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Summary: Buffy travels to England after Angel leaves and learns that Hank Summers may be a darling compared to her father

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapealwaysanangelgurlFR18736,70067033,97121 Jun 0412 Dec 06No

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I am neither Joss Whedon, nor J.K. Rowling... I am me... I own nothing, but some of the plot and saying... lol

Author’s note: The only thing I’m going to ask is if you review, please don’t flame me. If you don’t like the story, DO NOT READ IT. The story is for enjoyment. And by the way Buffy was eloquent when she needed to be, I would like to point out the many speeches she gave, like the one right before graduation or when the Watcher’s council tried to come back into town. That said, thank you for the great reviews and thank you for telling me where I was wrong and not flaming!!

FYI: It was pointed out to me that Harry and Buffy are too close in age to what I was saying. The books do not give a real birth date for Harry other than July 31. Which means that I need to change the year Buffy and Harry were born. Buffy is born April of 1983 making her 16, being born towards the end of Lily’s 6th year and Harry was born July of 1984 making him 15, which would be directly after the Potter’s seventh year.

Chapter 6

The first rays of light peeked through the curtain, waking Buffy. She slowly opened her eyes and stayed still while her memories came back to her. She remembered Severus talking to her and the timber of his voice slowly lulled her to sleep. During the night Severus had moved so that he was pressed against her back with his arm wrapped around her. She felt calm and safe; she didn’t understand how she could trust this man so soon after Angel had broken her heart. Thinking of Angel made Buffy jolt out of bed and run to her room. For the first time in a long time he wasn’t the last thing she thought about as she was falling asleep or the first thing she had thought about when she had woken up. She felt a small pang go through her as she realized that it was finally over, but it was squashed by the memory of waking in Severus’s arms this morning. She may not know what the future would bring, but she couldn’t give up on the chance of love for a man that couldn’t see what was right in front of him. She would see were this took them and she would heal the rest of the way on the journey, hopefully he would too.

Severus woke as soon as Buffy made a run for it. He remembered watching her falling asleep and after she had fallen asleep. When she had gone to sleep he had contented himself to watching her sleep, because he was used to not sleeping after having a nightmare. Seeing Tara last night had brought on a bout of nightmares that he hadn’t had since Buffy had taken Dumbledore’s charm off him. He was surprised when he realized how late it was and that he had fallen back to sleep. He could hear Molly beginning to move and realized that she would be getting ready to make breakfast, so it was a good thing that Buffy had left when she did. He would talk to her later about why she ran off. He suspected some of the reason had to deal with romance gone badly, but she would tell him when she was ready and he would wait until then. He knew that he wasn’t the most approachable person but he liked the tiny blonde and he wasn’t sure how he was going to handle being just friends with her.

“You know,” Giles said drawing the other’s man attention away from the direction that his slayer had just run, “it was the funniest thing, I went in to check on Buffy last night and I couldn’t seem to find her. So I came to get you to ask if Malfoy, Senior that is, could have gotten in here some how. Guess what I found?”

“Don’t Giles,” Buffy said behind him, she had heard her watcher get up and knew that he knew. It was the way he was walking, like he did when he had first found out that Angel was back. He had a purpose and his steps spoke it. She would have chuckled when both men jumped; because they hadn’t heard her if it weren’t for the fact that her watcher was threatening her non-boyfriend type person, “We just fell asleep.”

“What were you doing in here anyways?”

“I was having a nightmare and Buffy woke me before it could progress further,” Snape replied and Giles nodded his head for him to continue because that wouldn’t have required Buffy falling asleep in his room, “She asked what it was about and I told her,” That simple statement struck Giles, neither one of these two were fully healed from their past, maybe together they would be able to overcome it. He nodded and slowly turned away and went down the stairs. He didn’t have to like it, but they were good together. At least she had chosen someone that could die of old age with her and could take her out into the sunlight, because in this world that was especially important.

“I’m sorry,” they both said together and laughed nervously together. They were very unsure of where to go from there. Obviously she would be starting school in the fall and she would be his student, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends, right? She wasn’t sure that she could live with just friends though. “I know that Harry is going to the Ministry for practicing underage magic, what was he supposedly doing?”

“He did magic outside of school, they don’t need much more than that. He will need to prove why he did magic and that it was for the good of society for him to do so.” Snape replied, he looked Buffy over. She didn’t seem as upset anymore, he wanted to ask her why she had run, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, not yet anyways.

“Is there anything he can present to the courts?” Buffy asked she knew that he wanted to talk to her about why she had run and she appreciated the fact that he seemed content to let her come to him in her own time, “Something that would show he wasn’t lying?”

“He can create a pensieve and the judges may look into it to see what he saw and what he was feeling,”

“What about witnesses?”

“Well, there is a squib that lives next door that would have seen the entire thing.”

“What about Dudley?” Harry asked, he hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but this was the first that he had heard about his trial. Buffy had said that Mr. Weasley would be taking him to the Ministry later, but he wasn’t sure what to expect when he got there. He had never even heard of the wizarding trials, let alone seen one.

“Who’s Dudley?” Buffy asked slowly, she should have felt him coming, but she was too focused on Severus. She wasn’t sure what she was going to tell him, but it would have to be soon. She cursed herself, because it was difficult having to live being sixteen again, although only certain people really knew she was sixteen.

“Our cousin,” Harry replied, at Buffy’s blank expression Harry expanded the answer, “The fat little boy that was at the house when you came to get me? He was with me when the Dementors attacked.” Snape drew in his breath quickly. He had heard his lord talking about getting Dementors to work for him, but the fool Fudge still hadn’t admitted that they weren’t really guarding the prison anymore, “He wouldn’t have seen them, but he could feel them.”

“Great!” Buffy replied, “Severus, do you think that you and Harry can make the pensivey thingy? I’ll go get cousin dearest.” Buffy walked off towards her room, she was going to shower before she did anything else and then she would go get her cousin. She knew that Snape despised helping Harry, but he would, because it was the right thing to do. She wasn’t sure how he could stand to be around her, but it must be because she looked like Lily. Buffy paused mid-step, she forgot that her natural hair was showing and her eyes, “GILES!” the watcher came running around the corner, weapon in hand, ready to do battle. He stopped when he found his slayer completely unharmed, standing in the middle of the hallway looking dazed,


“You need to fix it,” Buffy said Giles looked slightly confused, Buffy sighed she thought it would have taken him longer to get used to the new look, but apparently not that long, “the mark and my eyes. I can’t be identified as HIS child. I need my green eyes and for this to disappear,” she lifted her shirt to show her birthmark.

“You’re a Deatheater?” Hermione asked her wand was out seconds after she had announced this. Harry ran out of Snape’s room ready to do battle, his wand at the ready as well. Severus came out close behind Harry, wand at the ready, before realizing that Granger was accusing Buffy of being a death eater. He smirked slightly and sat back to watch the show.

“No,” Buffy said darkly, “it’s just another gift from daddy dearest, to make sure I’m recognizable.” Giles said a few words and Buffy had her green eyes and the mark was gone. He didn’t mention that she had kept her hair color, it was a good look on Buffy, took some getting used to, but she did look a lot like Lily, could pass for her sister. “I’m going to go shower, when I get done we need to go to Privet Drive to get Dudley before Harry goes in to testify,”

“Alright,” he said, he didn’t like it, but she was somewhat untraceable. Until the Deatheaters figured this out, then they would need to worry only about everyone else being found. He wasn’t sure that the Dark Lord would figure out that Buffy had made herself unplottable, but it wouldn’t take him long to realize that she would need school supplies, because Dumbledore would have offered her a chance to stay.

“Come, Harry,” Snape said, shocking everyone as he kindly pulled the boy towards his room, “we need to make the pensieve fairly big, I’m unsure how many will be present at this trial.” He had an idea that it would be fairly big, because this was Harry Potter, the savior of the wizarding world. He chuckled bitterly at this, apparently Lily Evans had no idea how to make children that were simply children, because hers had been born with their destinies already in place and they wanted out of them. He also felt that with Harry announcing the Dark Lord’s return last year, Fudge would do everything that he could to discredit the boy. Dumbledore would be there to ensure that the boy would not leave the wizarding world, but since he had gotten kicked out of Wizagot, Albus had less pull with the wizarding world.

“Severus,” Dumbledore said from the door, “I was wondering if I could have a word with young Harry?”

“I was just helping him make a pensieve for the trial.” Severus replied and the Headmaster nodded. He was still a little leery with the Headmaster, after all this man he had trusted with his life and he had basically betrayed him. Granted he was still spying for him, but he wasn’t sure how much he could trust him with other things, so he kept everything business between them.

“I am sure that I can give him some help,” Dumbledore said, nodding as Severus walked out the door. He smiled sadly when Severus flinched when Dumbledore patted him on the shoulder. He would find a way to make it right with him, even if it meant that he encouraged a student-teacher relationship. As Buffy herself had said as far as anyone was concerned she was above the age of consent and it was war they could die at any point. He closed the door behind Severus and turned his attention to Harry, “I know that you are frustrated with everything that has happened and that you feel we aren’t telling you anything,”

“That’s because you aren’t,” Harry muttered as he followed Snape’s instructions. He never thought he would see the day that Snape would help him not get expelled. If anything he thought that Snape would give him a going away party and be on the trial bench so that it would ensure that Harry was gone.

“There is a reason.” Dumbledore replied catching the boy’s attention, “You have a connection with the Dark Lord and we fear that if we give you too much information then you would accidentally give it to him,”

“When were you going to let me know that Voldemort could use me?” Harry was beginning to get angry and the magic began to pick up in the room. The picture of Mrs. Black began to wake at the feel of power swelling through the house; she was getting ready to blast the house but decided to see what destruction the boy would do.

“When he came up with a plausible way around it, am I correct, Albus?” Buffy said as she stepped into the room. She had felt the magic rise and no one else seemed to be the wiser. She guessed it had to do with being the slayer, but there was no time to think about that right now. She may not like the older man for what he did to Severus, but from his stand point she could understand it. Heck she had made that decision before and would probably be faced with it again. It didn’t mean that she would trust him as far as a normal human could throw him.

“You are correct,” Albus replied, he was happy that she could see that he did want to help Harry and that he wouldn’t have to face the boy’s wrath today, “I would like Professor Snape to teach you Occlumency. I would like you to also work with your sister on muggle defense and anger management.”

“There is no way that Snape would ever agree to help me!” Harry exploded, he knew that he needed to control his temper and it would also give him time to spend with his sister. His heart still did a flutter every time he thought about it, a family that wanted him. He understood that Buffy and Giles were family and he was okay with that. There was somebody that wanted him, who wasn’t also wanted by the wizarding world at large for being a murder. He wouldn’t have to go back to the Dursley’s... ever! It was a family that he had yearned for and unless he missed his guess it was the same way for Buffy.

“There is only one way that you will ever know that,” Buffy replied moving to stand next to Harry, “you have to ask.” She was happy to see that it was the person teaching the course that offended him and not the course. This meant that he realized the danger he was placing everyone in by not doing this. It also meant that he was growing up faster then he should have to and that he would soon be making harder decisions that he would be prepared for this time around.

“Speaking of asking, Ms. Summers I was hoping that I could talk you into teaching a some of the students muggle defense, along with your watcher. It would only be a couple of nights a week and an elective. You would have the fully authority of a teacher, along with being paid as one,” Dumbledore said. He hoped that she wouldn’t see this as meddling. He hoped that she would take this as a way for him to apologize, because that was what it was. He hadn’t realized how manipulative his tactics were, he used to be above that, but the war had brought him down a level and he needed to be above Tom in order to defeat him. The girl seemed to be looking him over, trying to figure out if this was a metaphorical olive branch or not. It would also help ease over the relationship between her and Severus. If she was partly employed as a teacher then the school rules were not being broken and there would be no inquiry from the Ministry because of it.

“I’ll think about it,” Buffy said slowly, she wasn’t going to trust him completely, but she wouldn’t blow it off, she could see an olive branch as well as the next person. It would give her some extra time to train, as well as get out of classes and that might very well be worth it. She thought about earlier when she had woken up in Severus’s arms, teaching this class would allow her to be considered a teacher this meant that she wouldn’t have to worry about being just friends with Severus. As a teacher she would be on equal footing with him and that just might work. It would also explain why the eighteen year old was taking classes, because she could just say that she found out she was a wizard and wanted to learn more, while imparting her knowledge onto her brother. There was still some thinking to be done, but it could sort itself out, “Alright, I am off,” Buffy made a move for the door, making it to the hallway before someone stopped her,

“Buffy!” Remus yelled jogging down the hallway. Giles had mentioned that she would be going to visit the Dursley’s and he thought this would be a perfect time for him to get to know her. “Do you want some company?”

“Sure,” Buffy replied, she was a little cautious about letting him go, because of how Remus and Sirius had reacted when she first got there, but Remus had been really nice. He had stuck up for her and had tried to knock some sense into Sirius. “I’d love some.” She looped her arm through his and began to move down the hallway. They chatted about everything under the sun, nothing really personal, just the usual information as they made their way to a safer location to apparate. They apparated to Privet Drive and continued chatting, while Remus led her to Dudley.

“Do you knock or do I?” Remus asked dryly when they got to the house. Buffy boldly walked up the walkway, knocking on the door when she arrived. “I guess that would be you.” The door was answered by a very fat little boy, who looked at Buffy with unconcealed lust. Remus felt that he would hurl at this, but Buffy got a smirk on her face and he was worried for a second.

“Is your mother home?” Buffy asked sweetly and the boy nodded dumbly opening the door for her and Remus to enter the house. He obviously did not remember her from the other night or he was as dumb as he looked.

“MOTHER!” the fat child yelled and Buffy was momentarily impressed, because he had a set of lungs on him. He was still checking Buffy out and Remus was have tempted to start hexing the kid.

“Lily,” a woman said walking into the room, her hand pressed to her chest in surprise. Buffy turned to face the woman, who did a double take. She looked at Buffy hard and saw that this wasn’t her sister miraculously returned from the dead, but someone else. “Sorry, you look like my sister.”

“It’s alright,” Buffy said easily, “Since she was my mother.”

“But she gave you up for adoption!” Buffy startled at this, apparently the sisters were closer than everyone thought. She hadn’t thought her mother would tell his sister, since she didn’t seem to like the wizarding world, but it did boil down to blood.

“I was,” Buffy replied, “I need to borrow Dudley for an hour or two. Harry is going on trial for underage magic when he fended off the things that were attacking Dudley.” Remus was impressed, Buffy had never met the woman before but she knew how to play her like a violin. She knew that playing on the fact Dudley had been in danger and not Harry was more apt to get the woman’s cooperation.

“Yes,” she said softly, “that’ll be fine.” Dudley’s mouth dropped, his mum was going to let him go with the freaks? Buffy chuckled softly, she got the feeling that the older woman was still in shock. She would have felt bad if it weren’t for the fact that it was Harry’s life on the line.

“Alright cousin dear,” Buffy said nodding to Remus who grabbed a hold of the boy. Buffy felt bad for Remus because he had to the touch the child, but she hadn’t apparated with another body before and didn’t want to start now. She also didn’t want to touch the kid, she felt like she needed to take five showers any ways from the way the kid was looking at her. She appeared in front of a ratty old building with a telephone booth in front, she was worried she was in the wrong spot, before Remus showed up. Giving a sigh of relief she made her way towards him. “Now where?” Remus pointed to the booth and Buffy raised her eyebrow at him, she really didn’t want to stand that close to the kid. She also didn’t think that he would fit in there with the two of them. Remus sighed and made his way over dragging the boy after him and Buffy followed reluctantly.

“State your name and business please.” A voice said as they stepped into the booth.

“Remus Lupin, Buffy Summers and guest.” Remus said chuckling when the slayer had jumped slightly, “we are here for a hearing.” Three slips printed out and Remus had them out to each person, before a door opened and he motioned them inside, “Welcome to the Ministry of Magic.” He made his way over to the booth were he dropped his wand and waited for Buffy and Dudley to follow him. The man looked at Dudley and Buffy waiting for them to drop their wands as well,

“We got caught fighting and our father took our wands as punishment,” Buffy said quickly coming up with a reason that she didn’t have a wand. She couldn’t very well tell the man that she could do wandless magic, he wouldn’t let her in. She made a mental note to go get a wand today so that she wouldn’t keep having this issue.

“Very well,” He waved his hand and the door opened allowing them through. The trio stepped through and followed Remus down to the chambers. It was a fairly long walk and Buffy questioned Remus about the wizarding world. He mentioned that because she had custody of Harry she would essentially act as Harry’s lawyer. Fudge would probably have started the trial by the time they got there so that Harry wouldn’t have anyone to defend him and therefore the minister would have a better chance of getting rid of Harry. Buffy sighed, she just knew that she wasn’t going to like Fudge, could tell already, and probably was a lot like Snyder. When they arrived at the doors, Dumbledore was already waiting for them, along with the squib that lived next door to Harry that meant that the trial had begun like Remus had predicted it would have. Buffy began to smirk, she always wanted to do one of those big entrances that she had seen in the movies, and it looked like it was time for her to do so.

“Well,” she said, “What are we waiting for? Wouldn’t want to keep the court in suspense.” She opened the doors, putting slayer strength into it, because apparently Fudge knew they were coming and had locked them with magic, he wasn’t as much of an idiot as she thought. She shrugged either way she got to make her big entrance and let the slayer out to have some fun, it had been a while since that had happened. The doors burst open and the court all turned looking to see who had dared interrupt the session. Fudge looked a little mad, Buffy smirked, yep! He definitely reminded her of Snyder, “Hi! Hope we aren’t interrupting anything, since Harry is supposed to have his legal guardian here during the questioning, because I mean that would have reflected poorly on the court if you choose to ignore that.” Buffy nodded to Arthur and Severus, both of whom were trying to hide their smiles. She was glad to see that Severus had made it, although she wasn’t sure that Giles gave him much of a choice.

“His legal guardians are muggles and as such have no rights here. The ministry of magic has decided that Harry can be his own legal guardian, since his cannot be brought here,” Fudge stated, “So, if you don’t mind...”

“But I do mind, since I am Harry’s legal guardian.” Buffy replied interrupting the annoying man. She took out the paper work that her mom had left her and handed it to him. “You’ll notice that she leaves guardianship to me, Elizabeth Lupin-Black, also known as Buffy Summers.”

“You can’t be!” he sputtered as he took the paper work. He began looking it over, “It must be a fake,” Harry looked a little shocked, he hadn’t realized that Buffy had been given guardianship of him, not that he minded.

“You will notice the Ministry stamp on the last page,” Dumbledore told him and Fudge flipped to the last page in the papers to stare at the stamp, “So now that Harry’s guardian is here why don’t we start with the questioning.” Dumbledore motioned Buffy, Remus, and Dudley to seats next to theirs and they made their way quickly. The panel of judges stared at Buffy, all of them commenting on how much she looked like Lily Evans. There was no doubt in their minds, although how she stayed hidden from their world all of this time was a question that needed to be answered.

“Harry, on the night of August 2, at around 9:23 did you or did you not use magic?”

“I did sir, but,”

“And did you not use magic the previous…”

“Objection,” Buffy stated clearly and calmly, everyone in the court turned to look at her, “If your wizard cannot keep his facts to the case at hand I demand that you find someone else to question Harry. We are here for what happened on the night of August 2, not on any other night.” The wizard in question looked flustered at this; they hadn’t counted on Harry’s guardian making any comments about how the trial was going. “I take it that was the only question you had?” the wizard had no idea what to say, so Buffy stood up, “If that is the case I have some questions for Harry, since he is under the effects of Vertisum right now. If that’s alright with you?” she asked this sweetly, but Remus had filled her in, she was essentially Harry’s lawyer once they had announced she was his guardian. “Harry on the night of August 2, why did you use magic?”

“Dudley, that’s my cousin, and I were walking back to our house on Privet Drive when it was like all our happiness was being sucked out. Realizing, from last year, that there was a Dementor around I pushed Dudley behind me and grabbed my wand. When it got near to me, I cast the Patronous spell to banish it.” Harry replied, he wasn’t sure how his trial was going, but he was glad that he was getting some say in it. He could hear the scoffs from the witches and wizards on trial panel and wanted to crawl under the table, but didn’t, he stared at his sister who looked like she had a plan.

“And could you do this charm, right now, if you had a wand?” Buffy asked, “To prove that you did cast the charm of course.”

“Yes,” Harry replied quickly and as soon as he said it, his wand appeared before him,

“I had the liberty of asking the house elves to deliver Harry’s wand for this demonstration,” Buffy replied, Remus had told her that it was a difficult spell to do and without proof that Harry could do the charm then the panel would probably not believe them. “They will take it as soon as the charm has been completed. Whenever you are ready, Harry,” Harry thought about when it had first sunk in that he had a sister, a blood relative that wanted him and thought about that,

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” A silver mist shot out of his wand taking on the formation of a stag. The intake of breath from the panel of witches and wizards was comical to Buffy. They stared in awe at something that most wizards or witches couldn’t even create, but a fifteen year old child had. Harry ended the spell and his wand disappeared the same way it had come.

“And are there any other people that can corroborate your story?” Buffy asked when the courtroom had settled down a little more.

“Dudley,” Harry said pointing to the fat kid next to Remus, “he would have been able to feel them, but not see them and Mrs. Figg, our next door neighbor, who is a squib.” He again pointed to the aging lady next to Dumbledore.

“In that case I would like to call Mrs. Figg to the stand.” Buffy said and had Harry step down,

“Sorry,” Fudge said looking fairly smug, “we made only enough Veritaserum for Harry,”

“That’s okay,” Buffy replied, “Lucky for me the Ministry seems to employ a potions master who made extra of the batch,” Severus got up and walked over to Buffy and dropped several vials into her hands. He smirked at her slightly before retaking his seat. Buffy handed the vial to Mrs. Figg who downed the potion with only a slight grimace at the taste. “Could you state your name for the court, please?”

“Mrs. Arabella Figg.”

“And how do you know Harry Potter,”

“Albus Dumbledore had me and my husband move next door to the Dursleys to watch Harry.” Mrs. Figg told the court, “I have been living next to Harry Potter for fifteen years.”

“And what happened on the night of August 2nd?”

“Well, I heard some yelling. The Dursleys always yelled at poor Harry, treated him worse then a house elf they did. The yelling sounded closer then it normally did, like it was coming from right outside, so I went to my window to see why Harry was outside. Him and Dudley were having another row about Dudley’s friends, I was about to go outside when I felt it. It was cold and terrible, like the joy was being sucked out of life. I knew it was Dementors from the previous schooling at Hogwarts. The Dementor glided into the alley and Harry pushed his cousin aside and stood in front of him. I flooed Albus hurriedly and then ran outside, by the time I got out there Harry had cast the charm, his patronous form was still standing guard and the Dementor was floating off.”

“And have you ever seen Harry use magic outside of school before?”

“Objection,” the lawyer said with a nasty smile on his face,

“It goes to set a precedence for the court,” Buffy replied with a smirk of her own, just because he wasn’t smart enough to come up with a reason to continue his line of questioning, didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be.

“Over ruled,” one of the judges said and nodded to Mrs. Figg to continue,

“Only on one other occasion when he was first learning about magic, he accidentally blew up his aunt. Turned her real big he did, but he was real young and strong emotions would do that to a child,” Mrs. Figg replied and Buffy nodded.

“Thank you,” Buffy said, “No more questions.” The judges looked to the other wizard who shook his head, he had no further questions for Mrs. Figg, and “you can step down.” Buffy waited for the nice old lady to step down before she called her next witness, “I would like to call Dudley to the stand.” The fat boy stood up slowly and moved his way to the stand, when he sat down Buffy handed him the vial and the kid drank it looking fairly grossed out afterwards. “Could you state your name for the records please?”

“My name is Dudley Daryl Dursley,”

“And what is your relation to Harry?”

“He’s my cousin.”

“And were you together on the night of August 2nd?”


“Could you tell the court what happened please?”

“We were coming back from the park were my friends and I were making fun of Harry, because no matter what he does he always gets blamed for what we do. We were planning on causing a lot of trouble, when Harry started dragging me off I threatened to tell my parents but he kept pulling me towards home. When we got closer to my house we were taking the back way in, when it felt like my happiness was being sucked away. Harry pushed me down and stood in front of me, he pulled out his wand and yelled something and suddenly it was like everything was okay.”

“Thank you,” Buffy said. She didn’t want to use this kid as a character witness, because he hated Harry and would probably say something that would get Harry in trouble. When the other wizard said he had nothing to ask, Dudley got out of the chair and made his way Remus. He kept shaking himself as though trying to come out of whatever spell had been placed on him to tell the truth, he had been planning to lie to get Harry in trouble, but he found it impossible to do so. “We have one final piece of evidence for the courts; we created a pensieve so that you could view not only what Harry was seeing but what he was feeling while the event was happening.” A pop could be heard as the pensieve appeared in the middle of the room. It was fairly large and Harry was glad that Snape had the forethought to make it so big.

“And how do we know this isn’t a trick?” Fudge demanded.

“And where would it be taking you, to Voldemort?” Buffy asked innocently, Fudge nodded quickly, “I thought that Voldemort had been defeated, isn’t that what you claimed last year when Harry reported that Voldemort had returned? Or has your position changed?” The entire court turned to look at Fudge curiously, they wondered if it could be true. Fudge began to sweat, on one hand he couldn’t very well admit that Voldemort had returned, because that meant Harry was telling the truth, but he couldn’t help but feel unease about large pensieve. He had to stick by what he had previously said.

“Of course not. He-who-cannot-be-named has been dead for many years.” Fudge stated, although some of the panel did not look convinced. Buffy smiled in satisfaction this meant that there were a few others open to the Order if she had anything to say about it. Most of the others looked unsure, they had begun to doubt Fudge and that was all she needed to convince them that Voldemort was indeed back, “The dementors are completely under our control.”

“Then you won’t have any problem looking into the pensieve, since you have nothing to hide.” Buffy stated calmly as ever. Severus had to smile at how she managed to manipulate the minister into doing what she wanted. If he didn’t look at the pensieve that meant he had something to hide and if he did then he would have to admit that the dementors were no longer under the control of the ministry. Fudge boldly got up and stepped forward, the rest of the panel following quickly. “1…2…3…” Buffy watched as the group was transported into Harry’s memories. It didn’t seem to take very long before they were all back.

“Fudge you lied,” one of the witches said, “That was a dementor and if one has left that means the others probably have too,” the others nodded their agreement. “Harry Potter please stand,” Harry did so nervously, “We would like to extend our apologies for putting you through this trial and your case is dismissed.” Harry quickly jumped up and hugged his sister, who returned it with as much vigor. “Miss Lupin-Black if you wouldn’t mind staying a moment?”

“Sure,” Buffy replied, “Remus could you take care of Dudley and make sure that he gets back there safely?”

“Of course,” Remus replied, “And I’ll meet you at the bookstore for ten?”

“That would be great,” Buffy replied she turned to look at Dumbledore who was in an intense conversation with the Minister of magic. She hated to eavesdrop, okay she really didn’t but she wanted to know what was going on.

“Dumbledore, have you found someone to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts position?” Fudge said smiling nastily, Buffy immediately knew that man probably had a plan, “you know that with the passing of the new ministry decree I will be able to appoint someone should you not find a suitable candidate? And Dolores Umbridge here has always wanted to teach.” Buffy just about gagged, the woman, if you could call her that, looked like she wanted to teach about as much as Buffy wanted to become a vampire.

“Professor,” Buffy said interrupting the two men before Dumbledore replied, “I was supposed to tell you that Giles would love to take the position.” It took a minute for both men to grasp what she was telling them and Dumbledore began to smile madly.

“And who is Giles?” Fudge demanded, “Some impeccable like Lockhart?”

“Actually,” Dumbledore said, “He is the current slayer’s watcher and since she will be attending Hogwarts this year, I thought it wise to take advantage of all the knowledge that Mr. Rupert Giles has.”

“Current slayer attending Hogwarts?” Fudge stuttered out, there was no way he could discredit the man now. Even with all the trouble Giles had caused when he was younger, the current slayer needed her watcher and he could not deny Giles that right. “Why was I not told about this?”

“Because you did not need to know,” Buffy retorted sharply, Dumbledore gave her a warning look, which she returned.

“Miss Lupin-Black I just have one question, where have you been?”

“I was given up for adoption, because Lily was still in school, also so the Watcher’s Council wouldn’t find me.” Buffy replied, giving the lie that had been created for this situation, “She wanted me to have a normal childhood. I’ve been living on the Hellmouth for the last couple of years so Professor Dumbledore couldn’t find me until I came to London for the Watcher’s Council meeting.”

“I thought that you didn’t have anything to do with the Watcher’s council,” Fudge said, he had started listening, hoping to catch her in a lie.

“I didn’t until I was fifteen and meet the slayer,” Buffy replied, she was about to tell this no good slimly git that she was the slayer. “I started to help her slay and the Watcher’s Council wanted to meet me. So here I am.” Fudge looked like he wanted to say something, but instead he turned on his heel and stormed off. Buffy laughed softly as she turned to look at Dumbledore.

“You would make a good Slytherin,” Dumbledore said. He hoped that she would not be placed in that house, because there might be too much temptation, with all the Death Eater’s kids running around.

“Nah, I rush into things without thinking too much.” Buffy replied with a smirk. It was true, at least according to Giles it was.

The End?

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