’m thinking.”

A few weeks later, Willow and Harry were working on figuring out how best to make their foundling relationship work while planning the destruction of the Dork Lord as well as planning what to teach as Co-professors at Hogwarts. They were sitting in the living room surrounded by several thick volumes and taking notes on what to try and cover when there were pops heard in the kitchen.

“Hey Willow…” Buffy called out as she strode down the hall carrying a crossbow and whistling a happy tune. “Dawnie came with Fiona; she was a slayer we found in Rome, we’re working on getting her trained a bit before letting her loose on the demon population again.”

“Hi Buffy, we’re glad you could come.” Willow greeted as she stood to hug her close friend and motioned for Harry to come and greet their visitors. “Who brought you?”

“Some guy called Severus and Tonks.” Buffy stated, “Tonks was going to port key in with Dawnie and Fiona.”

“Severus brought you?” Harry chuckled, “did he seem okay about it all?”

“Well considering how he apparated in on me and the Immortal having a bit of farewell sex… he seemed to look like he’d eaten a bunch of raw lemons all at once. He got all pinched looking and even paler then normal.

“Well Miss Summers, if I had known what you were up to at the moment… or even which room the two of you were in, I would have tried to apparate into a different room. I’ll never look at a living room the same way again.” Severus stated dryly as he entered the living room behind Buffy, “I do hope you are well Miss Rosenberg.”

“Well enough. Buffy did you bring the Scythe?” Willow asked chipperly, quite ready to get to business.

“Would I leave home without it? I have all the heavy artillery.” Buffy paused, “do I get to take care of the local big bad? What’s his name…? Moldywart.”

“It’s Voldemort Buffy, Voldemort.” Willow corrected easily, “but yes, and I think he’s just like Heinreich.” At Buffy’s blank look Willow expounded on the name, “The Master, the one who you took care of Sophomore year.”

“Oh him... do I get to use a sledgehammer?” Buffy asked cheerfully, “because I think this will be quite entertaining.”

“Maybe Buffy. We don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with. But I’ve done some research on the dark marks. I believe it’s some sort of mind control device type thing. Those who are in close proximity with Voldemort will become sort of like Renfields and live only to do his bidding.”

“Sort of like Xander when we were up against Dracula that one time?” Buffy asked trying to remember the facts exactly. “So we destroy Vladimir and the dark mark’s effect will vanish?”

“That’s the theory. But we won’t know until we try.” Willow glanced at Harry, “was the bait sent out?” she asked softly, hoping that everything would indeed work out the way they had planned.

“Trap is baited and waiting for the mouse to come and sniff.” Harry explained, trying to use some American slang that he had learned from Willow.

“Goodie.” Willow pressed a kiss to Harry’s cheek, “I think everything will go smoothly.” Willow turned to Buffy and Severus, “do you think Dawn or Fiona will mind staying at Molly’s? I think it would be best for them.”

Buffy nodded, “I’ll go take my stuff up to one of the spare bedrooms, I expect girl talk about you and Harry after Moldy Voldy is taken care of.” Buffy turned to let the three girls know what the plan was for them, Dawn probably wouldn’t put up too much fuss, but it was best that the former Key was kept out of harms way.

Within an hour the group of four was settled down for a picnic dinner at Hogsmeade. Severus was looking grumpy while Buffy played with the Scythe, Harry and Willow were looking very much like a couple in love, yet they were aware of the sense of being watched from a nearby patch of trees and shrubbery.

The group of four was surrounded by masked wizards who had apparated in quite suddenly and Voldemort exited from his hiding place, “well what do we have here. It appears to be a group of dead wizards walking.” He hissed out.

“Buffy, be careful.” Willow warned as she was grabbed from Harry’s side by a pair of heavyset wizards.

“What is the little blond muggle going to do? Scream at me in fear as her friend is killed?” Voldemort hissed in slight amusement, “And Severus, how nice to see that you will be among the first to die… I should have known that you were betraying me to that crackpot fool at Hogwarts.”

“This little blonde muggle actually has a gift for you.” Buffy stood, smiling icily, “by the way Moldy Warts… Willow was right. You are the Dork Lord.” Buffy swung the scythe as Harry cast a stunning spell on the snake faced wizard. As the head separated from the body, both turned to dust immediately and the wizards surrounding the group collapsed.

“Wow… I was so wrong, he was no where near as old as Heinrich. I’m sorry Buffy.” Willow glanced at Harry as she noticed that Buffy was taking pulses from the collapsed bodies. “Holy hand grenade of Antioch… they’re all dead. I guess Moldy had the ability to suck life from those who served him faithfully. But I’m curious now. Why isn’t Sour puss like the rest?”

“Because I stopped serving Voldemort twenty three years ago. It was the night that he went after Lily and James; I began feeding Albus information about Voldemort starting that night.” Severus sighed, “this is going to be a bit tough to break to Draco I think. He was looking forward to his father rotting in Azkaban.”

“That sort of sucks ostrich eggs.” Buffy commented tiredly, “come on; let’s go tell Albus the good news. Those Aura people are here to take care of this; we can give them a statement another time. I’m tired and hungry and in desperate need of other stuff.” She looked Severus up and down, “I think that can all be taken care of at the school.”

Hours later, after the group of four had explained what had gone on in Hogsmeade, Harry and Willow went for a walk along the grounds while Buffy dragged Severus off somewhere else.

“Willow, why did Buffy drag Snape off like she did? Was there something you weren’t telling me?” Harry sat down beside Willow under a large Silver maple.

“Well remember when I told you about Buffy and Faith…” Willow paused, “Buffy and Faith sort of took on each other’s traits and such. Faith now likes to banter with demons and vampires before slaying… and Buffy well she erm.”

“Ah yes, the post slayage shag. But why Snape, couldn’t she have chosen someone less Snape like.” Harry shuddered, disgusted at the thought of the perky blonde and the greasy haired potions master.

“I’m not sure why she chose Severus, probably because he could brood like Angel, snark like Spike, and yet had the heart and strength to go against what he was instructed to do… like Riley. Of course it might also have something to do with how he makes Buffy feel like she matters.” Willow shrugged, “That’s something to puzzle out another day I think love.”

“We’ll have to try and have that romantic picnic dinner another time then. But I do have a question for you.” Harry glanced at Willow to see if she was paying attention as he slipped down to one knee and produced a small box from the inside of his cloak.

“Oh Harry.” Willow pulled him back to his feet and kissed him quite soundly, “If that’s a marriage proposal. The answer is an emphatic yes.” Willow kissed him again blushing brightly as a few stray fairies danced around them, happy that the Dark Lord Voldemort was no longer a problem.

The End

You have reached the end of "Touch of Darkness". This story is complete.

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