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Summary: A BTVS/HP xover that's been floating around my head for a while also inspired by two stories by elsawrite on redemption and redemed. check it out.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsmetalmayhemFR1523,291042,27123 Jun 044 Aug 04No

Allies are always welcom

Disclaimer: *clears thoart and starts singing to the song Scotty doesn't know from the movie Eurotrip* Mika doesn't own. Mika doesn't own. Mika doesn't own. MIKA DOESN'T OWN! *there I think that got the message across :)

Summary: OOTP with the scoobs.

Notes: I know I know this has been done so many times that no one really wants another one. But what can I say. I'm bored and I just read the entire series (that's right all five books from cover to cover) for the seventh time.

Timeline: Well like I said this is the OOTP with the scoobs. Seeing how this is my story I can do what I want with in reason. SO read these changes and it will be an easy story to follow.

This takes place obviously during Harry's 5th yr.. But Sirus is NOT repeat NOT going to be at Number 12 Grimmuald Place. Instead Dumbledore decides to send him to a place no one in any form of mind would bother to look for him. My reasoning being so that Sirus DOESN'T DIE!! As good a plot twist it was I really didn't like the emotional stress J.K Rowling placed on Harry. So an alive Sirus makes us all happy.

I debated on what Season to place this in the Buffyverse and decided that season 6 seemed to be the best. Having someone to help would help all the scoobs focus more on the hellmouth and less on the crappiness that is currently their lives.

More Notes: Well em.. Tara and Willow are well they really haven't seen each other since Tabulsa Rosa leading the scoobs to think she left town. Anya and Xander called off the engagment but are still a couple. Spike since he really didn't fit into my story will not be making any appearances.. Anything else or anything involving the fang gang will be in the A/n precedding that chapter.

That should be all.

1- A proposition

Sirus Black wanted crimnal and escapee of the Wizard prison Azkaban sat with his feet resting on the kitchen table of his parents home to what and older gentlemen with long silver hair crystal blue eyes and long flowing blue robes adondend with cresent moons his name was Prfessor Albus Dumbledore had to say. With Professor Dumbledore were two people. One a rather tall man of about 6' with sandy blonde hair streaked with premature grey hair and amber brown eyes also dressed in robes a dark brown color the man's name was Remus Lupin former DADA Professor at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, who also for three nights a month happened to be a werewolf. The other a man in his early twenties his hair short and spikey and dyed a purplish blue color he was much shorter then the two other men about 5' 5" or 5' 6" dressed in jeans and a Muppet Show t-shirt Animal banging on the drums. His name was Daniel Osbourne but he prefered Oz. He too was a werewolf.

"Sirus it has come to my attention that the Ministry is getting closer and closer to finding you." Dumbledore said his voice serious not all the wise yet constantly amused voice Sirus was used to.

"How can they find me? This place has so many wards and charms that they could pass by several times blink and not so much know it exsisted." Sirus snorted

"Be sensible Padfoot. Shackleboat and the rest of the Order can only prolong the search for so long." Remus said

"What about Harry? If I decide to go with you. Which by the way I haven't. What are you going to tell Harry when he comes here and can't find me?" Sirus demanded his feet sliding off the table and hitting the floor.

"The truth when the time comes." Dumbledore answered "Though it may seem that we may have to include Harry in on this plan."

"ABSOLUTELY NOT." Sirus and Remus roared simitamusly.

"I assure you that no harm would come to Harry." Dumbledore said

Remus always the sensible one of his four friends thought about everything Dumbledore had told them. And as much as he hated to admit Dumbledore was right.

"His right." Remus said startling everyone including himself present.

"His WHAT?" Sirus roared "Moony are you off your gourd?"

"Think about it padfoot old friend what better place to hide then on a hellmouth. No sensible witch, wizard or death eather would ever think to look for you there."

"Besides I have friend living in Sunnydale. If you told them what was going on they'd help you in a minute." Oz said speaking up for the first time since the four had converged

"No offense but since I don't know your friends how can I assume that I won't be sending my godson into a trap?" Sirus questioned raising an eyebrow.

Oz gave him a slight nod. It was a fair question living on the hellmouth had taught him to be leery of people you didn't know.

"Mr. Osbourne's friends Sirus aren't the type of people to be taken lightly in fact they are the only ones holding back the hellmouth from erupting. Ms. Summers is a slayer Ms-"

A gasp from Lupin and a sputter choking sound from Sirus made Dumbledore pause.

"A slayer?" Remus repeated his breathing ragid.

"Yes Remus a slayer."

"But aren't they? Aren't they you know." Remus trailed off. He had read about them in one of his many defense books. From what he read the slayer was particualarly strong and violent with a kill first and ask questions second attitude.

"Dangerous?" Dumbledore laughed "I assure you Ms. Summers is far from dangerous. Unless you happen to be a vampire, demon or werewolf."

"Or shoes. She's a danger to shoes." Oz added laughing slightly at a memory of Buffy complaining a demon ruined her favorite pair of shoes.

"Werewolves." Remus gulped

Oz sensing the older werewolfs distrace placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry As long as you try not to hurt her or her friends she's fine. Infact that's general rule amongst the scoobs. You hurt one of us and your toast."

"You mean she doesn't mind werewolves?"

"Can't say she does. And if she did never told me about and I dated her best friend for a year and a half." Oz remarked brow raised part in concertation the other to be funny.

"You dated her best friend. Way to go Moony jr." Sirus cheered "See Moony you can get a little action now and again" this was addressed to Lupin.

"Ms. Rosenberg is a very powerful wandless witch. Mr. Harris while posession no magic or special abilities is a brave warrior that many of us can learn from. Ms. Jenkins I believe used to be the vegenance demon Anyanka. Mr. Giles is an esteemed member of the Watchers Council. Mr. Osbourne a werewolf and lastly Ms. Summers younger sister Dawn a clever girl who can handle herself very well in a fight." Albus continued as if the little conversation never occured.

Sirus focused on the candle on the table eyes watching the orange red flames. He was torn part of him knew it would be ultimately for the best Dumbledore and the kid made valid points. Even he wouldn't bother looking for him on the hellmouth and Harry would be safe on the hellmouth he'd die to make sure of that besides he was positive that Harry didn't want to spend any more time with his muggle relatives. The other part hestiant. The hellmouth isn't something to be taken lightly. 'James would kill me for putting Harry in danger.' 'But Harry is already in danger at Hogwarts besides Dumbledore seems to trust Oz and if Dumbledore could trust him then well.'

"Okay. I can't speak for Harry but I'll go." Sirus spoke up finally peeling his eyes away from the flame.

"Excellent. Now we must proceed to get Harry away from his Aunt and Uncle without alerting the minstry or any other members of the order. It would be best to keep this to ourselves." Dumbledore said moving quickly towards one of the cabinets. Kneeling down to open a cabinet the headmaster began rummaging through it obviously looking for something. Standing up a cooper teapot in hand a smile on his face.

With a flick of his wand and a muttered portus the teapot glowed blue then dulled back to the cooper pot.

"This portkey is set for Surrey. More specifically Magnolia Crescent. A few blocks from Harry's house. It isn't safe to appear directly in front of Harry's residence. With the ministry of magic currently not shall we say cooperating an active portkey to 4 Privet Drive would alert them to what I plan on doing. Instead this portkey will take you to the house of Ms. Arabella Figg, a squib who regularly babysists Harry. She will know what to do."Dumbledore instructed handing the teapot to Remus.

"Good luck and be swift. I shall be waiting for your return so we can proceed with the next step of the plan."

No more words were said. Remus placed a hand on the handle of the teapot Oz followed suit. Seconds later Oz felt an uncomfortable pull coming from his navel.

Chapter 2

They arrived in an alley exactly where Dumbledore had said they would. Remus took control leading the both of them out of the alley towards Ms. Figgs house. Ms. Figg Oz would learn had a thing for cats. When she opened the door no more then seven cats run out beneath her legs. Oz raised a questioning eyebrow Remus only shook his head in return as if to say don't ask. Ms. Figg welcomed both men sticking her head out the doorway making sure they hadn't been watched.

Once inside her house Ms. Figg played the part of perfect hostess offering them tea and crumpets.

"Thank you Arabella." Remus took a sip of tea

"Tea and crumpets. Funny I never thought I'd be particapting in a cliche." Oz commented sipping his own tea.

"Arabella you know Harry best. How do we take Harry from the Dursleys?" Remus asked

Arabella dropped her teacup.

"You want to what?- But but Dumbledore can't be serious?" Arabella asked

"Very serious." Remus replied leaning closer to her he whispered in her ear "Sirus Black has been spotted not very far from here. Dumbledore wants us to get Harry as far away from his relatives as possible."

"Oh..Oh of course." Mrs. Figg stammered her eyes going wide

"Why can't we just go up to where he lives and ask to take him?" Oz questioned more familar with the straight forward way of the scoobs and not one to by their time.

"For several reasons. One Harry's aunt is the last blood relative so her being his aunt has offered Harry several layers of protection. Secondly the Ministry will most likely have spies roaming around Little Whinning and we as Dumbledore said do not want to draw unwanted attention to ourselves. and third Harry is going to have a ton of questions which we can't answer. fourth if we just take Harry his friends Ron and Herimone are going to get very suspicous if he stops contacting them." Remus explained

"I could have Harry come over to do somethings in the garden. Then the two of you could explain things to him. Hopefully it won't take too long and he'll agree." Ms. Figg sugested.

"Sounds perfect. Arabella call the Dursleys have them send over Harry as soon as you can."

With a slight nod Ms. Figg stood up made her way over to her phone and quickly dialed the Dursleys number. Minutes later there was a soft knocking on the door.

"Well that was quick." Oz commented


A/N: not all chappys are going to be two in one this one just happened to be. also i need a beta.. someone who has knowledge in both HP and BTVs. please e-mail with subjecy Beta requested if interested.. thanks
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