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Summary: A BTVS/HP xover that's been floating around my head for a while also inspired by two stories by elsawrite on redemption and redemed. check it out.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsmetalmayhemFR1523,291042,27423 Jun 044 Aug 04No


Disclaimer still the same
Pairings are as follows: RW/HG HP/GW W/O A/X and possible BS/SB and RL/NT (tell me what you think..)
A/N: I noticed that I can't decided between using only the first name or the last name. Sometimes I call him Remus other times Lupin. Could someone pleased tell me what's correct? Not just for him but for other characters as well.
A/N2: Word of advice to all future college students don't major in english. None of us English majors are good spellers..
and special thankies to Msafrans for being brave enough to be my beta...

Chapter 3
Mrs. Figg opened the door to see Harry ready to knock, once more with all of his school things beside him. "Come in Harry. We have to talk." Mrs. Figg said ushering him into the living room. Harry followed Mrs. Figg dragging his trunk and Hedwigs cage behind him. Inside the living room Remus and Oz were still drinking their tea. Upon entering Harry saw the familar face of Professor Lupin.

"Professor." Harry cried running over to where Remus sat.

"Nice to see you too Harry." Remus smiled

Harry felt like he would erupt as he had a million questions, Why was Remus here? How did Mrs. Figg know Remus and vice versa? Was Dumbledore going to let him stay at the burrow with the Weasleys? All of which he voiced excitedly.

"Calm down Harry." a light chuckle escaping Lupin's lips "To answer your questions. Ms. Figg is a squib. I'm sure you know what a squib is."

"Flich is a squib." Harry remembered

"Yes. Ms. Figg is a squib who has been watching you Harry. Making sure the Dursleys treat you right. Alerting Dumbledore to anything suspicious." Lupin explained

"So does this mean I can go to the Burrow now?" Harry repeated excitedly.

"No it doesn't Harry." Lupin repiled

Harry stepped back anger surging through him he hadn't felt this way since last June when he thought Sirius Black had killed his parents. "SO DUMBLEDORE SENT YOU HERE TO GET MY HOPES UP? TO PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS AND MAKE ME BELIEVE THAT I'M FINALLY GOING TO BE SOMEPLACE WHERE I'M NOT A FREAK, WHERE I'M NOT ABUSED ONLY FOR YOU TO SAY 'SORRY HARRY BUT YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH THE DURSLEY INDEFINTELY. BY THE WAY HAVE A NICE SUMMER.'" Harry raged, his breathing shallow and rigid.

"Sensing some major untouched upon issues here." Oz said

"Calm down Harry. Have some tea." Ms. Figg said causally as if people screaming and yelling in her house was an every day occurence. She proceeded to pour Harry a cup of tea.

"Listen Harry you may not be going to the Burrow but you are leaving your Aunt and Uncle's house. Mr. Osbourne, a friend of Dumbledore's, has provided a solution to our current problem. You, along with another, are being sent to Mr. Osbourne's hometown of Sunnydale, California."

"It's not that bad once you get used to the vampires trying to make you a happy meal on legs." the other guest whom Harry assumed was Mr. Osbourne replied causually.

The cup which was inches from his lips dropped. Had he heard right? Vampires runing around the town and he acted like it didn't bother him. The way he spoke it sounded like he had taken on a few which inwardly impressed Harry he wasn't sure there were many witches or wizards willing to take on one let alone a whole town crawling with them.

But Harry was still an underage wizard and despite defeating Voldermort three times was un sure if he could survive. "Dumbledore is going to send me there?" Harry gulped

"Yes Harry you will be like I said you will be accompined by Mr. Osbourne his dog snuffles and another individual or two to the hellmouth till the start of term."

"Dumbledore is bloody mental." sounding a lot like his bestfriend Ron Weasley Harry felt like his knees were going to give way. "Is this- Is this his idea of protecting me from Lord Voldermort? Sending me to a town full of dark creatures?"

"Don't underestimate Dumbledore Harry." Mrs. Figg advised

"Ok so if I go how exactly am I going to get back for the begining of term? Or am I not going back?" Harry asked a tight knot of fear growing in his stomach that Remus Lupin was going to tell him he wasn't going back to Hogwarts. Back to the only place he felt he belonged.

"You'll be going back Harry don't worry." Remus said reaching out to grasp Harry's shoulder.

"Now Arabella it's been a pleasure. But we really must be going." Remus said to Mrs. Figg. Whom Harry wondered her real purpose was in all of this other then to provide a house for them to talk in; she had only spoken a handful of times and once was playing hostess.

Oz got up from his chair stretching his arms over his head giving Harry his first real good look at the strange American. He was about Harry's height blue hair done in spikes held together by gel. He wasn't wearing robes but muggle jeans and tee shirt with the heading 'You weren't meant to understand' in blue letters and he was wearing black sneakers. There was something about him some sort of feeling that Harry felt before a feeling he felt only around Professor Lupin.

"You're a werewolf." Harry exclaimed.

"Guilty as charged." Oz said there was a tone in his voice that suggested being a werewolf didn't bother him that it was a part of his life.

"And--And it doesn't bother you?" Harry hesistated in asking. He didn't want to seem rude.

"Not really." Oz shrugged

"Are the two of you ready? The Portkey will active in three minutes." Remus said coming over to the two of them.

With an enthusatic nod from Harry though he had no idea where Dumbledore was sending him he felt that anywhere had to be better then the Dursleys and a casual shrug from Oz who had bent down to pick up Harry's trunk. With a swish and a flick of his wand Remus had shrunk Harry's trunk slipping it in his pocket.

The portkey sent them to London Harry not ever seeing London except when going to Kings Cross looked around eyes wide in wonder. The area was grim and dirty a bad part of London but he desperately wanted to explore Muggle London. To visit all the shops he heard his Uncle, Aunt and Cousin complain about. But before he could so much as take two steps the arm of Remus Lupin darted out to grab him by the back of the shirt.

"There is no time for sightseeing." Remus scolded

"Er-Professor where exactly are we suppose to be going?" Harry questioned

He didn't get an answer instead a strip of parchment was thrusted into his hands. The headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix is at Number 12 Grimmuald Place. Harry read and reread the strange note. He couldn't make any sense of it. Looking up from the note in his hands he desparately wanted to ask what was going on. Much to his surprise when the space between Number 11 and Number 13 started to distort the two houses being pushed away from each other by an unseen force slowly a house which he could only assume to be Number 12 appeared looking as though it always was there and hadn't appeared magically.

"Wh-hat? H-how?" Harry stammered

"Magic Harry." was Remus simple reply.

"But Professor." Harry began. Remus inches away from the door whirled around to face his former pupil his face one of mild aggitation. It was imperative that he get Harry into the safety of Number 12.

The look on his former DADA professor made Harry step back a little. Looking at Remus he felt as if he were almost locking eyes with the Potions Master Serveus Snape. "Er.. What is this place?" Harry waved a hand at the door.

"This Harry." Remus said with a sigh of someone trying to explain this as simple as possible is.

"This is my house. Or our House when Dumbledore let's me kidnap you from the Dursleys." a third voice said

Both Harry and Remus whirled around to see a familar body leaning against the doorway arms folded across his chest.

"SIRIUS." Harry cried running full on tackling his godfather.

"How you doing Harry?" Sirius asked a hand ruffling Harry's unruly hair.

"Don't suppose a fine is going to cover it?" Harry asked.

"Nope." Sirius shook his head "Come inside all three of you Dumbledore is waiting."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Allies are always welcome" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 04.

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