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Slaying a Wizard

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Summary: While taking a tour of the new slayer training facility in Britain, Roger Davies runs across an old friend.

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echoFR1312,666163,27723 Jun 0423 Jun 04Yes
title: Slaying a Wizard
author: echo
rating: 13 (for swears)
disclaimer: The BtVS characters belong to Whedon. The HP characters belong to Rowling.
summary: While taking a tour of the new slayer training facility in Britain, Roger Davies runs across an old friend.
spoilers: series finale of Buffy, OotP for HP.
request: one kiss
note: This was a bit difficult for me. I have never written Roger before. I hope he's not too off. Also, I have only written Padma in one other fic. This is fairly fluffy.

This is Dawn's fic for the fic-a-thon. I hope you're not sorely disappointed.


The group of Aurors he was with moved along the facility.

It was a very nice place too. They had been invited by the head of the new Watcher's Council, one Rupert Giles, to visit the new slayer training camp. There were half-dressed teenage girls everywhere. Some of Roger's less scrupulous colleagues had been leering. There were girls from all over here. China, America, Mexico, France... he swore he saw a girl that had been with the Beauxbatons group during the Triwizard Tournament back when he had been at Hogwarts. There was even some blonde Viking goddess there. She had about two inches on Roger in height. He'd never seen a woman he felt was certain could take him in a muggle fight.

The thing about it was... they were all here to work. Sure, there was a lot of giggling, but once someone said 'let's get down to it', the girls did. And a lot of them were right scary about it. He was glad he had his wand for protection. Though some of these girls were so fast, he wasn't sure even that would help him, Auror training or no.

They stopped before a glass that looked down on some sort of small area.

"This is an actual training session." Mister Giles said. "Please don't be alarmed by anything you see. The ladies are quite resilient."

Roger Davies stepped forward to have a look, as did most of the Aurors with him.

There was a tight and lithe little brunette with free wavy locks circling a slightly smaller girl with a long dark braid down her back. Both women had on sports bras and sweat pants. As they circled around, Roger's jaw dropped. He knew the other girl. She'd been a few years behind him in Ravenclaw. Padma Patil. Yes Padma. She was a slayer? Smart little Padma Patil?

He shouted when the other girl's foot connected with Padma's sweet little face.

"I mentioned not to be alarmed, did I not?" Giles said with wide eyes.

Padma took a punch to the gut.

"Padma!" Roger was on the move looking for a way down to that arena.

Angelina Johnson, another Auror in the group, leaned in to look. "Bloody hell. That is Parvati's sister."

"You know her?" Giles asked.

"She was at Hogwarts with a lot of us. Padma was in Roger's house. I think he even mentored her a bit. He gets a little protective sometimes."

Roger could already be seen running across the training area with his wand out.

"Oh dear."


He had his wand out when the other girl spun around. She ducked and rolled away from his hexes. The next thing Roger knew, this smaller woman had him by the throat, and his feet were dangling.

"Faith! Don't!"

Roger was struggling for air. That watcher fellow had not been joking when he said slayers were stronger than other people. She was also a bit spry and moved like she was on a quickening charm.


Roger was tossed away as if he were no more than a ragdoll. The woman stalked up to him and pressed her bare foot against his chest.

"Don't move, wizardboy."

Roger blinked.

"And keep your stick hand down, and we don't have any problems, ay?"

He blinked again.

"Nod your head if you get me."

Roger nodded.

"Now... what's the what here?"

His brow furrowed.

"You do understand English, don't you, cutie?"

"Of course!"

"Cute and he can talk too, so what's with the attack, tiny?"

"Tiny? Madam-"

"Whoa, right there, Brit boy. No madam. I'm Faith, and the tiny was me being a bit sarcastic. I doubt there's a tiny anything on you, tree trunk."

Roger actually blushed.

"And he blushes. That's so cute."

He scowled.

"So I ask again... what's with the near wand action?"

"You were hurting Padma."

Faith's jaw dropped. Well, she had been expecting that one. "You know Paddie?"

"I know Padma. Yes."

"Pad.... get over here. This gorilla says he knows you."

"He does. That's Roger Davies, Faith. I was at school with him." Padma said as she glided over.

She was still all grace, the way he remembered.

"He was gonna hex me, P. He thought I was hurting you, so he was gonna take me out for it."

"I think out is a bit extreme. I was just going to stun you."

Faith grinned at Padma. "That's so cute. I may have to puke here."

About that time Giles burst in with a whole gaggle of Aurors, wands drawn, behind him.

"Easy!" Padma held up both hands. "Just a misunderstanding. Roger's fine. He's unharmed, and Faith was just about to let him up from the floor."

"I was?"

"Yes." Padma hissed through her teeth.

"I meant... I was. Yes." Faith moved her foot off Roger's chest, grabbed one of his arms and hauled him, in a rather alarmingly eased manner, to his feet.

She dusted him off and straightened his Auror robes.

"Sorry about that, man. No hard feelings, yo?" Then she punched him playfully in the shoulder.

It hurt like a sonofabitch.

"Well, Mister Davies, if you're quite through here, perhaps we can finish the tour?" Giles said.

"I think Paddie ought to show him the rest of the place." Faith said. "After all, it was her ass he was trying to spare getting kicked."

Padma actually paled. "What? No."

Giles regarded Faith. "I thought she was supposed to train with you all week."

"I can spare her a day for an old friend."

"Faith..." Padma hissed.

"Pardon us a minute." Faith grabbed Padma's arm and dragged her several feet away.

Padma leaned in and whispered. "What are you doing?"

"I was just about to ask you the same. That is grade A, choice man meat, P. Why wouldn't you wanna spend the afternoon showing him... things. Unless you shop in Girlstown and I just never picked up on it."

"I'm not gay."

"Good to know. So what's wrong with this Roger dude? He play you false or something?"

"Or something."

"Tell Aunt Faith."

"It's embarrassing."

"I slept with Xander once. It can't be more embarrassing than that five minutes."

"Xander's cute."

"For a pirate."

"He's cuddly. And gentlemanly. And so funny."

"I guess I just don't see him the same. All I see is Xander."

"Xander would never forget he's kissed a girl."

"Oh ho?"


"So that's it? He kissed you, and he doesn't remember? Was he drunk or something?"


"So remind him."


"You have him all to yourself for this 'tour'. Get him alone, and... what do you Brits say... snog the SHIT out of him."

"I should not be taking advice from you."

"Look, just make sure this time there's NO WAY he can forget you."

Padma looked skeptical.

"You can do it, P." Faith nudged her back in the direction of the waiting crowd. "Go get you some."

"You're so vulgar."

"I do try."

Giles was looking expectantly at Faith. She was edging backwards to the double doors of the training room.

"I'm gonna go find B and start getting on her nerves. Paddie's gonna show Rog around the rest of this set of stones. I'm Faith. It was nice not to actually meet any of you. Thank you, Britain, g'night!"

Both her fists were raised as she backed out of the double doors.

Angelina leaned over to Giles. "She is aware that it is actually daytime, isn't she?"

Giles sighed. "I could explain about Faith... but I do believe you're better NOT knowing. Well, let's carry on then, shall we?"

And with a lot of murmuring, Roger was left quite alone with Padma... for what he thought was the first, but she was the second, time in their lives.


He had to admit the grounds were lovely.

And he had a very enthusiastic tour guide. It was quite obvious that Padma was very happy here, despite what looked to Roger like some harsh physical training. And someone who Padma called Andrew with a very big roll of her eyes had the loveliest garden going in one of the greenhouses they were currently in.

Roger also had to admit Padma was lovely.

He'd always thought so. It had bothered him after Hogwarts that he'd had nagging thoughts of her. Like there was something very important about Padma Patil that he should have remembered. She looked like her sister still... but not. Padma's hair was longer. It didn't appear to be styled in the latest fashion. Her skin held that same olive tone, and her eyes were dark pools. Those dark pools had always held such intelligence. That Ravenclaw smart. She was as she had always looked, but there was strength radiating with the cleverness in her eyes now.

"So, it's getting a bit late, and I had better get you back to the group, hmm?"

Suddenly, he quite was not ready to be out of her company. "Patil, wait."

Padma looked at him.

"How come we never..."

"Never..." She prompted.

"You know."

Padma blushed. "I think maybe I don't know. There are lots of things we never. I think you had better be specific before I decide you're not being gentlemanly and decide to thrash you."

"Not THAT." Roger shifted nervously. "This is going to sound arrogant.... but how come we never... went out?"

"Cho Chang?"

Roger snorted. "You know she only went out with me to make Potter jealous. When he proved not to care so much because he saw what a manipulative whiner she really was, Chang dumped me like old socks."

And then you ended up getting inebriated and snogging me senseless in the Astronomy Tower not too long after that.

"You were pretty, smart, and nice. Everything I look for. So I have to wonder how I didn't notice this. Then again, shortly after Cho, you started avoiding me... if I recall correctly."

Padma's eyes narrowed. "Oh you don't recall correctly. That's the whole issue."

He grabbed her arm when she tried to stalk off. "Padma."

"Let go of me."

"We were friends in school. I helped you with your potions homework. I threatened that Nott fellow when he had it in his head that you should date him and wouldn't take no for an answer. I listened to you gripe about your sister whenever you and Parvati got into your little tiffs. What happened?"

"I don't want to say."


"It hurts my feelings, Roger Davies. I don't want to dig up the past to be hurt by it all over again."

She tried to pull her arm away, but he held tight. He even grabbed her other arm and turned her to face him.

"We were friends once."

"Yes, we were."

"Please tell me what I did."

"It's what you DIDN'T do, Roger."


"You didn't remember this."

She lurched forward and kissed him.

Broken memories of himself in the Astronomy Tower assaulted his brain. Roger had remembered there had been a girl. He'd just never known it had been THIS girl. How could he have done this? He'd been her mentor. He'd helped her with her studies. He'd big brothered her for Merlin's sakes. But now he knew.

Padma pulled back slowly with a lovely blush staining her cheeks. She licked her lips and started to speak. "Um-"

Roger cut her off with another kiss.

Padma was lifted off her feet by a hand on her spine. The other was cradling the back of her head. It was like music. It was like hearing that favorite song of yours after you haven't heard it in a great while. Her eyes stayed closed, and she just hung limply in his arms even after the second kiss had ended.

"I didn't forget. I just couldn't see it all. Forgive my blindness, Padma?

Her eyes opened. "I..." She couldn't think properly just now.

"I think I would love the chance to be right by you. Allow me?"

Her eyes narrowed.

"It's not as if I could take advantage or anything. You could very easily wallop me, I'm sure. I swear I didn't know that it was you that set me afire in the tower that night, if I had..."


"Look, I know you always suspected you were the less lovely of yourself and Parvati, but not every bloke wants the one that looks a fashion plate, Padma. Some of us like the smart girl."

"He sounds like a winner, Paddie. I think you should keep him."

Roger jerked and let Padma out of his arms. Faith was standing a few feet from them with her arms folded across her chest and a smirk on her face.

"Your Auror buddies are waiting, guy."

Roger looked back to Padma. She nearly gasped at the way he seemed to be saying with his eyes that he wasn't ready to go just yet.

"Might I entice you to dinner tomorrow night?"

"She's enticed." Faith offered. "Pick her up at eight."


"Sorry, Pad. Not letting you muck this up."

Roger looked at Faith. "Thank you."

She winked at him. "You're welcome. I like to see my punching bag happy. I take it she jogged your memory."

"That's none of your affair."

Faith snickered. "Oh yeah. I like you. Listen, tree trunk, I'm gonna turn my back and find one of these shrubs fascinating. Please use that time to kiss her good-bye."

Roger scowled at her, but when she turned her back, he did lean down and press a light kiss to Padma's lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"At eight apparently."

He grinned and left her alone with Faith. Padma turned with a fierce glare.

"And just what in the bloody hell do you think you are doing meddling so in MY life?"

"I love it when you get all indignant and Brit about stuff."


"It's like I said... I like happy Padma. Also, you don't find them like that guy. Hell, you couldn't even Weird Science it and MAKE one like him. I so wasn't allowing you to let it go... especially when you so obviously are into him."

"I am not into Roger Davies."

Faith raised a brow. "If that's how you kiss people you ain't into, I don't know if I could take watching you kiss someone you liked."

"You watched?"

"Duh, like I'd trust someone I just met alone with you."

"I told you I knew him from school."

"You also knew some people in school that are now coolin' their heels in that Azkaban prison from what I understand."

"But Roger's not like that. He would never do anything untoward to me."

"Which is precisely why I'm not letting you let him get away again because of some stupid teenage boy drinking incident which he apparently DID remember. He was just so drunk he wasn't sure if it was you."

"I hate it when you turn to logic."

"Come on. Let's go find Dawn and see if she has anything you can borrow to wear for your date... because as cute as the sweats and sports bra look is on you, I think you ought to appear a bit dressier tomorrow when the tree trunk picks you up."

Padma grinned despite herself as she followed Faith out of the greenhouse. This was how she had imagined the kissing incident at Hogwarts turning out when she'd been in school there, lying in her dorm bed after she had finally managed to get back to it. So it was a few years late, but Roger Davies had finally noticed she was a real girl and had finally asked her out.

She giggled when she realized that Parvati would be a little jealous.



The End

You have reached the end of "Slaying a Wizard". This story is complete.

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