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Summary: Buffy travels to England after Angel leaves and learns that Hank Summers may be a darling compared to her father

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapealwaysanangelgurlFR18736,70067033,95521 Jun 0412 Dec 06No

New Discoveries

Disclaimer: I am not Joss Whedon, nor J.K. Rowling.. I am me.. I own nothing, but some of the plot and saying.. lol

Author’s note: I know, I have lots of stories, but this is where the muse went, so this is where I follow.. sigh! I’m trying to finish my stories, really I am! Thanks to Buffy2theSlayer! My new beta! I’m so happy, minus Kate, the car!


“Crucio.” The voice hissed, causing the blonde to bite her lip as pain went coursing through her body. She held in the scream that was threatening to let go. This was the third time that the thing had done this to her and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She had been kicked and hit and cursed by the four other men in the room also and she was hoping for the chance to return the favor in spades.

“Is that all you have?” the blonde hissed out, her green eyes sparkling with something that the man had never seen before, she was damned sure that she wasn’t going to break for this man or she would go insane trying, she had faced worse and survived, “My watcher hits harder than that.” She frantically hoped that Giles was looking for her, because she might have forgotten to mention she was leaving. She wasn’t sure how long she had been there, but she knew that after an hour Giles would notice that she wasn’t pestering him with her questions.

“Elizabeth this would go easier if you would just give in.” the man hissed, the blonde flinched as he carrased her skin in envy.

“The name is Buffy.” She replied, her head held high as she came to her feet once again. “Not Elizabeth, you freak.”

“Crucio.” The man said and Buffy felt the all too familiar pain course through her body. “If you think..”

“My lord,” another man said smoothly interrupting the dark Lord’s tirade, but the girl paid him no mind focusing on the rest of them as the other man began to talk, he had been the only one not to curse her, though the others had not realized this. He cringed slightly, as though waiting to be hit with the same curse thingy, like she had been which might very well be likely.

“Severus,” the thing hissed, “what is it you want to say?” The man looked relieved that he wasn’t about to be tortured.

“I don’t think this is the way to woo her to our side.” He said and the murmurs started around the room about Severus over stepping his boundaries.

“What would you suggest, Severus?” the snake hissed again, “I asked her nicely,” the thing pulled some papers out, “I was even willing to prove what I had to say.”

“I can’t read them.” Buffy replied glaring at the snake looking thing, pure venom in her eyes, and the rest of the room shuddered glad that she was unable to do anything. “So why should I trust you to tell me what they really mean?”

“Crucio.” The man said, not breaking a stride in the conversation with Snape, “But she was unwilling to even listen to what I had to say.” She was showing traits that were very familiar to him, stubbornness and arrogance and at the moment they were very dangerous traits.

“I would recommend,” Buffy said, her voice drawing everyone’s attention, because she had yet to break, no matter what they had done and she was still conscious, “that you ask me nicely to talk with you, instead of sending your goon,” she jerked her head towards the silver haired man who had found her, “after me.”

“You dare speak to our Lord like that?” the silver haired man said, “Crucio!” the girl twitched once her face falling forward as she began tamping down on the feelings.

“Lucius,” the dark Lord said, “you over step your bounds.” Lucius moved away from him, before realizing that he was showing a weakness and stopped all movement, his head bowed slightly, waiting for his punishment. “Crucio.” Voldermort turned his attention back to Snape, “Continue,” Snape spared Lucius a glance, before looking at the dark lord, his head bowed slightly.

“I would suggest,” he took a deep breath preparing himself for the pain that he knew was to come, “that you stop torturing her and allow her to see what you have to offer.” A gasp of disbelief came from Lucius, who was still withering on the ground in pain, “If she was raised by the council, than this will do nothing.”

“Maybe you are correct,” the man said and Snape breathed a sigh of relief, “But you over stepped your boundaries. Crucio.” With a flick of the wand Snape was withering on the ground, all attention on him, “Boys.” The man said and the other three men jumped on Snape, the chance to beat the man was seemingly to great not to risk his wrath later. Snape was hit with punches and kicks, he could hear his own bones break and knew that he would have some trouble getting back to the house. He felt pain course through him because of the curse, but it was only added upon with the physical abuse being done to him.

Buffy waited until the attention was no longer on her, pushing the pain into the back of her mind, grimacing because patience was not her forte. She didn’t have long to wait as they turned on the other man, but it was all the time that she needed. Springing to her feet, she punched the snake thing with an uppercut that Giles would have been proud of, knocking him out, grabbing the pointy stick that looked like a stake and the papers that had been in its hand, and rushed towards Snape. She punched and kicked her way through the other five men, knocking all of them unconscious, before kneeling beside Snape wondering why he had helped her, even vaguely. The fight took only a few seconds, the others were too shocked to see her move to put up much resistance, not that it would have mattered against a pissed off slayer.

“How do I make it stop?” Buffy asked the man still withering on the ground. He hadn’t heard her at first, the pain was intense. The curse was stronger this time and the other people adding to the curse did nothing for the pain. The blonde realized that she didn’t have his full attention and patted his cheek until his eyes opened and focused somewhat on her, “How do I make it stop?”

“It will stop on its own.” The man hissed out, the pain this time was worse, the dark lord had not been happy with him, making Snape think that he was a suspected of treason to the dark lord. “Leave.” He wanted to apparent to the Order’s house, but he was afraid that he would splech himself, but he also knew that the girl needed to leave.

“Not without you.” Buffy replied, she quickly grabbed him and flung him over her shoulders in a fireman carry, there was just something about this man that called to her. “Where to?” she took off in a run, following her senses that were leading her back to civilization. She wasn’t sure where she was, but it was a factory of some kind on the water front, near the watcher’s council. She realized that Snape would be no help in getting them wherever they needed to go and so she put her trust in her slayer.

“Dumbledore.” Snape spit out and the blonde wasn’t sure if that was some code that she was supposed to know. Deciding that she was far enough away for the moment, and that the men were most likely still unconscious, she set him on the ground and looked at the extent of his injuries and if he had any type of identification on him. As she patted him over, she searched his pockets, swiping his stake thingy also and putting it in the pocket with the Dark Lords. Luckily he had passed out, so he didn’t put up any type of fight. She found a scrap piece of paper with 12 Grimmauld written on. She realized that it was an address. Stuffing the paper into her pocket, just in case she got lost, she picked him back up and began to move through the city of London and she reached Grimmauld place.

A Little While Later

“11.. 13.. mhmm, I could’ve sworn it said 12.” Digging into her pocket Buffy pulled out the paper and read it again, “yup, it was 12.” Looking up, she noticed a house materializing between 11 and 13, it appeared brick by brick, until the entire structure was there. Looking around, the girl stepped cautiously up the stairs and knocked on the door.

“FILTHY MUDBLOODS!” Buffy winced as the screaming continued, she had no idea what a mudblood was and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. She just wanted to drop the man on her shoulders off and get back to Giles, before he got too worried.

“Who are.. oh my Lord! Severus!” a red haired woman said opening the door taking a look at the girl and Professor Snape slung over her shoulders. “DUMBLEDORE!” she ushered the girl inside, looking around the street before closing the door behind them, “Set him here, he must be heavy.” The girl shrugged, laying the man on the table as the older woman bustled about. The girl bristled when three men entered the room, two that looked about Snape’s age and an older man that reminded her of Gandalf, they all were looking at her like she was the next Charles Manson.

“Who are you?” one of the men asked. He looked like he had just escaped a refugee camp or had been on the run, he was thin, too thin for his height, his hair was unruly and in need of a cut, but other than that he was sort of cute looking. She could tell that he was on the mend from something and wasn’t sure what it was.

“What happened?” the other man asked at the same time. Buffy took her time studying him, there was something familiar about him she just couldn’t place her finger on it.

“Werewolf.” Buffy said out loud smiling and the man bristled, she had been right. “You’re a werewolf.”

“What happened?” the Gandalf looking man asked, commanding all attention. Buffy eyed him momentarily, trying to decide if she should trust him and just how much she should tell him. “We need to know what happened to him in order to fix it.” He had a lot of questions to ask, but they could wait, the thing that mattered was finding out what happened and how they could fix it.

“Well,” Buffy said, “Voldermort?” when the group winced she guessed that she said the right name and mentally congratulated herself, “Cursed him a couple of times,” she took a breath to continue, but was interrupted, the glare she sent him would have sent the Scourge of Europe on a run to get half way across the world.

“Is that it?” the first man asked he cringed slightly at the look that he was getting, not realizing that he was backing away from a girl.

“No,” she said, “And if you would let me tell the story it would go smoother.” The man nodded curtly and Buffy smiled, “And the other three guys threw some curses at him, while also kicking him and stuff.”

“There were four people there?”

“Well, no.” the girl replied, “Some guy named Lucius was there, but he was under the same curse thingy also.”

“Malfoy,” the werewolf hissed and the others nodded.

“Voldie,” the people in the room winced as she butchered his name, but she didn’t care, “shouldn’t put his people through so much or they won’t come back.” Before anyone could comment on this their eyes were drawn to the bed as Snape let out a groan.

“His shoulder is dislocated,” the red haired woman said, “I can’t do anything until it is put back in..” before she could finish the statement the girl moved forward, grasping his shoulder.

“I am sorry.” She told him, even though she was sure that Snape could hear her, before putting his shoulder back into place. “There you go. Do you need any help I’m good with the first aid.”

“No.” the woman said, looking a little flustered, “I’ve got it under control.” She took out something that looked like a stake and pointed it at Snape, but Buffy moved between them defensively.

“What are you doing?” she asked demandingly. The red head stepped back slightly as the power whirled around Buffy and she wondered if the girl knew what she commanded. Noticing the glint in Buffy’s eyes she realized that Buffy most likely did know, to some extent, the power within her.

“Healing him.” The woman replied deciding that Severus’ life meant more than being afraid of the girl, moving the girl slightly she let the blonde watch her every move, “Watch.” Giving the proper incantation a light shot out of the wand and enveloped Snape’s ribs, they could hear the bones going back into place and the bruises receded.

“Wicked!” Buffy exclaimed in delight, “Can you teach me that? Do you have to have one of those stake looking stick things?” Snape gave a slight laugh as he heard what she was saying he had regained consciousness with very little pain, just a twinge that remained from the Crucio. With a start he realized that Buffy hadn’t been looked at yet.

“Girl.. Crucio..” Snape muttered and the others looked at the girl with obvious distrust, but hearing his words they all reached for their wands, “no,” he protested when he noticed everyone had done this, “she was hit by it.”

“Let me have a look at you.” The red head said, but was stopped when Buffy moved back shaking her head as she did so.

“That’s alright.” She replied quickly, “I’m a quick healer.”

“Look at her ribs.” Snape replied, his eyes were closed so he never saw the glare that Buffy shot him. “She was hit at least five times.”

“And she’s not insane?” Gandalf asked shock settling over his face.

“It’s alright,” Buffy replied again as though the Gandalf man hadn’t spoken, moving backwards, keeping an eye on everyone in the room, “what is your fascination with those stake looking things.”

“They are called wands.” The older man said, “I am Professor Albus Dumbledore.” He told her, “This is Molly Weasley,” he pointed to the red head, “Remus Lupin,” the werewolf, “And Sirius Black. I see you have already met Severus.”

“Nice to met you.” The girl replied, “If you could point me towards central London, preferably the library I will get out of your hair.”

“I don’t think you understand the danger you are in.” Dumbledore told her calmly.

“So what else is new?” she replied with a shrug, she was the slayer after all. “And why do you need wands?”

“They focus the magic that we do.” Lupin replied, clearly puzzled by this. The girl was aware that there was magic, she hadn’t seemed surprised, but she didn’t know about wands.

“I have a friend who can do magic without a wand.” The girl replied matter of factly.

“And you are?” Black asked, dying of curiosity about the girl that had saved Snape’s life.

“Buffy Summers.” Buffy replied waiting tensely to see if they knew the name, sighing in relief when nothing happened. “Library?”

“You can’t leave.” Snape told her weakly, “He will just look for you.”

“Well, I think my watch.. my father might have something to say about that.” Buffy replied catching herself with the watcher, but from the looks going around the room she realized that they had caught it.

“I am sure that your watcher will understand.” Snape replied and Buffy looked at him sharply. “you didn’t think it was by chance that Lucius just happened to know where you were going to be this afternoon, did you?”

“No,” Buffy replied sarcastically, “I caught onto that when he kidnapped me.” She backed up towards the door, “Now that I’ve done my good deed for the day, if you would just let me out, that would be great.”

“Why does He Who Must Not Be Named want you?” Molly asked and Buffy shrugged nonchalantly, while Snape raised his eyebrow.

“Probably has some ritual that involves slayer blood.” Buffy replied, “Although why he doesn’t just go after Faith is beyond me.”

“Faith?” Remus asked.

“Other slayer.”

“I thought there could only be one slayer at a time.” Black asked slightly confused.

“Long story,” Buffy replied, “Do you have to use wands to do magic?” she moved again towards the door, Snape reached for his wand, but was unable to find it.

“Yes.” Dumbledore replied.

“What happened to my wand?” Snape asked and Buffy looked a bit sheepish as she pulled out the two wands. Handing them to Snape, because she wasn’t sure whose was whose, she let him figure out which one was his wand.

“Do you have any idea whose this is?” Snape asked with a slight awe and more than enough fear, Buffy shrugged nonchalantly as she answered.

“I swiped it off of Voldie.” She told them as they looked at her in awe, “I wasn’t exactly sure what it did.” Snape was looking at her with admiration in his eyes the blonde was certainly very adept at hiding what she was and what she did,

“Do you know how many men have died trying to take that wand?” Dumbledore asked quietly.

“No.” Buffy replied, “I have no idea who he is, what that does, or where I am.”

“How did you get here?” Snape asked and Buffy looked a bit sheepish again.

“Well,” she replied, “you passed out so I looked to see if you had a wallet or something and I found the paper with the address on it.” The others looked at each other sharply, it had been charmed so that only a member of the Order of the Phoneix could see it and no amount of magic would unlock it, “you can have it back.” Buffy pulled the paper out of her pocket and handed it to Snape.

“You can read what’s on this?” Snape asked and Buffy nodded a curious look on her face. Why was everyone so concerned that she could read? She knew that American schools systems weren’t considered the best, but they did still teach everyone how to read.

“It’s very clearly written.” Buffy told them, “Look this has been great, but I need to get a hold of my watcher and I need to go.”

“Miss Summers,” Dumbledore said and Buffy looked at him, “If we could have a moment of your time we would like to talk with you.”

“Sure.” She replied and moved to take a seat across the table from them, when she felt something poke her. Remembering the papers she swiped she shifted and pulled them out.

“What are those?” Snape asked, they looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it.

“No idea.” She replied she scanned them, giving a huge sigh as she went through each page, “Great! Another language.” She set them on the table slightly frustrated, “Why couldn’t it be in English?”

“May I?” Dumbledore asked motioning towards the papers.

“Sure.” Buffy replied with a nod, “I took them from Voldie.” Dumbledore looked them over a look of shock coming across his face.

“Your parents are Hank and Joyce Summers?” Dumbledore asked and Buffy nodded.

“Well,” she said, “Mum and dad divorced, but yea. Why?”

“These are adoption records.”
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