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Uh Oh

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Summary: The scum of the universe won't know what hit them when Dawn is comes to her true calling Chapt 1& 2# RE posted.. (now read or I shall taunt you a second time!! :-P)

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredfrogstompinfunFR1835,15203112,17522 Jun 0416 Oct 04No

Vamp 101

Ta Da (fanfare) the third chapter has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to all thoes who have reviewed love you love you love you (kisses all round)
my Beta is MIA (not as in actually I'm sure that were ever she is she is safe and sound) so this is un-betaed please be nice and review, you know how I love it.

Vamp 101

O’Neill sat in his most comfortable chair in front of his nice new big screen TV, gotta love back pay, and opened his beer, picked up the remote and turned the game on.


“Only when I sit down to watch the game, next thing you know Thor will be showing up and Earth will be under attack,” grumbled Jack to himself… “Hello” he said answering the cordless sitting beside his chair, there was a pause on the other end and the person sighed

“If I am going to meet with you people I want it on my terms and in a place of my choosing, I’ll give you an hour to gather who ever you need and then I’ll call you back.” came Dawns voice,

“How did you get this number, did you hack or base!” he exclaimed indignantly

“Uh no your name is listed in the phone book!” she said as if explaining something to a seven year old

“One hour” he replied sounding somewhat grumpy

* * *

“Is this place used as a neutral meeting grounds for factions of the tauri often O’Neill?” asked Tealc/Murry looking around at the groups of people sitting in their booths eating their meals and chatting to each other.
(There you are Sorrow4urbirth you aren’t the only one who thinks so)

“Something like that” said Jack looking around the Pizza Hut restaurant at all the kids on dates and hanging out in booths, what had he been doing at their age!? Oh that’s right he had been serving his first tour overseas,
Sam and Daniel were busy pouring over the menu when she arrived, Jack nearly choked on his coke when he saw what she was wearing, tight leather pants with something sparkly strung artfully to give the illusion of a belt, a tight deep blue wrap around shirt that showed a lovely amount of tanned and pierced midriff, no not lovely Young and dangerous, O’Neill mentally corrected himself.

“Hi” she greeted them shortly with a strained smile sliding in next to Sam and Daniel

“Miss Summers” nodded O’Neill there was an awkward pause as they all looked at one another

“Miss Summers you said you got my number out of the phone book” questioned Jack

“Yeah” she replied defensively

“You don’t know my name,” said Jack pointedly she colored red and looked down at the table

“Not that it’s important at the moment” said Sam looking at Jack pointedly’ “first let’s introduce ourselves”

“Right, said Jack scowling at her “I am Cornel Jack O’Neill, This is Lieutenant DR Samantha Carter, Dr Daniel Jackson, and Tealc” said Jack nodding to each member of his team in turn, Sam smiled reassuringly, Daniel gave a little wave trying not to stare to obviously at her outfit, Tealc just nodded to her politely,

“Tealc, just Tealc they all have fancy titles but your just Tealc” she asked him curiously

“Indeed” he said in ‘that’ voice

“Whatever, she shrugged, so you said something about having a job you wanted to offer me!” she said getting straight to the point

“The material that we need to discuss is of a highly sensitive nature and due to that fact I believe that this is defiantly not the place to talk about it,” said Jack

“Look MR, I have had some raw dealings with the Military in the past so if we are going to talk about this at all we will be doing it on my terms or not at all” she said putting on her resolve face (not a good as Willows but she felt it did the job).
Jack closed his eyes, sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose,

“Sir the General did say that the debriefing was to you’ there’s no urgent reason to do it back at base if Miss Summers is so uncomfortable” said Sam, Dawn screwed up her nose

“Hey call me Dawn Miss Summers makes me sound like I’m in my pension years or something” she grimaced

“Very well but we can’t do it here” said Jack looking pointedly around at all the people

“Ahh, uber secret,” she said knowingly “I can understand those, how bout we walk down the block to the park a ways and have our chat there, still in the open and not easy to be over heard” said Dawn practically’ Jack looked to his team and nodded.
They all stood and followed her out the door and down the footpath;

“So is this level of paranoia normal for you military folks or is it just me” she asked as they walked

“Miss… Dawn what we are about to tell you could put in jeopardy the entire Earth,” said Jack

“Oh so the usual” she grinned at him infuriatingly god couldn’t she some act serious as the situation obviously called for!

“Daniel do you want to do this” said Jack obviously annoyed at her attitude

“Umm right well I suppose that the best place to start would be ancient Egypt and with the Pharos, because you see…” started Daniel

“No, no better be Sam you’ll be there for ever,” said Jack once more rubbing the bridge of his nose

“Oh, ok sir, do you know anything about space and quantum physics it’s really quite fascinating, you see…”

“Forget it Sam I’ll do it myself we don’t want to confuse her too much” sighed Jack

“Don’t want to confuse me uh hello you have started two conversations both to do with what you have been doing in a top secret military facility with Egypt and Quantum physics, no not confused at all!” said Dawn as sarcastically as possible

“A few years ago we discovered a gateway, portal if you will, to other planets one of these journeys we were ‘rediscovered’ by the Gould, a bunch of alien parasites that take over a body and have other nasty habits like enslaving the race of a planet and making them worship them as gods, well we managed to piss them off… a lot, and they have now decided that we now know too much and have to be either re-enslaved or wiped from the face of the planet” said Jack sitting up and putting on his serious Military secret face

“So let me make a few educated guesses here, These Gould have enslaved Earth before and that they were the ancient Pharos of Egypt, but they were driven off earth and they left us well enough alone because hey it’s not like we had the means to go and wipe them from the face of their planet or anything, but now they know we have this gate thing and they are trying to kill us all again because we Know to much and have the potential to cause them major headaches?” asked Dawn for clarification

“Basically yes” said Jack surprised at how well she had received the news

“Oh well that’s ok I thought for a minuet I would have to shut down your base because you were doing something stupid like back in Sunnyhell!” she said letting out a held in breath

“Oh well, you get told about how for years we have been traveling to other planets and now are in trouble of being wiped off the face of the planet and you say Oh well” exclaimed Jack incredulously

“Look maybe years of dealing with what I have had to deal with you would be feeling a little desensitized too ok?” said Dawn apologetically

“I still don’t understand that, what you do is so fantastic I mean by all rights it is totally not supposed to be able to happen and yet I saw the footage, but I just can’t begin to see how it’s possible” said Sam trying to understand.
Dawn looked up into the blackening sky

“I am having to think about this for a bit would you all like to come for a walk with me while I go over it?” asked Dawn mischievously, they all looked at Jack who sighed and shrugged

“What I don’t understand is how they let a bunch of girls run around like commandos battling these things” muttered Jack

“Because the last time the military ‘handled’ it they almost let loose a monster so horrible that you really don’t want to think about it!” said Dawn curtly

“But that was the Army” said Jack with a tone that let you know exactly what he though of them

“Oh and you all think you can go up against a vamp” she said with a slight laugh Jack bristled at her tone

“We are all combat veterans we can handle ourselves,” he said grinding his teeth to stop him saying more, Hammond did want this girl to take them up on this offer

“Oh ok, then stay here and what ever you do don’t move,” said Dawn disappearing into the night

“Uh sir!” said Sam not quite sure what the Cornel was doing

“I just don’t get it I mean sure she runs with a strange crowd and all but she is so young I don’t think that she is someone that we would want to trust with the fate of the world day in and day out,” said Jack

“We all saw the tape O’Neill she is a formidable warrior” said Tealc

“So is my old Karate instructor from when I went to high school but doesn’t mean that I want him to help me protect the earth from complete annihilation!” said Jack

“Believe that there is more to miss Summers than meets the eye” replied Tealc.
As they stood there talking Daniel was the first to spot the three figure walking up to them out of the dark he thought that there must have been something wrong with his glasses because their faces looked odd

“Hey mate got a light?” asked one of them in a Australian accent (there Phantomghost) the other three turned around and freaked, Sam, Jack and Tealc all pulled their guns it was then that Daniel realized what he was seeing was not something smudged on his lenses

“Mate there’s no need for violence…. On your part anyway” said the man lunging at Daniel who promptly back pedaled and fell over his own feet, just as the man was about to grab him Jack fired three rounds into his shoulder and the he was thrown back a few paces Daniel scrambled to his feet and joined Sam, Jack and Tealc

“Oww that hurt” he said fingering the wound then with an animalistic growl he launched himself at them once more Jack and Sam emptied their clips into him but he just kept coming, he crash tackled Jack and they hit the pavement Sam was grabbed by one of the other two that they hadn’t been paying full attention to, he bent her head to the side but before he could sink his fangs into her neck Tealc placed a well aimed bullet in it’s/his head he let go of her in surprise and fell over backwards to lay motionless on the ground.
(I am going on the proviso that while this may not be fatal to a vamp it does take it a while to recover so move on)
There was a pause in all movement as everyone looked to the creature lying on the pavement, then the last vamp through himself into the fray unfortunately at Tealc who with out much effort twisted him around in his arms and snapped his neck, he was reaching to help the struggling jack who was having a hell of a time trying to keep his assailant from his neck

“Don’t help him” came Dawns voice as she emerged from the dark, Tealc froze she squatted down next to the struggling and swearing Jack’ “Still so sure that you could do a better job Jack, this is just a fledgling only been above ground for a few night’s at the most”

“Just get the bastard off me” he hissed as they rolled over the pavement she reached down and threw the vamp into the dark stood and pulled out her stake as he ran back at them she simply stood aside at the last minute and plunged it into his chest brushing off dust as he exploded.

“Congratulations you have survived your first Vamp attack give yourself a pat on the back” she smiled at them

“You, You knew that were out there didn’t you, my god they could have killed us!” exclaimed Sam rubbing a sore neck

“Nah don’t worry I’m a professional” she smiled at them

“What the fuck was that about” said Jack harshly getting to his feet

“That was to demonstrate what I have had to deal with on a day to day basis since my sister was called so I am not some clueless civilian” she said staring at Jack pointedly, he rubbed his lower back tenderly and sighed

“I suppose it’s one of those things that you have to experience to understand fully” he said ruthfuly

“Sorry but yeah It is if I just told you bout it you would be just sitting there thinking of every vampire movie you had ever seen and thinking that you could handle it, trust me you need proper training and a few other special attributes,” she eyed Tealc suspiciously

“But we did take two of them out” said Daniel in defensively

“No actually you didn’t vampires can recover from both of those wounds, she walked over to them and drove her stake into broken neck boys chest, the only way to one hundred percent sure that you have killed a vamp is stake it, behead it, set it on fire, or some how leave it out in the sun, you need to see it reduces to dust only then can you be totally sure!” she said moving over to the last one the one Tealc had shot in the head

“You trying to tell me that his one isn’t dead!” said Sam incredulously

“Well yes he is dead, he’s a vampire but he’s not dead, dead” she said trying to explain it

“He has a bullet to the brain but he’s not dead?”

“No he’s not dead alright I have seen vamps comeback from almost anything trust me this is not a dead enemy she said staking him she stood and turned to her companions they all stared at her like people who had just been slapped with a dead fish

“So I thought about it and as someone once said ‘take me to your leader’,” she said smiling

REVIEW please it makes me so happy :-P

The End?

You have reached the end of "Uh Oh" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Oct 04.

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