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The Real World

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Summary: FINALLY UPDATED...Draco Malfoy is having trouble in the Muggle world, and seems to not be wanted in the Wizarding world. Can a certain female Slayer help him?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyTheSlytherinQueenFR1543,456066,53622 Jun 044 Aug 04No


A/N : A little change with the titles. Heh. Sorry my chapters are so short, I'm trying to make them longer. My goal! Yay! Uh.. I was a little ticked off cuz I had this chapter like, almost done and my compter froze. *whines*... I finally got a review! yay!

Thanks to Meekster because YAY! You reviewed, AND gave me a really good idea.. plus the whole, Buffy POV thing, I like it. So that's what I'm doing with this chapter.

On With The Story:::: Buffy's POV

Just a few moments ago I had met 'Drake Muggle', a 'friend' of Spike's. Spike doesn't have any friends, well.. except for kittens. But that's a different story. Drake was pretty cute. Okay. He was totally gorgous, with those silver eyes and that loose blonde hair.

Bad Buffy! Bad!... did I just scold myself? Maybe I'm going insane. I just met him and I'm already having kinky thoughts.

Besides him being totally munchable, he kinda has this weird vibe going. I'm not sure he's totally normal... but then again, who in Sunny Hell IS completley normal?

.... Point Proven. Anyway, I can hear Spike talking to me about something. It's probably important, so I'm ignoring him. When we reach my front steps on Revello Drive, I jump onto the porch and open my front door, allowing the two men inside first.

I lead them into my living room where Xander is seated in the chair with Anya on his lap, deep in a discussion about how Anya would like Xander to make more money to buy her pretty expensive things. Some things never change.

Will is on the couch with Tara next to her, looking through some spellbook, I'd assume. I don't see Dawn anywhere. I look over to the stairs, then to my friends.

"Where's Dawn?" I asked simply.

Anya looked up, smiling. "She's upstairs doing stupid papers with little numbers on them that annoy me a great deal." Her smile faded into a frown and she shuddered.

Xander looked at his girlfriend warily. "Anya, those little numbers on paper are called Math problems. Say it with me... M-a-t-h P-r-o-b-l-e-m-s... " He said very slowly.

"Xander are you okay?" Anya asked him, of course not understanding his jokes.

I smile at the pair and shake my head. "So Buff, new friend?" I look to Xander who nods towards Drake. Spike moved to the side and shrugged.

At Xander's comment, Willow and Tara both looked up to the flaxen haired young boy, eyes growing wide. Drake's eyes seemed to mimic theirs and I knitted my eyebrows together, utterly confused.

"I take it you know eachother?"

Willow was the first to speak. "We... we saw him in The Expresso Pump earlier today."

Drake scoffed. "Yeah, and you were staring at me the whole bloody time. It was rather odd, if I do say so myself."

Both girls blushed furiously and looked away. Tara, usually so quiet, looked at me, then Drake. "W-we..s-saw you. You.. you had a..a mag..magickal au-aura around.. round you."

Drake seemed to tense at her stuttered statement. Hmm.. Note to self: Ask him about that.

Willow nodded her head vigorously. "Yeah we.. We're witches, and we can sense magick. You have alot of it. Sorry if we scared you." She smiled sheepishly and Drake shrugged.

Willow looked at me and I grinned. Yay! I can talk.

"Now that we have that little issue cleared up....Everybody, this is Drake Muggle. Drake, these are my friends, Xander, Anya, Willow, and Tara." I pointed to everyone as I said their names. "You know Spike and..." I looked towards the stairs. "DAWN!"

"WHAT?!" Came a loud scream from upstairs. I roll my eyes. Great! She was in a bad mood.

"Get down here! I want you to meet someone!"

I heard a groan, then sufficent stomping down the stairs. At the bottom, appeared my fifteen year old sister, Dawn, in a purple t-shirt and a pair of blue pajama bottoms. She had her hands on her hips and a very hostile look on her face. "WHAT??"

Drake, taken back a little from my moody teenaged sister, took a step back towards Spike, who snickered.

Everyone seemed to wince at Dawn's loud, angry voice. "Dawnie, this is Drake Muggle. He isn't evil so don't try to attack him and uh... stop screaming."

Dawn glared at me, then her eyes flashed to Drake. She smirked and I could tell evil thoughts were floating through that pretty brown head of hers.

"Hey. I'm Dawn." She said sweetly. I cringed. Dawn is NEVER that sweet. I'm starting to feel kinda bad for Drake. Dealing with Dawn is the worst thing a person can EVER have to do.

I see him let out a breath that he was holding at her soft tone. "Ello. Drake.. Muggle." Not really sure what else to say, they both stopped talking.

"Dawn we have a meeting. Go upstairs." ... Dun Dun dun... and I wait for her to start screaming again.

"You call me downstairs from HOMEWORK to meet someone and then SHOVE me off back upstairs! That's .. that's rude! And it's stupid! And You have no idea. ..." He voice faded off as she trudged back upstairs and slammed the door to her room.

I looked to where Drake stood wide eyed. "Nice sister you've got there."

"Aww... that was nothin'." I smirk and walk to the couch, sitting next to Willow. I raise a hand and motion Drake to sit, which he does, in the chair opposite Xander.

Spike gasped, as if wounded. "You never invite me to sit down!"

"I know." I murmur, irritated.

"Oh what a great bloody host you are!" He rolls his eyes and leans against the frame of the living room door.

"Alright... so on with the meeting...." Willow says, opening a large leatherbound book once again.

To Be Continued... I will probably add on to this chapter but I have to go! Review!!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Real World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 04.

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