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The Real World

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Summary: FINALLY UPDATED...Draco Malfoy is having trouble in the Muggle world, and seems to not be wanted in the Wizarding world. Can a certain female Slayer help him?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyTheSlytherinQueenFR1543,456066,53622 Jun 044 Aug 04No

The Real World

Hey! This is my first Hp/Btvs Crossover fic so be nice!
Disclaimer: I dont own anything!! I wish I owend Tom Felton, but ~sigh~ I don't.
Review: Yes! Please!
Time Line: Okay umm this is like end of Season 4 for Btvs, Riley is gone, Spike loves Buffy, She hates him, her mom just died a little while before. There is a Dawn, and Giles is in England. Willow is still gay and Spike chipped. For Hp im moving it up a bit. They have all graduated from Hogwarts, and Draco wanted to become an Auror, along with the golden trio, but they wouldn't let him, afraid he was evil because of his father. Nobody wanted him.

Ages for my purpose:
Draco: nineteen
Dawn: fifteen
Willow, Tara, Xander, Buffy,: 19-20ish ((In college...well three of the four)) oh! and Anya is there too.
Harry,Ron, Hermoine. :: Will show in later chapters. 19.
A/N: Oh and thanks for the little advice, for the next chapters or so. XD On with the story ......


Prologue: Beginning.

The peroxide blonde wizard lost his train of thoughts as he stepped off of the train that led to Los Angeles. He would be headed to a small town called SunnyDale where he would start his new life. He couldn't believe that *he*, Draco Malfoy, 'Heir of Slytherin' , would be living in America, in a muggle town at that! Little did he know that SunnyDale wasn't your average town.

He pulled his trunk of entities towards the bus station, where he would take off.

Draco was about to start over. He was about to try and live life as a bloody muggle. A muggle! Of all things. He thought of his father, in Azkaban, and he looked down, ashamed. His mother, poor Narccissa ((Did I spell that right? Lemme know!)) Draco even thought about Harry Potter. Oh yes, Saint Potter saving the day once again, with his two sidekicks, Weasel and Granger-Know-It-All. He scoffed.

As he took his seat on the bus, Draco couldn't help to ponder what life as a muggle would be like. Would he ever fall in love? Buy a house? Have children? Get a good job? He knew one thing was for sure... this was a new chapter in his life. Things were about to get crazy.

So many things, such a short bus ride.

*Sorry It's so short but it's just a prologue! I swear the rest is good*
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