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Uh Oh

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Summary: The scum of the universe won't know what hit them when Dawn is comes to her true calling Chapt 1& 2# RE posted.. (now read or I shall taunt you a second time!! :-P)

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredfrogstompinfunFR1835,15203112,17522 Jun 0416 Oct 04No

Uh Oh

I do honestly swear that I own everything that is related to Stargate and the Buffy universe, oh look my good friend with the white coat and the straightjacket is back hello friend … what do you mean I am delusional the grand Poo Baa himself told me I could have them there mine mine I say!!!!!! Ha hahahahahhahhahha. there are no Speack marks live with it


“One door shuts and god opens a window, more like one Hellmouth goes down in a quake of cratery proportions and some twisted sicko opens another one" muttered Dawn to herself as she jogged through the woods surrounding Colorado Springs.

After the events following the fall of Sunnyhell and the rebuilding of the watchers council by Giles, Willow and Andrew, the rest of the gang found themselves setting up a school for the training of all the new slayers,
Robin took up the familiar roll of principle, Buffy and Faith found themselves pressed into service as teachers, roll models and hero’s along with the few dozen watchers they had been able to find over the world, then with some creative help from Angle and Wolferm and Heart had passed it off as a private school for girls.

But the biggest change had been Dawn herself, when Willow had played with the Scythe to activate all the slayer potentials it also activated something inside her some part of her keyness and she found that she could match it with the slayers and in some cases beat them... though admitedly Buffy and Faith still kicked her ass on a regular basis.

When her new abilities had been discovered Giles had immediately buried his head in his new and improved watcher library and Willow in her spells, though all she had been able to prove was that Dawn was not a slayer though she did share some of their attributes,
Giles had found something much more interesting but still as baffling, a passage in an obscure book of prophesy...

‘And the key became the Star champion, and their was much rejoicing’
(and if you can tell me what that line parody’s you will win a prize),

But no one had been even able to guess at what it meant, so she did missions and jobs for both the watchers and slayers councils,
Andrew had tried to call the slayers council 'the council of Red Hot Mammas' but Faith and Kennedy had quickly changed his mind about that one, though Willow had liked the Idea of being a red Hot Mamma, so eventually Ideas got thrown around and someone came up with the council of Kick Ass (the CKA not to be mistaken for the CIA the blighters)

And that was how Dawn found herself chasing vamps through the woods around Colorado Springs at 1:00 in the morning after Willow had been getting some weird readings from the area and was worried about there being yet another Hellmouth.

It was while she was talking to herself like all good sane people did at that time of the morning that she finaly caught up with the unholy dead trio.

"Hey you, with the face "she called out to them, the tallest turned her way

0100 hours

SGC Headquarters
Chyanne Mountain

Colorado Springs

'General Hammond to the control room" came an anonymous voice of a technition over the internal loudspeaker, five minuets later a wrinkled and sleepy facility commander arrived arrived in the controlroom

"What seems to be the problem airman?" he asked the technician on duty

"Sir were picking up some activity outside the base perimeter" said the technician

"Is it just kids from the town trying to sneak up to the fence to prove how brave they are or somthingelse?" he asked tiredly rubbing his eyes and wishing he was back in bed

"We thought it was nothing at first, he said playing with the keyboard in front of him, but you have to see this footage Sir!" Hammond looked at the main viewing screen.

It was a young woman in around about her early 20’s following three men, the image shifted cameras and she was now involved in vicious and complex hand to hand combat with them, watching her he thought that she could probably give Tealc a run for his money then she did something very startling, she flipped backwards picking up a dead tree branch as she went and plunged into each of their chests in quick succession and stood by as they then exploded into dust; She then looked to the sky and shook her fist half heartedly before walking back off towards the town brushing dust and leaf matter off her clothes as she went.

General Hammond shut his mouth with a snap

"How long ago was this?" he asked briskly

"Approximately 7 minuets Sir"

"I have to call the president and the joint chiefs, he muttered to himself

"Recall SG1 from PX3941, I want them assembled in the briefing room by 0800 today" he said making his way towards his office with a strange look on his face.

So endith chapter 1
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