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Uh Oh

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Summary: The scum of the universe won't know what hit them when Dawn is comes to her true calling Chapt 1& 2# RE posted.. (now read or I shall taunt you a second time!! :-P)

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Neon Orange

Sorry Everyone that it has taken me sooooooooooooo very long to get back to this but in my defence I was abducted by Aliens but if I get plenty of nice healthy reviews I may be able continue hahahahah.

Disclaimer: I disclaim… :-P if I was good enough to have thought of Stargate I wouldn't be here right now I'd be some were else enjoying..........stuff

The re edited version Beta by Phantomghost

Chapter 2: Neon Orange.

Dawn cracked her eyes open an inch and hurled the knife she kept under her pillow at the annoying sound that had woken her from a nice dream involving Brad Pitt, Antonio Bendarea, Orlando Bloom, Vin Diesel, herself and a pool full of KY jelly,
She smiled at the pleasing sounds of her alarm clock dying and with a groan hauled herself out of bed, pulling on a robe and heading to the kitchen were she made herself a bowl of kellogs, Coco Pops and Muslie all in the same bowl, covered it in strawberry milk and chowed down, before jumping into the shower and changing into her uniform, she liked her job it was all right and while the CKA did pay her it just didn't cover the entire rent and electricity and without anything left over for food!!, it was get a job or feel very hungry,

She ran downstairs and around the corner only just getting there as the bus she had to catch pulled up, she climbed on and sighed sitting down and trying to catch up on some sleep, the bus pulled up outside a fenced in area of woods some 10k's out of town Dawn jumped off and unlocking the gate made her way inside to the main office noting on the way that the poison Ivy had overgrown the entrance sign 'Bob Traves Action Adventure Skirmish'. She went in and stuck her head in Bob's office

"Hey what do you have for me this morning" she asked the balding overweight man sitting behind the desk in a wife beater singlet, stained pants and sandals with socks

"There are a group of 5 coming in, car dealership group who want the full treatment"

"Do they want to win or do they want to be challenged?" she asked already thinking of the boobytrapps she could set up for the day

"There pretty cocky give them a challenge but don't kill them all off in the first hour we want them to be here for as long as possible" said Bob

"Sure thing Boss so who's leading them today!?"

"Lawrence" he said dismissively,

The way the park worked was that she set the ‘trap’s’ up and played the opposition giving the players something to shoot at and avoid etc, while another staff member was their guide and helped them along the course and to capture the ‘flag’ or herself depending on what package they were doing.
There was a particular rivalry between herself and Lawrence, he considered himself to be the best because he had at some stage done basic training in the military, yeah well she had descended into the Hellmouth and come back alive so he could just shove it in her opinion.

"Are you sure this is the place" asked Daniel looking at the fence that surrounded the place

"Yes Dr Jackson, there is a sign proclaiming the name of the establishment" said Tealc pointing to the overgrown sign on the fence

"Aren’t archaeologists meant to be real observant" said Jack smiling to himself

"So is anyone else nervous about this or is it just me,” said Samantha Carter quietly

"Hey I saw the footage and I read the file that the joint chiefs sent us,” said Jack

"Is that a yes sir?” said Sam

"I'm not going to answer that" he replied pulling a slight face.

They entered the facility and made their way to the office building, and to the owner’s desk, he looked up

"Oh good your here a little late but better late then never eh" said Bob mistaking them for the car dealership gang

"Were here to see one Dawn Summers" Said Jack frowning at the man in slight confusion

"Sure I see, so her reputation proceeds her eh, well she dose do the best resistance course that I have ever seen and you did say that you wanted the full treatment, hey love the uniform touch very authentic" said Bob with a grin

"That's because they are authentic I am Cornel Jack O'Neill United States Airforce" said Jack flashing his ID Bob reassessed the four figures except for the one with glasses they did hold a certain authority in there demeanour and the dark one with the hat pulled low over his face radiated it like it was some kind of cologne.

"Umm Dawn you say is she in trouble or something has she done something I should know about! As her employer and all"

"That’s classified" came Jack's curt reply

"Right well I can call her back to the office if you want" said Bob his voice brimming with curiosity,

"That will not be necessary Sir if you would just tell us were we could locate miss Summers we would appreciate it" said Sam

"Sure I'll just see" he picked up a walkie talkie, "Hey Dawn were are you at the moment!" asked Bob Dawn's voice crackled back over the 2way

"Umm I'm set up for ambush at the jacaranda tree near the sand trap why, don't tell me there not coming I have spent the better part of the morning setting up a whole heap of new challenges and I really want to see if they work"

"Well you have company they are coming to you out there so don't move" said Bob

"Ok" she replied sounding curious

"Take the red trail she'll find you out there just keep walking she's about 10mins out said Bob handing Jack a trail map

"Thank-you for your corporation Sir" Said Sam as they walked out.

"Well there's the Jacaranda tree" said Daniel as they came to a stop in front of it Jack rested one arm bracing himself on the tree

"Well were is she" he asked there was a cracking noise and from the branches of the tree dropped a net tangling him up, while he was trying to fight his way out of it Dawn appeared out of the bushes behind them and shot her neon orange paint balls all over Jack as he struggled

"Ok your out take the red trail back to the office and Mandy will give you a towel so you can have a shower and change, the rest of you will have a 10 minuet penalty break before you can continue nice uniforms by the way very authentic." said Dawn smiling perkily at them,
The looks on their faces varied from the 'your dead and just don't know it yet' look Jack was glaring at her, the smothered grin and laughter from Daniel, mild amusement tinted with disapproval from Sam and a quirked eyebrow from Tealc.

"Miss Summers they are very real looking because they are real we are from the United States Airforce we would like to offer you a job" said Tealc calmly Dawn looked from Jack to Sam to Daniel and then back to Tealc

"Pardon" she said again very quietly as if hoping that his reply would be completely different then what he had said the first time

"Your specialised talents have come to the attention of the president and he would like us to offer you a job with us" said Jack from behind gritted teeth as he wiped orange paint off his face

"SHIT" was all she said then she bolted and before any of them could move was gone.

"Well that went well, considering." said Daniel optimistically Jack just gave him a look "What, well when you consider that file we read explaining the initiative program that was set up in her home town and what she and her sister had to do to save everyone I am surprised that she didn't try to kill us or something" explained Daniel, Jack sighed and wiped the last bit of paint off his face

"What do we do now O'Neill" asked Tealc getting right to the point

"We make a report to the General then we try to find her and give it another go." he sighed.

Dawn paced back and forth in her apartment the phone to her ear silently trying to make someone on the other end pick it up faster finally someone answered

"Hello The Summers School of self defence" came a young girls voice from the other end

"Hi Jenny it's Dawn I need to speak to Giles or Buffy now" she said urgently

"There not here there in Africa something about a Zombie revolt, more like revolting if you ask me I mean my god dead people rotting all over everything it's just like sooo gross and imagine what it would be like to get out of your clothes, I mean..." babbled Jenny

"Jenny focus who is there!"

"Ummm well Andrew and Robin oh and Willow got back from England this morning but she hasn't come out of her bedroom with Kennedy yet and there is no way that…"

"Jenny go in and get her before I send a Renjii Demon to hunt you down and…"

"OK, OK!!! I'll get her sheees" Dawn waited for a few minuets then a agitated voice came over the phone

"This better be good Dawnie I was in the middle of a very good book" said Willow

"Book Sure I'm not 15 anymore I do know what you and Kennedy get up to and if it's book reading then Andrew is soooo wrong about you two"

"What is the sitch then" she sighed. Dawn explained about the visit she had received that morning

"Well it could be to our advantage the emitions have been coming out of the Mountain and as far as I can tell guess what is associated with the mountain" mused Willow

"Let me guess ummm, an airforce base"

"Take them up on there offer, make sure they aren’t doing anything that will need shutting down and report back in every two days between 5-9, if we don’t hear from you I have the skills to come and get you out I want to be sure that they aren’t doing something initiative like"

"Is that a real word?" asked Dawn curiously

"It is now" replied willow

"Am I the only one that is disturbed about this!!" she muttered into her end of the phone but she had already been hung up on "Well it looks like I'll now have to be refereed to as Private Summers from now on she struck what she thought was a military like pose in the mirror “Sis Yes Sir" she barked to herself “God I hate green"

so endeth chapter 2
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