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Pretending is simplier then Change

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Summary: What happens when Buffy has to bear a hobbits burden? Yes, this is a Mary-sue and Directly Canon. Legomance;;; I think. I don't know.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasStalkedtheIDLYkindFR755,745194,96420 Jun 0426 Jun 04No

Bring me back to life...

Ray, thanks for the review, you rock in my book! lol I'm a corn
ball, I know this.

Okay, same rules as the last time, this time, more depth.


Chapter2: Bring me back to life;;;


Buffy tilted her head to the side, walking closer.

"Look girly, this is no place for you!"

She looked up at the construction worker, wanting to break his
nose, but resisted. Instead, she saw Xander, motioning with her
index to come over.

"Yeah, Buff?"

"I didn't know you were working today..."

"I wasn't, but when I walked past to go to the shop, I saw a few
friends and this little view here," He laughed, giving the infamous Xander smile.

"Mhm, what is going on there? The whole icky danger senses are
tingling to know," Buffy quirked, crossing her arms over her

"They're finding stuff from history or something. It's really not
a big deal, corpes, spears, and some axes."

She cocked an eyebrow.

"Thats not important to me?" She asked, stepping forward and pushing the guy to the curb.

"Ma'am I TOLD YOU to NOT go over THERE!"

She blocked out his yells, jumping inside their digging hole and
landed stabled on her two feet.

"Nothing like a triple wammy from Giles for the perk!"

Her hands skimmed around the dirt edges, feeling around for any
moist areas, claiming that the dirt wasn't that old and nothing
was blocking it's roots. Her habd came upon a dry part. She looked
at it, forgetting any witty bantar she would have had for the akwardness of this situation.

She stepped back, getting a head start and back kicked the spot,
watching the dirt crumble to the ground. She dug through the new
hole she made, until she felt something hard, oval maybe. She growled, wripping it out and stumbling back a few steps. She
brushed the dirt off, clumps indepped under her nails.

"The ring?" She questioned, eyes widdend.

The golden ring layed in her palm for a long while, in the
reflection she saw flames making her automatically gulp with
a panic she hadn't felt in years.


She looked up to see Xander.

"We have to go!"

She jumped up, Xander pulling her along with him.

She held the ring tightly, running from the very, most angerd construction workers she's ever seen.

They ran out into the street, dodging cars. Until she noticed the
ring had dropped.

"OH THIS IS NOT MY DAY!" She yelled aggrivatedly and bent over
to pick up the ring.



Before she had a chance to look, the car hit her and everything
went black.



Great way to die this time, eh?

I can just hear Giles voice in my head, telling me that he is bloody well irritated with all of the stress I cause him. Then, I'd have to hear about the beasties and their issues, when I need to deal with home. I need to be home and as soon as I get up, I'm going just there. Maybe have a waffle or something. Okay, now let's see here, nope this sure as hell isn't heaven. Must have taken a wrong turn.

My eyes adjusted to the lights, more like the sun. The place looked old and also held it's comfort. It was the place in my dreams. This, this is weird. I tried to get up, but failed as my legs wouldn't budge.

"Hello? Anyone out there! I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS!"

I frowned, laying my head back on the pillow, taking a mental note on how nice it felt. Are these feathers in here?

"Hello, My Lady...Good to see your well."

"Am I?" I asked, checking over my body then back to the woman at the door.

"Oh! your back, my sister!"

I gaped at her, watching her cheer with delight. Okay, I want to know
why I am here, and why the hell she has a nicer form then I do. I'm going to pay for that one on the thigh master.


"Arwen, do you not remember?"

I smiled, enjoying her little accent, the gentleness in her voice.

"Nope, not a hinch. Now, tell me black locks, why the hell am I here?"

She looked at me, alittle taken back, or maybe confused. Her blue eyes
were soon outlined with tears, I guess I should have been more gentle with her.

"I mean, Arwen. I want to know what brings me here."

She watched as Arwen sat down next to her, seriousness taking over the womans soft complection.

"You bear the ring. You must go and destroy it, we know now that you are the chosen one, for this. Long ago, there was young girl, my sister. She has your features, I do not understand this. She had powers and strength, father never told me about what happen to her. Some say she had another burden to bear..."

Oh boy...Yes, yes I do. I have to save people, they rely on me all the time. There is no failing or lost hope. Theres just this, I win
and they lose. Thats been the function for four years now.

"I believe you are her, sent back to finish this burden, cause you have completed the other."

"No, there is no completing. There is never completing, it never stops. It grows, and grows. I need to get back there, I need to help my friends-"

I stopped, seeing two pointed ears like in the dream aswell.

"No, your not a-"

"A what?"

"An elf, Your not an elf. This is a dream."

"I think you and I both know that this real," Arwen said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Now come, the council is awaiting."

Why does this always happen to me? Why? I better get some God Damn answers. I grabbed the ring from my pocket, happy that it wasn't in anyone elses hands.


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