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Perspectives: Draco

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Summary: Sequel to Fighting-QCP #22

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Ron WeasleyEenaAngelFR1511,226011,4015 Feb 035 Feb 03Yes
Title: Perspectives: Draco

Author: eena_angel2001

Email: or

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Ron

Summary: Response to the Quickie Challenge, Pairing # 22.

Notes: I'm changing a few things, making Willow the same age as Ron
and having her at Hogwarts since she was sixteen.

Notes2: Companion piece to Visions, Impressions, and Fighting

Why him?

That was the one thing that he had to know. Why him?
Couldn't she have picked someone else? Like Pothead. He would have understood if it had been Pothead. It made a certain amount of sense, especially if you thought in terms of the prophecy. Pothead was everyone's Golden Boy, the one destined to do great things. So, logic dictated that if she wouldn't choose him, she would choose Pothead.

But she didn't choose either. She choose him. HIM, of all people. His ego would have been able to take it if she had chosen Potter, but no she chose him. Weasel. He lost a girl to Weasel.

His father was going to be so angry.

Of course, Lucis Malfoy would probably have to get in line. There would be a lot of people on 'that' side that would be angry with him losing her to another boy. Lucius would be personally insulted that it was a Weasley, but of course, there were bigger bads to worry about.

The Dark Lord would not be appeased with this situation.

And part of him actually revelled in that. He hadn't wanted this stupid assignment in the first place. Thought that the whole thing was below a wizard of his ranking. But his father had been adamant. Draco would be getting the Mark soon enough if Lucius had anything to do about it, and with her under his belt, he would have made a grand entrance into the fold.

He went along with it at first, thinking that he actually wanted the things his father wanted. Draco wondered for how long he had been so fooled, thinking that the Death Eaters was an appropriate future for himself. Looking at the thought now, it seemed positively stupid.
Why the hell would he want to join a side that was failing so miserably? He should be on the winning side, solidifying his role in the community and not running the risk of being shunned when Voldemort finally crumbled. That was what Draco wanted.

He realized this a month into chasing her. She never returned any of his advances, but she didn't reject him altogether. She was a curious little figure, a Muggle by all accounts, who might have had power to rival the Dark Lord's. After all, she had closed the Hellmouth had she not? Voldemort could claim to such ability on his own. And even if he could, it would have been with strict reliance on his side.

She didn't need a wand. She would never need a wand. That was the kind of power this girl had.

It was intoxicating at first, the idea of being linked to someone so powerful. And Lucius had explained the full prophecy to him, so Draco had more to look forward to if this all paid off. Imagine, being married to a beauty like that, and bearing the most powerful child ever in creation.

The thought had filled him with shivers. And so he pursued her like his father had commanded.

But as time dragged, he realized that it wasn't going to be him. She was too good, too pure to fall in league with the Death Eaters. She was too strong to need such an alliance, to proud to ever take that side. Her views on right and wrong could not be moved, her dedication to what she thought was good unwavering. He would never have a chance with this girl.

And he tried explaining it to his father. Lucius laughed it off, stating that Draco must not be trying hard enough. Draco wanted to know how much more he had to try. It wasn't like he could force himself on her. Even if he wasn't so repulsed by the idea, she would kill him before he got far. She was a fighter, with fire in her soul.

He was never going to be able to get her.

So, he stopped trying. It seemed to everyone that he kept after her, but both had come to an understanding in a short while. She knew he wasn't serious, and he knew that she would never fall for it. They were just keeping up appearances, until such a time that the bad side would lose interest in her.

Personally, he didn't think it would ever happen. She was just too much of a temptation. So much power, just residing in that tiny little body. Voldemort wouldn't give up on possessing her that easily.

But he wasn't going to help. No, he was actually going to protect her as much as he could. There was no way any Death Eater was getting to this redhead. She was his hope for the future, the chance that in the end, the evil of Voldemort could be put to rest. If anyone was going to do it, it would be her.

But there was still the matter of the prophecy. He watched her, trying to figure out if she was in fact the one they were all waiting for. She was a wandless witch no doubt, but not the first ever. There were others, and would continue to be others. Draco didn't understand why everyone was so sure that she would be the one. There was always that tiny little chance that it could be someone else. And there was no real way of knowing until after she got pregnant anyway . . .

What he didn't expect to find in his observation of her was him. She chose him, Ron Weasley. It was like a slap in the face. Of course, he had no real feelings for her in that way, but still, Weasley?

She had the chance to be with him, Draco Malfoy, and she chose Weasley? There was something so wrong about that, like a bitter after taste in one's mouth. She chose Weasley.

And they were just so disgustingly in love. They were constantly being discovered in one dark corner or the other, going at it like dogs in heat. It was sickening!

And the way Weasley trotted after her, like a love-sick puppy, utterly degrading. Didn't the man have any pride whatsoever? Did he really have to behave like such a bloody wanker?

And as for her, did she have to ogle him like that? She was always doing it! The looks that she sent him, it made Draco want to wretch when he caught them. They insinuated too many things, things Draco never wanted to imagine Weasley doing. It was just so- bleech!

He couldn't believe that she chose him, couldn't believe that if the prophecy was true, that it would be Weasel to father the miracle child. It was just plain wrong!

Of course, he might be just a bit jealous, but that hardly mattered. Nothing really mattered to those two, except one another. Just always gazing into each other's eyes like fools. Did he mention how sickenly sweet they were together?

It was such an utter waste. Imagine, all the beauty and talent, wasted on a fool like Weasley.

If you asked him, that damn prophecy gave Willow the raw end of the deal. Poor girl. Of course, if she ever needed cheering up, he would be there for her. It would be the considerate thing to do.

Don't you think?


The End

You have reached the end of "Perspectives: Draco". This story is complete.

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