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The Final Battle

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Summary: Xander finds himself transformed after being in a new world.

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Literature > Horror > Hunter's Moon TrilogyCaliadragonFR1512,518023,60323 Jun 0423 Jun 04Yes
Title: The Final Battle

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: Buffy/Werewolves Trilogy/Angel

Category: Crossover

Warnings: Violence

Spoilers: Season 7 of Buffy, Season 5 of Angel, Werewolves Sin

Rating: R

Pairing: Xander/Achilles

Feedback: On list or at CaliaDragon (@)

Archive: Any list I send it to, those with prior permission and Beyond Canon

Disclaimer: Neither Xander, the Scoobies or the characters of the Werewolves Trilogy belong to me. Xander and Co. belong to Joss and company. Achilles and Apollonius belong to Cheri Scotch.

Part 1/1

Summary: Xander finds himself transformed after being in a new world.

Thanks to Edi for the beta.


There are days when I wish that I had never lived to see the end of Sunnydale and the hellmouth that exist ed there. Today is not one of those days. It has been two years since the fall of Sunnydale and my life has taken a detour. I am now alone in a new world. I'm still not quite sure how I got here, but I'm still involved in magic and monsters. The only difference is these monsters kill evil and aid the good. They are centuries old in some cases and one of them is the leader of the local Lupe-garu. That's what they call themselves. His name is Achilles and we fell in love. I never expected to love again and certainly not a man, but I do love him.

We met the night I arrived in this dimension. One minute I was fighting beside my junior slayers and the next I was tumbling end over end and rolling to a stop at the feet of some very naked and good looking people. I scrambled backwards and looked around me in astonishment. "Oh fuck! New location, still lack of humans. Are you going to kill me?"

They all looked at me like I was nuts. I couldn't help it, I laughed and painf ully climbed to my feet. When I turned I looked at the people around me. How I knew what they were comes down to living too long on the hellmouth, but I did know what they were. "Huh, werewolves."

This seemed to freak them out and they all tensed, but the eldest of them, Apollonius I learned was his name, smiled at me in welcome. "Hello, child, welcome to your new life." I blinked at him in confusion. Before I could even think about freaking, Apollonius changed and bit me. There were startled exclamations from those around us, but I didn't know what that meant. All I knew was the pleasure of the bite. I changed that night and as strange as everything else in my life turned out to be, I was able to not only control my change, but also control the aspects of what make us Lupe-garu.

I learned later that it had been centuries since Apollonius had created another Lupe-garu, but he informed us that he was unable to help himself. I just figured it was par for the course. I have always attracted the attention of otherworldly creatures.

We have searched for a way for me to go home and now have finally found it. Achilles is coming with me. He has trained someone to take his place as the Voodoo healer of the bayou. I'm not sure how my friends will react to my new status and my lover, but I can't wait to see them.


Buffy looked up at the picture on the wall and felt despair fill her. It had been six months since Xander had disappeared from the African plains. Today was the two year anniversary of the fall of Sunnydale and she had just learned that Angel and all of the LA gang were in deep trouble. She and the rest of her friends were going to have to give up the search for Xander and head to LA. It hurt, but she couldn’t let the two men that she had loved so dearly fall to the evil of the law firm. They wer e heading out the next day.

Faith and her junior slayers were already gearing up to head out of Cleveland. Willow and Kennedy were leaving Rio behind and Giles already had a large contingent on the way from England and various other areas of the world. In the last two years they had literally created an army of the light.

Xander had always told her there was a reason beyond the First that had the potentials all becoming slayers and Buffy felt that this was proof of what he had said. They were needed to help Angel and Spike live. Or unlive, as the case was.

Buffy spun away from her contemplation of the picture to face the portal suddenly opening in front of her. From all over the house, slayers came running, weapons at the ready. Nearby, Willow arrived in a burst of pure white arcane power. How she knew to come, Buffy was unsure. As the portal closed, shouts of joy rang through the living room. Xander and another man were standing side by side, grinning a t them. “XANDER!” the girls all screamed.

Achilles laughed and stepped out of the way as his mate was swarmed by beautiful women. When the women were done kissing, exclaiming over his returned eye and hugging him, they all turned to face Achilles. Xander stepped away from the women and walked to stand at his lover’s side. “Ladies, I’d like you all to meet my mate, Achilles, Achilles, these are my girls, Buffy, Willow and my junior slayers.”

“You’re not human,” Buffy said calmly. “Neither is Achilles.”

“Nope, I’m a werewolf, a different kind than Oz before you ask.” Xander told her cheerfully.

“I thought so; you make my slayer sense tingle happily,” Buffy told him with a grin.

“Yeah, it tickles,” Urinnie said; she was one of Xander’s first slayers.

Buffy laughed softly before a serious look crossed her face. “Xander, I know that you just got back, but we need you,” she told him seriously.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, then tilted his h ead to the side and got the strange look in his eyes that showed Achilles that he was getting a vision. It was one of the gifts that he had gotten from Apollonius at his creation.

“We need to get there as soon as possible. Wes will be dead in two days time. They're sending an army of demons to LA as we speak,” Xander told her.

Turning to his mate, Xander shared what he had seen. “That’s no good. I think, with the help of your little witch, we can get everyone there in enough time to beat all of the demons. What do you say love, ready to play?” Achilles asked him with a wolfish grin.

The girls all sighed. “Xander?” they asked almost as one. Achilles laughed at the put out sound of their voices. Xander grinned sheepishly.

“Um, did I mention that I have visions?” Xander asked. The girls sighed again. “We should go,” Xander said.

The girls all ran off, rushing to get their weapons. Achilles was impressed with the small amount of time it to ok the girls to get ready. In a matter of minutes twenty young women were ready to do battle. Willow smiled and, with a small flexing of power, they disappeared.

When they reappeared, both Spike and Angel spun to face them in shock. Eve, Wes, Connor, Gunn, Lindsey, Lorne, Harmony and Illyria all stood as one. Willow disappeared and reappeared. “There are Slayers appearing all over the building,“ Illyria said calmly. “Those two are not human,” she added, pointing to Xander and Achilles.

“Neither are you,” Xander said archly.

“You are not a half-breed, what are you?” she questioned in the cold, calm way that she had.

“Werewolf,” Achilles answered for them.

“Buffy?” Spike and Angel questioned as one.

“Hey guys, we heard you needed an army, so we brought you one,” Buffy told her former lovers with a grin. She then bounced over to them and hugged each of them in turn.

“Hey, boss man,” Faith called as she made her way through the junio r slayers. As she passed Xander she pinched his ass.

“Hey!” Xander yelped, bringing a laugh from the gathered group.

“SPIKE!” Dawn screamed and rushed through the group to throw herself into his arms.

“Hey, Nibblet,” Spike said as he hugged her gently.

“So the gang's all here? Shall we kick some demon ass?” Xander asked with a grin.

“Sure, but I get to lead,” Angel said with a wicked grin.

“Sure thing, boytoy, but are you going to introduce us to your sexy friend?” Faith asked as she leaned back against the newly arrived Robin.

“Yes, I am quite interested in finding out who your friend is,” Giles said calmly as he moved through the crowd with Andrew in tow. The two men both took the time to stop and hug Xander.

“His name is Achilles and he’s my mate. He’s also a werewolf and a voodoo priest,” Xander said with a loving smile for the man beside him.

Achilles smiled at him and pulled Xander into a deep kiss. Whi stles filled the air and the two men laughed as they broke apart.

“Wait, since when are you bent and a puppy?” Spike snarked, making Dawn laugh from her place in his arms.

“Since I spent six months in an alternate dimension and met my maker and his pack,” Xander said calmly, a soft smile on his face as he thought of Apollonius and Zizi, the two people that had come to be the parents he had always wanted. Not to mention Andrew, the priest he had spent a great deal of time with.

“Wait, you were in an alternate dimension. I thought you were in Africa?” Wes asked.

“I was, but somehow I got transported across dimensions and across the world. I ended up in New Orleans on the bayou. I wasn’t even there for a full five minutes before I was changed,” Xander told him with a rueful laugh.

“Demon magnet!” the Fang/Scoobie Gangs said as one. Achilles burst into laughter.

“I told you,” Xander said with a head shake. Achilles just laughed again.
“So, are you a thousand years old, Achilles?” Dawn asked suddenly.

“No, I’m only in my forties,” Achilles answered with another laugh. Xander shook his head at the question. Spike snickered, while everyone else laughed.

After a while the talk turned to the battle that was coming and plans were made to meet up outside of town. No one wanted to involve the innocents of the city in the battle that was coming. The Fang Gang went to say goodbye to their friends and to make calls home. The slayer army did the same, while the Scoobies once again gathered together. Love, affection and hope was once again their theme. They did not talk of the coming battle. They did not talk of the chance that one or all of them would be dead the next day.

The slayers gathered around their leaders and they listened to the conversations. They basked in the love and the affection that these people had for one another, an affection that soon caught and drew the Fang Gang in. They spent the rest of the day talking and sharing stories of battles in the past. They gave the Fang Gang a new set of memories of the men they knew and new memories of the fallen Cordelia. They were also shown a different way to prepare for a battle. Eve and Lindsey were given an insight into the people that they had been unable to beat.

Finally night fell and Willow once again used her power to transport everyone away. Eve and Lindsey were included in the battle. They had as much to lose as any of them. The warriors were afraid, but they were also ready to do battle. Willow cast spells on the non-human combatants so that the Light fighters would know that they were on their side and not accidentally kill them. Then all of the Scoobies watched in awe as their friend transformed into a wolfman alongside his lover.

Within seconds of the transformation the battle began. It was a swirl of magic, blood and clanging steel. Xander would later shake his head over the fact that whi le Angel and Angelus called him Buffy’s white knight, it was he that slayed the dragon. At sunrise, Willow pulled off the biggest magical coup that any of them had ever seen. She created a necklace for all three of the vampires; it made them able to remain in the battle, while the sun burned the remaining vampires to dust.

By the end of the battle, demon carcasses lay everywhere. There were several injured people on their side, but remarkably they had all survived the night and the battle that raged through it. Gunn was stunned to see his crew among the slayers, laughing and celebrating their victory.

Willow was leaning weakly against Kennedy and holding Buffy’s hand. They looked at everyone around them and were glad to see all of their friends and family among those standing. “We won, I can’t believe we won,” Xander said in an awed voice.

“Me too, Mon Cher, me too,” Achilles said tiredly.

“Man, Xan, I always knew you were built, but yum!” Buffy said with a tired leer.

Xander simply laughed and looked over at his equally naked lover. Willow giggled weakly and conjured them both some clothes. “Thanks, Wills,” he told her tiredly.

“So we won the apocalypse, what do you want to do now?” Lindsey asked from his place between Eve and Lorne.

“How about we get cleaned up and order pizza?” Xander said with a grin.

“I’m in,” came from around them and the morning was awash in tired, but happy laughter as once again the group had faced and defeated the apocalypse.


“Well, Sister, they have won. What shall we do with them? The witch is powerful and the wolf adds a new player for our side. Though I do wonder what the slayer will say when she learns that her Xander has to eat a human heart on the night of the full moon or die,” the male oracle said calmly.

The female turned away from the portal to look at him, a soft smile graced her features.

“We let them live. This group is the beginning of the world we are hoping for. One day the vampires will have souls and the werewolves are the beginning of the creatures we see in our other world. This battle is the beginning; soon the world will wake up to the knowledge of what is out there. Just as we foresaw. Evil has been dealt yet another blow. Let them heal, let them love. They will be needed before too long,” the female said calmly before turning off the portal and walking away.

After she was out of sight, the male opened the portal once again and looked down at his champions as they slowly began to look at all that lay in their path. Giving into an impulse, the male waved a hand and cleaned up the scene of devastation. The chosen had done their duty to the light. He then laughed softly as he could see the beginnings of the relationships that would shape the world to come. Lindsey would make a powerful werewolf indeed.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "The Final Battle". This story is complete.

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