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Pretending is simplier then Change

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Summary: What happens when Buffy has to bear a hobbits burden? Yes, this is a Mary-sue and Directly Canon. Legomance;;; I think. I don't know.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasStalkedtheIDLYkindFR755,745194,96920 Jun 0426 Jun 04No

On your way

I would like to THANK EVERYONE who REVIEWED because they...ROCK and are the GREATEST.

Same rules as last time folks.

Chapter4: On your way.

Elrond studied her the whole way back to the bridge, she was more stiff then she was before, it bother him.

"See to it that she is protected, I don't know how well her skill is, Estel."

Aragorn smiled, placing a hand on the Elven lord.

"I assure you, nothing will touch her."

Elrond returned the gesture, smiling inwardly as she tried to get on a horse.

"Okay," she struggled, "It's not like I usually hop on horses."

"Aye," Gimli said, "I know of what you mean."

"Is it that Master Dwarf, or is it because you are too small?" Legolas teased, his blue eyes burning into Gimlis with a mysterious coral.

"Help!" Buffy screeched, falling on the grass.

She blew the hair from out of her face to be greeted with a long slender arm. She took it, meeting eyes with Legolas.

"Uhm, thanks."

"Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood."

She licked her lips, once again his accent captivated her.

"Buffy, Slayer of Sunnydale," she quipped, chuckling as he titled his head to side.

"Slayer? What do you slay, my lady?" He asked, almost none convinced.

"Well you know, the usual."

"Understand I do not, what is usual for you?"

She paused, "Monsters, slimly, icky, none living, blood sucking, vain popping beasties."


"You don't understand, Okay look. On my earth it has other demonds. Kind of like yours. Every new place is bound to have something new."

"Indeed," He smiled, holding his hands together, indicating a boost.


With that she stepped onto his hand and landed on the horse, brushing back it's hair and petting it's forehead.

"Do you intent to make it sleep, My lady?" Gandalf asked, making his way over to Buffy.

"A horse or any animal for that matter can fall asleep with a stroke on the forehead," He said merrily.

"Yeah, I should try that on vampires, but the thought of my fingertenders getting bitten off isn't on the schedule."

"Let us ride!" He yelled, making her flinch.

"Someone must ride with Lady Buffy," Aragorn equired. "For we do not have many horses."

"Gimli, you are without a horse," Legolas said. "Nor can you sit on one alone, you will ride with me."

"I am riding with no elf," Gimli snorted, looking up at Buffy pleadingly.

"You guys need to get over this thing you have. You both are very damn well capable of being friends, trust me. Faith and I didn't really hit it off until the time in battles, but then she tried to kill my ex boyfriend with a poisenous arrow, then a knife, then a stake, then glass, but thats intirly irrelevent and I'm babbling, I'm sorry."

"Gimli, you will ride with Legolas," Aragorn said, getting on his horse and trudging off.

Buffy rode next to Gandalf, grabbing his attention with a snap.

"Gandalf, I need to ask you something."

"What is it Lady Buffy?" He asked, happily.

"Theres this guy I've been seeing in my dreams, he looks related to you. He had this white straight hair, blazed creepy blue eyes, White everything! He was calling me weird things and he made me see these images-"

"Child, what you speak of is feverd around here," He shook, his eyes captured hers sharply. "Sauron, is his name. Do not feed him any information-"

"But he's all-"

"He is evil."


Giles sat down sipping his coffee for a long while, tainting his lips.

"Giles!" Xander screamed, rushing into the back where he found Giles, sitting there as casual as ever.

"Buffy! She, she, she like, I don't know. I mean, one minute were walking the next she bent over and poof she's gone. I mean, just wam. Is this like a reversal spell, did we go wrong? Does hell want her back?"

"Xander, calm down," Giles mutterd, mentally worn.

"I'm sorry, I'm just, Yeah."

"Dissapeared? Just out of no where?"

"Yeah, body and everything, just wam."

"Was she carrying anything weird, have anything on her, was anyone around that doesn't like her, was she fighting. What was she doing?!?"

"We were at the new construction site and she went down in the whole, when she came out she was holding this ring, and it dropped in the middle of the street. She was hell bent on getting it back, she bent over and as a car was about to hit her, she dissapeared."

"A ring," Giles whisperd, remembering her talking about a ring she saw in her dreams.

"Xander, get Willow on the phone, tell her to bring Tara aswell, she can help aswell."

"Okay, crazy G-man. No need to get all out of place, knowing that there is a time for it right now, and I am lost with out her, I'm scared Giles."

"Oh do shut up Xander!"

"Sorry," He mutterd, walking to the phone and making the call.

"10 minutes, okay."

Sigh. I feel grundgy. It's hard writing 8 billion stories at once.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pretending is simplier then Change" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 04.

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